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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"Look at What Can't be Seen, but Intuited... Because The Outside... is Just The Inside on a Larger Scale."
By Les Visible
Feb 24, 2022 - 5:07:15 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Some of us knew that The Virus(es) and The Vaccines (that are not vaccines) were enemy action from the start. We've been watching these assaults on Humanity for decades now. We've heard the lies without end, and... as the public shows itself more and more dull, docile and accepting, we've seen those lies become more and more twisted and outrageous, from staged and/or orchestrated school shootings; bizarre and impossible mass murder, like Las Vegas, false flags, broken promises, and always, more and more crime. The more criminal they are at the top of the food chain, the more the criminal mindset flows down into the populace.

Then there is this plague of folding, spindling, and mutilating the sexual nature. This multi-pronged attack on Humanity has been planned and it has progressed. As is typical in cosmic teaching lessons like this, the predators and their servant class emulators are being filled with the helium of self-importance and they JUST HAVE TO step out on the stage of the larger mind and boast, as Klaus Schwab just did, and others are doing. It's all part of the performance, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

These have been grim times recently; not for myself and others, but generally... in The World. That is changing now, from bad to worse in some places, to better than ever in others. Your mindset has a GREAT DEAL to do with the atmosphere in which you move. This influences the events that you witness and the ones that happen to you. If you endeavor to lift The World as you go, it gets lighter around you. This spirit is also contagious; an entirely different pandemic than the false construct of fear now being changed to something else. You can pass it on. You can drum it up. You can sing it into being with your internal choir of angels. You realize that they can inhabit us... yes? This is the reverse of Possession.

How does something take possession of what is in your possession? You lose possession of it. Some Possession is temporary and it comes in different strengths. You can see it everywhere because people are acting it out. It is a single energy and we are all, most of us, doing something different with it. You want to come closer to that which is finer. It will then refine you, and you can avoid Possession. There is a lot of that going around these days... hungry ghosts in search of a body... appetites, and desires that take over... that is Possession. So is Carnal Love. So is an obsession with wealth and privilege. These are forms of Possession.

You are LITERALLY frozen sunlight. You are light in extension. You are the materialization of Sunlight on this plane. This is the grosser aspect. Then we have ever finer bodies and states of being and consciousness that exist longer or less than another. There is a part that lasts forever. It is EXTREMELY practical to live in the higher dimensions of your being. You can LITERALLY rise right out of this body in conscious fashion. It happens in India, and other places, with some amount of frequency, and remember... this is one of those areas of Real Life that isn't discussed on the big rivers of information.

That is what they are, rivers. The bigger the river the more people there are on it... the dirtier it is... the less transparent it is. I've been in the glories of Nature, while in the most glorious mind, and I have danced in the meadows with visible devas and holographic serpents. This is what the Other Side of it showed me. It showed me the meaning of itself in the study of itself.

Some rivers are going to become unsettled. They already are in places. I suspect that a lot of this is not just... it being driven by The Usual Suspects and lackeys, not just hope for a better life and the appetites it permits on a wider scale. There are, I think; it feels as if... there is going to be a mighty trembling in The Earth, and that the seas will rise, and people are unsettled everywhere because of the subconscious intimations of great change.

I get this sense of Nature making a statement on Materialism; both the excess of physical exchanges that generate physical garbage and also the airwaves of The Common Heart and Mind, where it has been poisoned. Sometimes a very great statement needs to be made to wake a larger portion of us.

I could be wrong. As I say... it is only a sense of it that I have. This is because there is also the much greater rumbling that is going to be taking place in the human heart and mind. Right now you are just seeing the crazy acting out. They are the most sensitive to The Shift in human awareness. It is why Lunacy comes from Luna, and why wolves and dogs howl at The Moon. A more profound wave of Awakening is on the way and I believe that is also going to change the whole landscape of human interaction. It will awaken the misguided and it will affirm those already in The Groove.

People have had a real shock. It is especially true of those more fully engaged in The Dream World. When you shut down their playground, and make them go to ground, it creates a lot of fear and discord, and... that is the objective. Much of what they are up to now is to divert and offset The Awakening that is happening. It can't be done, but they get brutal when they are cornered. Then they reveal their true nature in their acts, and Mr. Apocalypse is seeing to the exposure of previous misdeeds.

Nothing that is going on is accidental. This is all scripted by previous actions of the parties so engaged. There is a director, of course. He is like the musical conductor at a concert. You can't tell why he is important to the process. "Can't they just play?" Yeah... I see what you mean. Maybe there is too much middle management. This is not Random Land here. Have you never used a telescope and a microscope or observed the views through the most precise of these instruments?

Look at the symmetry of the planets and the glorious Sun. Look at the molecules and atoms. Look at what can't be seen but intuited because the outside is just the inside on a larger scale. There is ORDER. Look at the intricacies of Life! Look at the paintings on the walls of the Italian cathedrals. Look at the mysterious quality of your own being and the wonder of Love. A decent amount of Love will heal anything.

You don't just pull up to a filling station for a tankful of Love. It has to be generated the old-fashioned way with the hand crank to pump the water. By the industry of your love are you granted more love. This is how great stars came to appear in the skies. Those are centers of living consciousness, and ALL OF IT emerges from a greater source that never has more than a fragment of its power on display. Well... the mind can't quite process that.

If you don't know there is a God then you haven't been looking very hard. You might not understand him; the things he does, the things he lets happen. You have to consider the magnitude of the affair. The period of time we are in is long by our standards, longer than many ages, like the one we are entering. This period of time is the smallest of the time periods, millions of years are involved. What is happening now and has been happening here, for some thousands of years; on a small scale and larger scale, is the outworking of debts come due.

It's not pretty, what THEY show us in their various media, but what they show us is not life as it is. They show us variations on a theme that turns into perversity as THEY put Life through its fabricated paces... as what passes for entertainment in this bankrupt era.

It's all going to change. It is always changing in any case. That is its very nature. Change is the cornerstone of Eternity. The endless parade of changes passes before the face of Smiling Eternity as it is. We go in and out. Life is an endless sex act of self-replication. If we reproduce in bestial fashion we will give birth to beasts. This is why The Mother has such a profound effect on life, for good or ill. Those who emulate her are sustained by her. She is everything that you can see. She is everything in the field of the senses and a great deal more. Then there is the force of it in the seed that completes the larger sex act over and over.

People make things profane in their minds. Others argue for all sorts of license under the excuse that they are only expressing themselves, living their own truth. I don't have to comment on that because BOTH Virtue and Vice are their own reward. What keeps anyone out of The Inner Sanctum is their own profane nature. The Veils DO NOT part for carnal inquiry or probing self-interest. Purity is a REQUIREMENT, like an excess of Love; it has to be earned. We carelessly toss our purity aside so as to engage with The World. We only realize the cost after it is gone. Then... save for Grace, it might not come back again.

God is kind and merciful and benevolent as all get out. If we don't see this then we are not walking in his fashion of being kind, merciful, and benevolent as all get out. Sincere emulation eventually turns you into whatever that is. You see it in The World around you... all the examples of what people emulate.

End Transmission.......

Some links...

They are full tilt at it. If I didn't know better I might be concerned. It's a pretty convincing show. If it were on TV it might win an award, BUT... not in my head. In my head I see evil in a headlock it cannot escape, and... it is running out of air=


Press sure is anti-Putin these days, but... not everywhere. I had this experience in Italy one night when an array of deities appeared on the lawn. Up to my right were the so-called bad guys, AND... all by himself standing by the large cactus pear plant was Putin. He was there the whole time. I've never forgotten or understood it yet=


Oh yes a change gonna come, has already come and it sweeping the inner world like a transformation in consciousness. People WERE blind, now... some of them can see and there are more by the day=


This is what I thought was the case after the first year. I knew the fix was in and this guy was a traitor to the country he swore allegiance to=


I always wondered why more attention was not paid to The Speed of Thought. That is truly the fastest method of travel, and thought is force. Teleportation is a siddhi one can acquire with a host of others, but running around and acting out with them in public can get you into trouble and cause you to lose them as well. Science is looking in the wrong direction for the answers to questions it doesn't even know how to frame. God has ALL the answers. You want answers? Ask God=



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