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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

Listen to All, Learn from a Few, Follow No One
By Hilde Larsen
Jan 12, 2018 - 9:22:07 PM

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January 11th, 2018

Guest writer for Wake Up World

I had an awakening when I realized that my life was happening right NOW. When I realized that everything I was doing, not doing and thinking about doing all came from this very moment. It changed everything.

I realized that the part of my life that I am living right NOW is not a waiting room, not a place where I have to wait and see what will happen. Not a place where I wait for anything; not someone's decision, not someone's help, or a sign that it is okay to move forward.

I realized I was FREE. I was free to step up and be my own leader. I was ready, I was able, competent and perfect for the job. I took full responsibility and became the sole authority of my own life. Health, career, relationships and spiritual growth.

Our lives have been colored by the notion that later is when things will change or complete, resolve or unfold. From very early childhood we have been taught to hold on, until we get older, always looking forward to the next step, the next school, to be able to ride a bike, drive a car, get married, drink alcohol and get a real job. Then we want a perfect partner, children, and a career. Waiting for the green light.

The list is endless like pearls on a string, always keeping our focus ahead, putting events and life experiences as our outside ourselves guides and keepers.

We are taught to hold our tongue, to wait our turn, and to stand in line. The society is built on everyone following leaders and authorities, doing less of the thinking and more of the following.

Not every family is the same, but in general, it is safe to say that children are told to listen to the grown-ups, no matter what they are capable of teaching or setting an example as, and we take that program with us. We keep waiting for someone else to tell us what to do, what to believe, when, how and how many times.

Think about it; How often do you look to others for validation or a second opinion? How often do you call a friend to discuss any decisions you have to make and need the agreement from at least that one person? It is what we were told and taught to do, and it is keeping us from being the freedom of expression that we are.

I am not talking about not being a team player, inclusive and friendly, I am talking about when YOU are looking for authority outside yourself regarding YOUR life decisions.

I am talking about what is keeping us from listening to our inner guidance. That is when it is time to evaluate your self-appointed position. We are so used to looking outwards, searching for a leader, a Guru, we have lost the ability to listen to where the real answer is, inside every single one of us.

You are the one living your life, the glory and the pain, every single part of it. We need to realize that there is no one to blame, to turn to, or to hide behind when life seems to be stuck or imbalanced. This is your own play, start, middle and finish, even though you are not fully aware that you are actually directing the show. We will dig into the how's and the dirty hidden truth, but first of all, this is the ultimate key, the single most important inspirational simple fact.

Why you need to become the leader.

You are the storyteller and the writer of your play!

#1. YOU are perfect for the job!

The leading role was yours from the very beginning, even though most of us like to look at it differently. Giving away our power is easy, and at times very comfortable. That way we can point at other's shit, and call it. Look at your life as a stage, and the plot as your life story.

All the drama, the action and the hurts, the joy the happy times and the successes, all part of your amazing life story. All cast, directed and plaid so well. You, the leading role, casting director, movie director, and writer, living out your dream, literally.

#2. Everyone else is taken.

You are the one on call 24/7, with sole authority. The responsibility connected with this role is magnificent, and we don't even know it is ours. You might think that one of your parents holds the lead role in your life, or your spouse, or even your children. Anyone but you and that is "normal". Welcome to the club. The club of bullshit.

You see, everyone else has their own life to live, to direct. As sole authority over YOUR life, you are the only one worth following. Why? No one else is going in the exact same direction. Only you.

#3. YOU choose where you want to go.

The power we all hold within us holds the unlimited power of creation. It all starts and ends with you. Your intention holds your true healing mechanism, and as long as you breathe you will be, and tap into that power. You don't get what you want, you get what you are! We all have our own lessons to learn, and our own lives to live.

The power that I am talking about is beyond the obvious strength to endure - it is a power of creation. We are truly amazing beings that hold a choice to create by living. We are creating with every single thought and feeling, even when seemingly doing nothing we are creating. That is how powerful we are. So much so that we become fearful of it. It might seem or feel safe to be inferior at times - it holds less responsibility and it holds less accountability. But guess what, no matter what you live and create, it is still all you.

Good or bad, all you. Are there outside forces? Sure there are, and many of them, but do they hold the power over you and your life?

No, they do not.

#4 Wherever you lead, you follow.

No one else is going to experience the effect of your choices. You hire, you fire. You make the bed, you lay in it. Cause and effect.

There is true empowerment in knowing that nothing but yourself is needed to step out and up to living your optimal life experience. There is true freedom in knowing there is nothing outside of yourself that can have real control over any part of your life. To come to this realization will set the stage for the rest of your life, as every bit of evolution and growth starts with the acknowledgment of self-responsibility.

Let me share with you a small portion of my own healing journey, from my book "From HELL to Inspired":

"I was done being sick, and I was done struggling. I was so filled up with medications, hospital visits, anxiety, and pain, that I decided to just stop. I had been diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis several years before, and was heavily medicated - I was told that I was a "severe" case. The diagnosis of Lyme disease, ulcers, anxiety and more, were not helping my suffering soul and spirit. The medical society tells you, you will be sick for the rest of your life, and that medications will be your only hope to live as "normal" as possible. What they do not tell you, is a very different story, and what they do not know - might kill you.

This one day about 10 years ago, I had had enough. I remember thinking, "I will stop all medications and just lie here until I get well, or I die." I really did not care which, as long as what I was experiencing stopped. From being a mother, a sister, a wife, a business owner, an athlete, and a friend, I just became sick. My world changed overnight. I was alone, and I did not know what to do to save myself. As soon as I stopped the medications that made me very ill, I got more ill. Now, my body was showing me just how sick I really was.

A long journey started, a lonely one, filled with pain, fear, and hopelessness. Every day was a battle for survival. My heart did not beat regularly for years. I was bedridden, and could not even go to the bathroom by myself, not for several years. I could not open my mouth or chew foods, as my jaw was too inflamed. I often prayed that I would not wake up in the morning. Watching your body deteriorate, and your joints slowly cripple, is a challenge for the mind, the emotions, and the soul.

Something inside me told me that health was there if I would just let it come forth. I studied all day, every day. I spent all my time searching the internet, reading books and watching videos. Slowly my way of thinking changed, my diet changed, and my connection to my spirit opened up. Friends left, and new amazing souls came into my life. It is hard for family members and friends to understand, and to know how to help when someone gets very sick. Change is often felt as a scary thing, so never blame them for not being there. They do not know any better.

Along this journey I have seen stones turn into diamonds, I have seen life become magical, and I have seen my body transform before my very eyes. How amazing is that? As I look back, I can see the true gift in my ongoing journey from HELL to Inspired. I made a choice, and I followed my inner guidance. The gift was hidden to me but is no more. It is now shining as my true purpose.

Now, all these years later, my heart is beating perfectly and the anxiety is gone. My digestion is back to normal after 20 years of ulcers, and my skin looks better than it has in years. I am not stopping until my body is 100% healthy - and beyond! And they said it could not be done! NEVER let anybody tell you that. Not your family, friends, NOBODY! This has been my biggest gift, and I would not be without this journey.

The NOW moment is where the magic is, and for those of you that struggle with health issues, KNOW that it is in your hands to change. Your body is made to be healthy, it's what it is designed to be. It is all vibration, and it's all connected. Stop poisoning it, and start nurturing it. Change your thoughts, and your emotions will follow. Clear out the toxins from your body, and the mind will clear.  Your vibration will raise, and your consciousness will rise. Align your focus with the solution, not with the problem! Speak what you want, and expect it to happen. BE the change you want to see, and love yourself the whole way there. Nobody is perfect, in fact, perfection is an illusion, it does not exist. YOU are the perfect YOU!"

Your life is your responsibility and your business. Power up and act like it!

Simply by realizing that you are in charge of, and responsible for your own life and health - you are going to activate your power. It never left you, it is who you are. The life that we live is colored by every single choice that we make, even a thought is a choice. It might not be obvious that it is, but you are not your thoughts.

Your power is so much stronger than your mind, and your inner light and ability to heal and restore is grander than you can ever imagine. No person, no event or circumstance can stand in the way of your ability to choose life. The inner strength that we all hold is released when we allow it to be.

It all starts with you knowing that you are the only one you have been waiting for, to untangle the knots and false beliefs in your life. Still, we are all in this together. Together we stand, but alone as one.

The pitfalls of really feeling that you are the Boss of your from-now-on experience is feeling lack of support and inner strength in this moment. Never mind, and don't worry. Your power will come forth so strongly, it will leave you breathless. It will blow your conscious mind and open the floodgate of joy that you hold within. It will show you how beautiful life is, and how numbed down and ashtray you have wandered from your truth.

It does not matter any past experience, what you have lived, dreamed or seen in front of you. It does not matter what you have tried or not tried, witnessed or been a subject too. It does not even matter if you feel lost, out of resources, sick, tired and hopeless. It all starts with you and your willingness to pause and say; I am going to take back my power.

I am going to own my life like a Boss, and I am going to get to the bottom of what it is that is holding me back.

Repeat after me:

"My life is my own and I am the one, the only one I have been waiting for!"

As you step up to owning your life like a Boss, you will no longer be held back from expressing your true essence and talents. We all have them, and the perfect position for you is open, and YOU are hiring!

To learn more about this topic and how to live freely and in sync with your purpose and powerful ability, check out my latest book: No More Bullshit.

Hilde Larsen

More from Hilde Larsen:

About the author:

Norwegian born, Hilde Larsen is the founder of She is a certified Health and Success Coach, a raw food teacher, an author, and a certified Detox Specialist.

Her glowing enthusiasm for health and vitality has the leading role in her work. She is an inspirational media speaker, a blogger, and has her own YouTube channel. She creates online video programs, and is publishing a series of books on health and natural living. Hilde's interest in healing and spiritual growth also led her to become a Reiki Healer. She is highly intuitive, and has a strong connection to Mother Earth and the spiritual world.

As author of the book ‘From HELL to Inspired', Hilde shares her full story, a heartfelt gripping journey about her struggles from bedridden to living her dreams. Her second book ‘Know the Truth and Get Healthy', is a step-by-step guide to true health and vitality, while her latest work, No More Bullshit, digs deeper into life and its meaning, to help others take charge of their own lives and experiences.

Hilde and her husband of 29 years spend their time between Norway and Florida.

For more, visit, and keep up with Hilde on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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