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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 17, 2020 - 5:10:47 AM

"Life is in Full Disclosure Mode, I Suggest Some Amount of Personal Housekeeping in Advance of The Cosmic Broom."
By Les Visible
Nov 17, 2020 - 5:06:30 AM

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November 16th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......


There is a massive tsunami, forming in the deep ocean of the Human Subconscious. It started as a whirlpool, that went downward with terrific force until it hit the seabed. A giant was sleeping on it and the impact was so great, it roused the giant from his slumbers and caused him to turn, restlessly to and fro. This caused a fault line beneath the seabed to tremble and split. This unleashed a tremendous reaction from deep in the Earth, where ancient ancestors, from countless ages past, were also sleeping. Tossed from their own seabeds, they bounced against the high walls of the ever-widening canyon of The Fault Line, and this shook the ocean in such dramatic fashion that a series of waves, thousands of feet high, began to race at high speed toward the shores of the Self-Conscious Mind. This is an allegorical and technical explanation of The Awakening.

The nation of America is about to be shaken to its foundations. Massive voter fraud has been exposed, evidence has been gathered, and more evidence is coming in yet another tsunami as whistleblowers, and offenders, seeking to avoid prosecution, are lining up to give testimony. As the truth of what took place is revealed, it will be proven that President Trump won the election in a landslide. Highly placed and influential members of the economic, political, and entertainment worlds are about to be in serious legal trouble, attended by great public embarrassment. The Media is going to be so shaken to its foundations that it will be rendered utterly bankrupt in the eyes of The World. Social Media is going to take a hit it will NEVER recover from. Every area of the FORMER INFRASTRUCTURE of our world is about to be completely transformed.

What is happening is all due to the passage of human awareness from its former Piscean Perspective to an Aquarian Perspective. This is in the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS. It is a seasonal change, having to do with seasons of a far greater length than our yearly seasonal changes. The WHOLE WORLD is about to be transmogrified into something we have all been yearning for, except for those who have been acting as predators and profiteers upon the human race. Those deserving of it are about to be rewarded past all expectations, and those ALSO deserving of it, are going to be punished in a specific and ingenious fashion.

Coming along in the tailwinds, are technological breakthroughs that are going to fundamentally restructure our world. I do not possess the talent, the knowledge, nor the resources to out picture for you what this is going to be like. No one can, really, because it is in a state of flux and being modulated and modified all the time, as new permutations form from the previous systems that are disintegrating before our eyes. What I can tell you is that those who think they will simply migrate from their former positions of Overlords and Predators, who worked the systems to their advantage, are VERY WRONG. A great many people who THINK they will be riding the tides of global change to some new executive suite are going to SURPRISED, to say the least.

Some of us have known for a long time what shape our changing fortunes would take and some of us are going to be VERY SURPRISED as well. This is a time to embrace Humility, Compassion and Selfless Service, because you are BEING WATCHED at all times. Of course, any decent person has already been hard at work to acquire these and other priceless qualities, but WORD TO THE WISE; if you don't sort yourself out properly, YOU WILL BE SORTED.

Whether we shall see a personalized Avatar this time around, I could not say. For a long time, I have believed that The Avatar was going to appear in the human heart, wherever a place has been made for him to reside. It seemed to me that this was the best expression of Universal Brotherhood that could be imagined, where the spirit of it was awakened in many hearts, and then is broadcasted FAR and WIDE. Of course, it may well be that a physical representation does appear. This I do not know. I do know that The Avatar will PERSONALLY exist on some plane of existence and transmit from there.

This idea of it occurring in some amount of individuals around the world has come to me OVER and OVER. I can't identify the origin of it. Somehow, I am completely convinced of it, though I lack all sorts of details concerning it. I believe this Awakening that is sweeping the world, is the precursor of its appearance; due soon. There are MANY who think they are in the advance guard of what THEY THINK the world needs, and which they will be all too happy to impose upon the rest of us. It IS NOT going to work out like that. This is a Divine Pulse from the Mind of God and not to be trifled with by personal ambitions. Those who imagine they have the cachet or contacts to enforce their presence are in for a BIG SURPRISE and we can already see indications of this.

Less than two weeks ago, Fox News had double the watchers of the next competitor, for their version of the news. Now they are BELOW even CNN. Just like that, it happened. As they turned on The President, their fans turned on them and left them. Despite the massive efforts of all the Fake News outlets, which are large enough to impact, not only on the United States, but the wider world, and despite the censorious behavior of nearly all of the Social Media and Big Tech industries, they succeeded ONLY in exposing their prejudices to the scorn of the rest of us. The same can be said of many individuals who imagined themselves a spokes-bots for points of view around the world. It is ASTOUNDING what is happening.

In certain areas, where political interests expended HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, vastly outmatching the investments from other sources... IN EACH INSTANCE, their candidates LOST. What is happening is UNPRECEDENTED. Always before, the entrenched interests have had their way, due to their outsized influence and obscene wealth and power. They are the ones who implicitly believed that when the tables were turned, they would STILL, BE SITTING THERE. This is the Hand of God at work. How do Iknow this? Because it is operating for the Greater Good and not operating as a vehicle for those who DO NOT have the Greater Good in mind.

You may, of course, believe what you like, BUT... in these times when Satanic Force is at its highest level of 'seemingly' unhindered manipulation, and when LARGE corporations of every stripe are all in lockstep to bewilder and torment humanity... they are losing their grip. Governments, The Media, The Entertainment World, Social Media and every other area of enterprise, including the machinations of those seeking to ENFORCE absurd Social Justice Concerns upon the rest of us, are losing their grip and their sway over the common mind. Large... VERY LARGE segments of the population are awakening and they ARE NOT going along with the program.

George Soros' Commie Army of Black Bloc anarchists are in a VERY small minority, so are the campus agitators and Social Reformers trying to fold, spindle, and mutilate human sexuality and the Family Unit. They hope to transform it into The Family Eunuch. They came out of the Hellish pits below this plane and swiftly grew into forces to be reckoned with. They marched into the lights and now... there they stand, captured for posterity, in their clueless and mendacious attitudes and poses, revealed for what they are, before the eyes of the world.

I know that many of you think they are winning and if you listen to the liars that have held the human mind in a negative trance state, it could well look like they are winning. NO! When... not 'if', BUT... When the full picture of the election fraud is exposed, it is going to TAKE DOWN all kinds of ancillary players. It is going to collapse entire industries. It is going to shake the world to its foundations.

I recognize that... in the coming transition between the world that was, and the world that is coming into being, many, many people may perish. This includes the natural catastrophes which are presently pending. As much as we sincerely wish and pray that these events do not take place, it seems, at present, that there is no other way. The malicious intransigence of those, who WILL NOT relinquish their stranglehold on our lives, and the many who support them, seem incapable of change. Their attachments to their own sense of entitlement and privilege have a stranglehold on them. Change WILL COME. How that affects you depends on the degree of your resistance to implacable change. This force for change is relentless and uncompromising and cannot be resisted.

What I am seeing, leaves me near breathless at the scope of it. This is far past what I had previously imagined was coming. As wide-ranging as this coming metamorphosis is, it is also surgically precise and will literally pick individuals out of enormous crowds for rewards and retributions. NOTHING will be left unknown. Life is in Full Disclosure Mode so I suggest some amount of personal housekeeping in advance of The Cosmic Broom.

End Transmission.......

Pocketnet will be rocking and rolling in this location.

The Visible GAB page is here.

Visible's Music site is located here.

And Parler... we are hoping for a sea change there, is located here.

Hopefully a new Discourse from The First Church of the Presence of God is coming today. For the moment, here is the most recent one.

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les visible at pocketnet



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