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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"Life Might Seem Like a Long Time, but... When You Measure It Against Eternal Life."
By Les Visible
Feb 10, 2022 - 4:58:39 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are two kinds of engineering at work behind all events, behind all trends and patterns. One is the engineering of Self Interest in all the dramas of life that take place every day, in search of satiation and acquisition. The other is the reaction of The Cosmos to all those trends and patterns. We are talking about the Karma that gives and the Karma that receives. One, unfailingly, leads to the other.

It seems that we are dealing with two basic motivations that might have many permutations but only a simple origin. There is The Personal, and The Impersonal posture wherever you go. Most of the time you see The Personal. It threads through all of our events like the gunas do through the whole of existence. You see it in the spiritual structure of the human being. Of course, the Rishis and sages mapped it all out long ago;

The bottom sacral chakra has to do with Survival, atavistic fears, and your physical state. The next chakra has to do with sex and reproduction. The next is at the Solar Plexus and has to do with the expression of The Self, through the personal self. It is where your energy comes from.

Everything you see outside of you is an expression of the one interacting with the other. In times of Material Darkness, this interaction is handled badly due to pervasive material attraction. The next chakra has to do with affection and in its higher arc... Love. The next chakra has to do with the ways we communicate. It is the seat of many specialized powers, though all of them have some measure of powers, also called Siddhis. Rakshas (demons) seek the low expressions, Devas (demigods) seek the higher. We are set between these two worlds of influence and we must decide how that will affect us. Will it be Personal or Impersonal? Will it be Self Interest or Selfless Service that motivates us? Somehow the selfless always takes care of the personal self's needs anyway

The sixth chakra is the higher mind. It is the seat of Wisdom and the last chakra is the seat of Divine Luminous Wisdom and Realization. These are very simple definitions given here. Each chakra is more complex, and they become even more intricate as they go up. One can't hope to map out everything that goes on in these Energy Zones. I... most certainly color what I am talking about. We ALL do this, even those whose drive is to become colorless. I'm not after spiritual extinction, which is what many trips look like to me, especially in The Eastern Traditions. I'm not chasing Nirvana; don't care about it one way or the other, AND... I REALLY don't care about ANYTHING The World has to offer. It is one big gigantic marketplace of shit brushed with colors and formed in shapes, so as to appeal to one side of your nature or the other.

These are all mortality attractions. These are all sleeping pills. These are the things you see on The Highway. Life is all about people pulling off into rest stops, exits to shopping areas, and cities and towns, wherever roads go; into The Wilderness as well these days. I hear it's getting crowded there too now.

You can see the drive of The Personal and The Impersonal wherever you go. There are so many variants here. Sometimes Impersonal is simply someone doing something in a robotic fashion, perhaps not even conscious that they are doing it. Sometimes, Personal is making a statement on the wrong kinds of Impersonal. You see... there is more here than meets the eye. For me... Personal is when you are coming through and Impersonal is when God is coming through. As you can imagine, we see more of the one than the other in Times of Material Darkness.

So... now we arrive at the two kinds of Love; Personal Love and Impersonal Love. It seems we should already know what is going on here with these two perspectives, but I think maybe that is not always the case. The Sun is a great example of Impersonal Love. Romeo and Juliet is a good example of Personal Love. Interestingly... in all the possibilities of Romeo and Juliet played out in this world, they do all end in the death of Romeo and Juliet, regardless of what name they might be going by.

I am after something more lasting, so I am drawn toward The Sun because that is the best expression of Impersonal Love that I could think of. I also like the idea of going on forever. That means detaching oneself from the externals because they are ALL passing phenomena. Impersonal Love has its own Romeo and Juliet constructs. Bhakti Yoga is one. The angelic celibacy of the Christ Conscious is another.

At a certain point, you realize... and I mean REALLY realize that you have been coming and going here for quite some time, dancing in and out of lifetimes with all these parents and partners and offspring; not all of them physical children. Who knows how long it has been going on? All you know is that now you know this when you didn't know it before. Now it matters. Oh... it has probably always mattered. You just didn't know. So now... The World begins to look more and more like the same thing repeating itself over, and over, and over, and over. Today these people are on top. Tomorrow those people are on top. It's Strife and Contention all day long. The World is a steel cage match in The Octagon. The World is a massive cactus. It is like those myths about one location calling across to another location with The Sea in between and... they never meet. It's supposed to be some kind of poetry.

The tales and myths Personalize The Impersonal. We Personalize things. We agree to this and we don't agree to that. We like this but we don't like that. The Key is to become truly Impersonal about likes and dislikes until you are on a humming harmonic keel of serendipity and good tidings. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was about bringing Good Tidings. That got hijacked at some point by The Gloom and Doomers. It also got torn apart by people who did not know how it was constructed in the first place, so... they were unable to put it back together. Then there were the people selling it and, they are still selling it even though it no longer even resembles itself.

Well... The Sun is shining. The Sun will be holding court all day long until we turn away from The Sun and into The Night,  when his replacement... his reflection actually, comes in so that balance can be maintained. I am convinced that The Sun is keenly watching us as we spin beneath his gaze. God did create all this for his own purposes. One of his chief purposes is Amusement. He likes to be entertained. He also likes entertaining and you can see him appear in one actor or another when they are captured in The Spirit of it. It is the same with athletes and all manner of folk. Whenever it is being done really well, he is doing it. The person doing it may not know this, but he does (grin). He is often the cause of those, "How did I do that?" moments.

Letting God move through you is to court The Impersonal so that it may personalize through you without you obstructing it. This is what being truly inspired is about. The Muses are angels, devas. Different traditions term them differently. You can attract these beings. You have to be true to the inspiration. Otherwise, it will be taken away. This is so common that nearly everyone would know an example of it. When The Good Life gets its hands on you, you are no longer any good at what you do.

Impersonal Love makes it possible to love everyone. It resolves the dilemma of attraction and aversion. You are just loving to be loving. You are no longer personalizing it. It sets you free. This Impersonal Love will set you free in the most astounding ways. It is like... "Wow! I didn't know it could do that!!!" Impersonal Love covers a large area... a large radius. It charges your atmosphere. It controls The World around you. I am not saying that Personal Love is bad. We need it for replication if nothing else, and what would life be without all that drama and disappointment? (grin)

Impersonal Love is the passport to entering The Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone there is an expression of Impersonal Love. It is a world of everyone doing their job and being thrilled by the opportunity to do it until the end of time. The Personal is very temporary. Life might seem like a long time, but when you measure it against Eternal Life... it is not long at all.

Impersonal Love is a magical device. It goes before you, much as the rays of The Sun do. You are, in fact, The Sun in miniature, a microcosm. Keep shining. Maybe you start as a candle in the window. The power increases with use. The more you use it the stronger it gets. It's like anything. The heart's a muscle, right? There are certain simple and eternal verities that beg to be considered. They shine for your illumination.

God is everywhere... all the time. Who can see him? We can see him or her in everyone we meet because it is a spiritual truth that God is present within each of us. It is up to us who we invoke in others. The Devil is in there too. I like The Impersonal Life. It goes on forever.

End Transmission.......

Some links=

If you don't want to use a VPN or Bit Torrent or similar. If you only want to stream films you can watch them on the spot. CAM means it was done with a camera in the theater. I avoid these. TS is Telesync (I think), I avoid these. HD is HD and those are what I watch=


This is strange and inexplicable and to be filed under Karma=

Why do these things never happen in my neighborhood?=

How fine and noble they are my prince=

It is no accident. It is all purpose-driven. The videos are very uplifting with some nameless Jesus having a vision in a doorway=

Some pictures are worth a thousand profanities=

You are dealing with complete psychopaths. This is how they are covering for the killer vaccines, and... an alarming portion of the public is stupid enough to believe whatever they are told=



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