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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Let Slip the Dogs of Tofu and Thus does Cochise Make Cowboys of Us All
By Les Visible
Jun 1, 2019 - 4:36:21 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......
The world turns, like someone in a sick bed, with an auto-immune dysfunction, whose surface is covered with an unidentifiable rash; some opportunistic viral thing that's going around in an 'as above, so below' fashion, or you might say, as within so without. It's a little like a dance craze, like the Macarena... yeah, that's it.
If you look at it from an external perspective, especially if you've been brainwashed, or made fearful of social censure, as the result of saying something, before you can catch yourself, due to a sudden clarity of awareness that causes you to see what is really going on... you're going to want to be more careful. Personally... I don't care... because that ship has sailed and I got nothing to lose; can't take my job, given who my employer is. You can't take my vast fortune and investments. That happens to be immaterial and... when the material end does come round, it's going 'in' to the 'out' tray, minus a small percentage for operating expenses (grin). They can't take my reputation or professional standing because... heh heh, right. They can't frighten or intimidate me because the power to do that comes from someone who loves me... ergo, right? They can only wave and scream like the fans with floor seats, who paid too much to sit behind the basket of the visiting team... then again, they switch positions at half time, I think. They do in football anyway so... use the analogy you are most comfortable with.

Days come and days go. I've heard it said that we should live each day as if it were your last because... one day it will be. That's true. I try to do that and in the process I am made aware that that is not a general template for most everyone else. For myself, it is more about familiarizing myself with that far country... well, let us revisit The Bard, who put it more eloquently and succinctly than I am presently empowered to equal;
"But that the dread of something after death,The undiscovere'd country, from whose bournNo traveller returns, puzzles the will,And makes us rather bear those ills we haveThan fly to others that we know not of?Thus conscience does make cowards of us all."
Or... as I like to paraphrase the last line; thus does Cochise make cowboys of us all. But... this is not about letting slip the dogs of Tofu. These references, no doubt will be lost upon those less enamored of Shakespeare than I but... that's fine. As you may suspect, I'm in a good mood today. Nothing special about that, I am usually in a good mood these days. I seem to have stopped the- what I have been told was a programmed- assault on myself. Apparently all will be revealed at some point. I have to say, my life has been a very strange affair and I can't explain something I don't understand. I've started work on my autobiography. The initial working title (subject to change) is, "The Long and Winding Road to WTF" I'm guessing it won't be the final choice but it helps to keep me going at the moment. I haven't forgotten the other book I'm working on. Both of them seem to have their own whip-master.
End digression...

Anyway... the point of all this and... the point, though it may not be obvious, is about how crazy the world is and the coming and going awareness that I have about the need to comment on it. Do I need to? I really... and I mean really, only want to talk about the ineffable but... days go by, one post follows another and they seem to go in all sorts of directions. Now I'm going back to what I was doing, having just made no sense whatsoever but... I hope this will lead somewhere useful, or at least explain what I seem unable to.
'They' are really going after it. They want it front page central 24/7. They fabricate the scenarios as if they were writing shit-coms or unreality TV as a life script and they pretty much are. Then there is Mr. Apocalypse and he's standing just off camera, in the shadows of the alley, doing his thing. He's about as subtle as it gets, initially. The time will come and it fast approaches when he will cease with the surgical sniper work that has been going on and switch to an automatic weapon and 'they' are going to be deep in the mix of their mischief, about to learn that you cannot attack and defend at the same time.

Meanwhile... Lady Nature is reacting to the insanity that is a product of the runaway materialism, which has hijacked the collective mind and which has unleashed the Prakriti, acid reflux, syndrome that comes from eating bad things of all kinds too fast. It really is a mathematical certainty. Many a culture previous has disappeared altogether and left scant evidence of its passing. What is seldom clear to the mass mind is that there is only one mind and Nature is a reflection of the general state of consciousness and will react and manifest accordingly. That's how it is, whether one believes it or not; whether one is even aware of it or not. Apparently ignorance of the laws of reality is no excuse.
What you see taking place in the world around you, is a precursor of a planned assault on humanity. It is being shoehorned into every area of life and woven into law by individuals who were put into position to draft said laws by a cabal of devoted, suicidal psychopaths, who imagine themselves to be independent entities under the protection of the shadow of God, which directs all of their activities to a specific, unfortunate end. An example can be made by someone who spent a large portion of his life causing harm to others but who imagined, due to careful planning on his part that his acts were not seen and also believing himself protected by a particular force, with whom he imagined he had an arrangement. At a certain point further on, he finds himself before the throne of the almighty, or... in whatever setting it takes place in and I assure you that it does and he finds that the one who inspired his awful behavior and who shielded him previously, from the consequences of his actions, has been suddenly transformed into the District Attorney and chief witness for the prosecution.
It is a literal fact that the primary offspring of materialism is insanity and the evidence of this and the connection between them is evident to anyone with the eyes to see. They are parading their fealty on every stage and sidewalk, even if no one shows up. Crazy is putting on its Sunday best. It knows not where it is bound but get there it surely will, regardless. We are seeing the coming attractions of what is on the way and were it not for the presence of the divine, as the Dream Director who choreographs this production that we are all actors in, the future would look grim indeed.
Within each one of us is the silent witness to our lives. This entity is also the author of all creation. This entity composes everything, animates everything; else it is not animated, empowers everything; else it is not empowered... both the seemingly good and the evil. It is in everything and yet apart from it in mysterious fashion. Nothing thinks, feels or moves without the ability comes from the incomprehensible and indefinable lord of all things. I have said this before and I will say it again, in various ways. Given that this is true and it is true, more true than anything else in this world or the next, or any world that has ever been or imagined, there is nothing and no one more worthy of attention. That anyone does not comprehend this essential reality implies an ongoing redundancy of desire and appetite in pursuit of it by proxy and the fruit of this is disappointment, sorrow, regret and suffering that will not cease until such time as the one in pursuit, apprehends the truth of this and sets aside all of the blandishments and bewitchment of the material plane.
Something happens in the heart and mind of the one awakened from the dream of life. A hunger is awakened that cannot be satisfied and it leads to the cessation of all hunger. A love is awakened that renders every other love pedestrian and trivial. It cannot be described except in the silence that passes between those singular souls that share the same consuming passion. It is pointless to attempt to communicate it but that effort will never end, however futile it may be.
When the world gets to this level of crazy, across the board irrational and unhinged, something massive is on the way and the shape it takes will be dependent upon each individual state of being. If one still possesses some residue of sanity, the time has come to consider the nature and quality of one's state of being. Never have the distractions been so great. Never has the range of comestibles and enjoyments been so vast. The pull of the attractions is so very strong and never has the devilry been so complex and convincing. Surely there is a prize past description hidden somewhere in the kaleidoscope's twist. May you find safe passage to that further shore. The hour is late and all the forces of Nature are aroused. I do not know what else to say and I have neither the power nor the talent to say it as it should be said.
Whatever the degree of darkness and confusion may be, there is a light within that will guide you ...if you will put your faith in it.
End Transmission.......
When Darkness Falls


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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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