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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Leave Good Footprints and Hold Yourself in Place for The Operation of the Sun.
By Les Visible
Jan 9, 2020 - 4:21:43 AM

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January 09, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......
Batshit Krazy is on the menu and by this time next year, the social landscape is going to look like Beetlejuice meets Tourettes- Wheel of Fortune, with Pat Sajak in a straitjacket, looking like one of those body morphed demons from the Hellraiser Series. No doubt when we saw Idiocracy a few years ago, we thought it was an absurd lampoon of some kind, now it looks like it is actually going to happen with Climate Change instead of Brawndo. The good news is that both of them will have electrolytes.
Once again... more serial repetition; the direct offspring of Materialism are, Insanity, Unbridled Excess, Atheism and Satanism. In a time of Material Darkness, more and more people lose their grip on what little they cared to know about themselves in the first place and become possessed by whatever entity of The Infernal Realm ...happens to be passing by at the opportune moment. Materialism kills whatever faith one had in the Invisible, by providing a tsunami of the Visible; a bewildering blitzkrieg of shapes and sounds that completely overwhelm the senses. What is left is the religion that celebrates Materialism and that is Satanism, by whatever title it names itself. Take a good look around you.
All of us perceive this world through the lenses and filters of our appetites and desires. This is how we come to live in a world of our own creation, while at the same time, everyone else around us is doing the same and it is as if each of us lives in an invisible envelope, that takes us in and out of environments and conditions, relationships and states of mind, formed out of what our experiences turned us into. Few of us realize that there are all sorts of other life forms about, including people like ourselves, except that they are vibrating at a rate that puts them outside of the range of the bandwidth of our senses. They can raise or lower the rate of their vibrations at will, coming in and out of view. This is what Apollonius of Tyana did when he disappeared from the courtroom, (never to be seen again) while phonied up charges were being read out by whatever they called a bailiff back then.
This points out why it is futile to argue with people about metaphysical matters. People know only what they are capable of knowing at the level their awareness is present on. This is why leading by example is far superior to haranguing people about what is and is not true. LEAVE GOOD FOOTPRINTS! My own life is now a consummation of the footprints left by others who went before me. They are the footprints I chose to follow, much the same, although vastly different, than those who 'follow' The Kardashians and other icons of Materialism. As is quite easy to prove, tens of millions have chosen to follow Pop Tart personalities, while only a handful go in more arcane directions. VERY FEW of the people who profess to follow Jesus the Christ, or Lord Ishvara, as he is known in India, are really following the actual Jesus the Christ. They are following instead an image and idea that has been fabricated by those who make a large financial profit from promoting their version of The Son of God.
We've seen that mind graphic, of the wide highway, that verily leadeth unto destruction and the narrow path that few findeth. One of them is purported to be quite crowded and the other is a solitary way indeed. I lived in a small town in Germany, for the larger portion of my time in Europe. Each year, around 3-4 times a year, they would have a festival in the town square for several days and people from throughout the surrounding area would come and there might well be over a hundred thousand people to have visited before it ended. There would be a stage for entertainment; local school performances and bands of different venues and there were many food and beverage locations, some for sit down and some for takeaway. There was a baked goods center. At certain times of the day and evening the place would be packed and not all that easy to negotiate your way through.
I remember standing apart at different points and watching the mass of humanity coming and going, eating and drinking. There were always people who got looped by the end of the night but the Germans, usually, handle their liquor well. I'd come to this square, even when there was no festival and sit on a bench to watch people going about their business. Whether it was a time of festival or just an ordinary day, the square was a busy place. I recall watching... sometimes intensely watching and... wondering... how many people might be thinking about God in that moment. I would look around to see if there were others looking around but I never noticed that there were, unless they were looking for someone they had arranged to meet, or something they wanted to eat, or drink. It was especially true during times of festival and you could literally see into the minds of those coming and going, eating and drinking and having a good time.
I do this same sort of field study in America as well; sitting on a public bench or in a supermarket. It is an endless stream of people moving through the dreamscape of their lives, their thoughts focused on what they wanted to remember to purchase, or their minds wandering... who knows where but... as Materialism intensifies, people's minds are less and less upon the celestial sphere and more and more fixed upon pedestrian themes. I'm not looking to put the human race down here (they don't need my help) but I am pointing out that the amount of us that have God and his kingdom on our minds is very few. Maybe God isn't all that important anyway. He's not like a member of the family (except that he is) or someone who drops in for dinner or that you see at work. He's an invisible presence and that presence becomes more and more abstract and obscure as Materialism becomes more pervasive.
What I have learned in this life and... no doubt in other lives as well, has brought me to a pass where ONLY God has any relevance or importance. Everything else is transitory and ephemeral. Everything else 'REALLY IS' of no great significance. We only make it so by putting whatever value we put on any of it. As we age, our concerns and interests change. Things, which once seemed to be of such cardinal importance, now seem inconsequential. Why did we ever even care about those things at all? This can be very telling if one is on their death bed, or narrowly escaped not being here at all. These sorts of events tend to concentrate the mind in most unfamiliar ways.
If you can't see what is happening in the world around you... really happening, it is because you have specific blinders in place because... the truth of the matter is not compatible with what you prefer to believe is true. I give you the disaster that is Australia at the moment. Corporations have no soul and no interest beyond their own profit. They are ruining the world in their insane grab-fest. God help us!
If it were not for the incredible mercy and compassion of The Ineffable, we would truly be lost and I RECOMMEND to anyone, in reach of these words, to be exceedingly mindful of The Presence of God in these desperate hours. There are all too few of us fighting the good fight, on behalf of the human race, the animal kingdom and the other kingdoms that exist on this planet. There is a war going on this very minute. It is a war, bent on the enslavement of the human race and the elimination of vast numbers of the population. Those who choose not to see this, because they are all wrapped up in the petty bullshit of their meaningless acquisition of wealth and power and position, are orchestrating their own doom. You may think you are protected, or insulated from the consequences of your behavior but I ASSURE YOU, YOU ARE NOT. YOU ARE NOT SAFE AT ALL.
The power and light within any one of us, is greater than all of the darkness in this world, IF... we know how to access and channel it. The angels of God are scouring the Earth at this very moment, seeking the willing hearts and capable hands that wish to be inspired by The Great Love, that presently lies dormant in our hearts. It is the angels of God, by Heavenly fiat, who are empowered to ignite that love in us, if... we... would... only... show... the... necessary... open heartedness. Never before in recorded history has there been such a priceless, spiritual opportunity, like that which is before us now. We have only to acquiesce and instructions and inspiration WILL BE FORTHCOMING.
Anything might happen at any time. The forces of darkness have been planning their ascent for many years ...and they now believe that these times are the most propitious for their agenda. This is why the moral climate is under such siege. This is why chaos and confusion have been unleashed in such a measure. This is why race and religious conflicts are being engineered. This is why there is such an epidemic of sexual dysfunction and ravening depravity. This is why life itself is being trivialized and rendered into a comestible upon a canape, to be served at meaningless functions, attended by our betters, who believe in nothing but their own material gain.
You can only pull the line of tension so far off center, before it snaps, with incredible force, back to center. It is too late to be mindful of important things... once it has become too late. At this moment it is not too late, for all manner of good and righteous change, once our collective heart has chosen to cry out; "Hold! Enough!"
We do nothing of ourselves. What is true and lasting is done through us, not by us. We have only to put ourselves in 'the way of it' and it will be taken in hand. Nothing more is required of us but that we surrender to the higher impetus and let it manage our every thought word and deed. It is like The Operation of the Sun. Everything is done by the angel. We have only to hold ourselves in place as it takes place.
End Transmission.......
Today's Song is, ♫Patterns♫
and... what do you know? Pocketnet is straight ahead and many postings that did not make the blogs are located on this page... simply let the scroll do your virtual walking.


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