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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Laws of God #15 and #16
By ATON/Christ Michael/Hatonn
Feb 26, 2011 - 3:24:01 PM

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We have written about the Commitment of Marriage by A MAN and A WOMAN To God as being one of the necessary compo nents to also becoming a PARENT for God which means pro creating your species. (SEE Law # 8 "You Must Not Commit Adultery)."

Now the DIVINE and SACRED "act" which was created by GOD for the pro-creation of the species you ones call "sexual union". God created THIS DIVINE UNION to be performed between ONE man and ONE woman specifically for maintaining the balanced level of the species for each given planetary sys­tem. Now the "fallen" ones or adversaries of GODNESS have completely perverted and maligned this once "sacred" and "divine" act that at one time was DONE with complete LOVE and DEVOTION to THE FATHER within each partner, so that it (sex) is now called "a birthright" to be done often, with im punity and with MANY partners of either sex and without consideration of LOVE or responsible pro-creation. How we and THE FATHER weep for you! This ONE abuse of God's cre ation has nearly destroyed your species! Let us quote once again from, "AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL. I AM SANANDA"- Pg. 55:

"The act of marriage and procreation must have the highest degree of pure intent and preparation, for upon these bonds and restrictions will rest the preservation of mankind as a species upon the planet. If everything is done and adhered to, justice and peace will come to all mankind, and life in the human form can be preserved.

"If man continues his selfish and imprudent behavior, he will sound his own death tariff. There reaches a point be yond which a planet cannot support the unbalanced system perpetrated by mankind. And yet, so shall it come to pass (Read this carefully!) that man will not listen and bring destruction upon his own species. It will come about in some two millennium that man will have reached the point of self destruction. (This is 1991 friends, have you fulfilled this prophecy of Jesus the Christ Immanuel and OTHER prophets before him?!?) And so is it projected by the prophets and shall it come to pass in its time of fulfillment and in my time of fulfillment." End of quote.

Let's begin with God's directive about marriage and Pro-cre ation between A MAN and A WOMAN. It is very clear that this DOES NOT say, marriage and "the sexual act" is OK be tween a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, or TWO men and ONE woman or THREE woman and ONE man, or etc. Again, the laws of balance are LOGICAL, meaning they were created specifically to maintain BALANCE within The Cre ation.

Because of the various degrees of deliberate, systematic and malevolently lewd and lascivious sexual behaviors, which are the corruption of this DIVINE UNION, and which have been and are practiced by most on your plane, the WARNING given above by our beloved Jesus Immanuel is transpiring before your very eyes in this time frame!

The sexual "act" was specifically designed to be performed by ONE man and ONE woman who had committed THEIR DIVINE LOVE AS ONE in the union of marriage, ordained by GOD. Through this union OF LOVE, the act of sexual intercourse between a husband and his wife for pro-creation was a most sacred and honored responsibility, an extension of their LOVE and COMMITMENT TO GOD in his service as PAR ENTS of HIS Children.

Now remember the law of "Cause and Effect". The EFFECTS of breaking this one directive of GOD are all about you today. Over-Population and the spread of fatal venereal and blood-borne diseases, such as Syphilis and AIDS, are proving to be YOUR self-punishment to the point of creating the nearly com plete destruction of your human species on Earth.

So let there be NO misunderstanding. The following BEHAV IORS are specifically and undeniably AGAINST OR CON TRARY TO THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION:

1. Any Homosexual sexual activity between two or more men is strictly forbidden.

2. Any Homosexual sexual activity between two or more women is strictly forbidden.

3. Any Bi-Sexual sexual activity between two or more men and women is strictly forbidden.

KEEP IN MIND WE ARE SPECIFICALLY REFERRING TO "SEXUAL" ACTIVITIES, NOT LOVE, INTIMACY (Sharing soul-deep closeness and specialness of the friendship), COHABITATION (Sharing living quarters/home together), AND FRIENDSHIP between members of the same sex. Meaning that it is the LEWD, LUSTFUL and IRRESPON SIBLE "SEXUAL ACT" THAT IS SPECIFICALLY AND STRICTLY AGAINST GOD and LIFE!

4. Any Anal (Sodomy) sexual intercourse performed between any persons, male or female, is strictly forbidden.

5. Any sexual activities performed with ANIMALS (Bestiality) by any human is strictly forbidden.

6. Any sexual activity performed by ones closely related within the same family line (Incest). For example: brother and sister, father and daughter, uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, cousin and cousin, mother and son, grandfather and granddaughter is strictly forbidden.

7. Any sexual activity performed by any (male or female) adult upon or with any child is strictly forbidden.

8. Prostitution--the act of offering oneself, man or woman, to another for sexual relations in exchange FOR PAYMENT of same--is strictly forbidden.

9. Any Sadistic or Masochistic sexual practices performed by anyone or ones upon self or others is strictly forbidden. Sadis tic: "1. A tendency to take delight in being cruel. "Masochistic: "1. A condition in which sexual gratification depends largely on undergoing physical pain or humiliation. 2. A tendency to derive pleasure from one's own suffering."

10. Any voyeuristic (one who is sexually gratified by looking at sexual objects or acts) activity or any participation in porno graphic (sexually explicit and obscene) materials, ie., movies, magazines, books, "artwork" and objects is strictly forbidden.

Please understand that it is this PREOCCUPATION with be havior of lustful and lascivious physical pleasure that YOU must each CHOOSE to avoid and rise above spiritually. The cor ruption and preoccupation with sexual thoughts, words and ac tions has become hypnotizingly OBSESSIVE and also terribly degrading to THE SPIRIT OF LIFE OF THE ONE! THIS IS NOT LOVE BY ANY DEFINITION. Can you not see this TRUTH before you and within you? Your sexual obsession MUST STOP if you are to reach beyond your mortal body and into THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

Many of you, by now, are probably wondering about the act of masturbation: "Stimulation of sexual organs by oneself." First RE-read the above paragraph. Masturbation is a self-pleasure sexual act upon SELF AND it is also what most of you couples are doing when you have "sex" together and call it "making love". The only difference is that it is the "sharing" of MU TUAL Masturbation with your partner. Mutual Masturbation IS NOT DIVINE SEXUAL UNION FOR CELEBRATING PROCREATION. When one is an "adult" and does not wish to have children, the seeking of sexual pleasure by self or with an other is a transgression upon self simply BECAUSE YOU ARE DENYING AND LIMITING YOUR SPIRITUAL CREATIVE POTENTIAL WITHIN.

The sexual desire, in this time on your place of extreme sexual preoccupation, begins for many youngsters at puberty. Many will have sexual release or dreams while they sleep. With the CAREFUL and LOVING guidance of the parents well before and during this time, the child will not be frightened of the changes in his/her body and will most likely occasionally in dulge in masturbation for either curious exploration or release of the physical body. Moderate or occasional masturbation done in privacy by any, either child or adult, is not harmful to or AGAINST life UNTIL it becomes an obsessive pre-occupation. Also masturbation can be a means of self-punishment and this is most harmful to THE SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN. Remember this parents, it can also become very harmful to a child if through his "training", he is taught to fear or despise his geni talia, or be made to feel guilt for self-sexual exploration or mas­turbation. He must learn about his personal responsibility and must understand ALL THE LAWS OF GOD including those governing pro-creation. But if you make the child feel fearful, shameful or guilty about his own personal sexual exploration, you may actually be creating for him OBSESSIVE PRE-OC­CUPATION with sexuality. If the child is not exposed to con stant "sexually stimulating" media, he will quickly lose interest after initial self-exploration IF HIS CREATIVE potential is en courage, nurtured and supported by HIS PARENTS and TEACHERS. The more spiritually aware children and adults will either not have much interest in, or gradually lose interest in sexual exploration of any kind. It is much healthier for the spirit if this process of becoming detached from sexual feelings is natural and BY choice because of true spiritual UN DERSTANDING and awareness.

What you ones have labeled "sexual energy" or "libido" is actu ally a corruption of the creative and nuturing potential of The Spirit of GOD within YOU. LET US REPEAT THIS: YOUR "SEXUAL ENERGY/LIBIDO" IS ACTUALLY A CORRUP TION OF THE CREATIVE AND NURTURING POTENTIAL OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN YOU! Let us see how your Funk & Wagnals Dictionary defines Libido: "1. Sexual de sire or impulse. 2. The instinctual craving or drive behind all human activities." Did you read that clearly, friends? IN STINCTUAL CRAVING OR DRIVE BEHIND ALL HUMAN ACTIVITIES! The catch is, precious ones, SEX is not the INSTINCTUAL craving or drive that was created by GOD, THIS was your CREATIVE, nurturing drive TO KNOW and CELEBRATE GOD WITHIN YOU, TO CO-CREATE THE EVER-UNFOLDING EXPANSION AND ADVENTURE OF LIFE! The truly loving DIVINE UNION, that of male/female experiencing their creative potential through the sexual act for PROCREATION, was created to be a UNION OF DIVINE LOVING DEVOTION and CELEBRATION OF THE GIFTS OF ONENESS SHARED...AND OF NEW LIFE CREATED FROM GOD. Rarely do ones feel TRUE LOVE, caring friend ship, affection and intimacy toward their mates on your plane. Most have simply forgotten what LOVE is. You think perhaps you and your mate are one of the "rare" exceptions? Here is a test for you. How long would your marriage and commitment last if today you completely STOPPED all sexual activity with one another? Think about this carefully. Do you truly give of yourself to your mate sexually and otherwise because you wish to please them? To please both of you?

To please yourself? You ones think your sexual orgasm is ecstasy? YOU EVEN LIMIT ECSTASY!

You see, you are not your desires, you are not your emotions. YOU are THE SPIRIT of LIFE of GOD, and your spirit IS the MASTER over your desires and emotions. Don't you see that you have simply chosen, in your illusion of ignorance and confusion, TO MAKE your emotions and desires the MASTER over your SPIRIT...YOUR GODNESS?!?

This corruption of your creative potential WAS CREATED, CONDITIONED AND MOLDED BY THE ANTI-CHRIST. YOU SIMPLY BOUGHT THE LIE AS TRUTH AND HAVE BECOME ADDICTED TO YOUR DESIRE FOR "SEX". You don't believe your "sexual" desire is created? Look around you today. Your Advertising Media as well as your Magazines, Television and Movies ARE CREATING YOUR DESIRES FOR YOU by conditioning and molding you through false "IMAGES" of what is beauty, what is "sex appeal"--in other words, by directing your attention constantly to "how" you look physically, your athletic prowess, your sex appeal and attrac tiveness. Why does and has this "desire"-creating worked? Be cause the Anti-Christ first molds the "false images" and then plays upon your FEAR of being too unattractive, unworthy, un popular and simply rejected BY OTHERS who YOU allow TO JUDGE YOU AS A HUMAN BEING! The ANTI-Christ keeps you BOUND by the "false" promises created by your desire TO BE WORTHY of LIFE so you are too busy trying to fit the "false" mold and therefore do not develop your creative spiritual potential within! How dare YOU feel UNWORTHY because of believing the nonsense of false "IMAGES"! PLEASE RE MEMBER THIS TRUTH! YOU ARE GOD'S TEMPLE!

Advertisers are always selling "their image" of what you ones call "romance" and you are encouraged to think it means pas sionate "sexual" fulfillment. Your dictionary describes ro mance as: "1. A love affair. 2. A kind of love between the sexes, characterized by high ideals of devotion, and strong ar dor. 3. Adventurous, heroic, or exotic nature: romance of far away places." When you crave romance, whether you know it or not, it does not mean "sexual" affair, dear ones, it means LOVE AFFAIR, you are craving to experience within you GOD'S LOVE OF LIFE, you crave to feel "ALIVE", ie., warm and intense feelings, eagerness and zeal. WHY? Because you are bored and spiritually unfulfilled with the self-created "limits" of your life. (Limits which the "controlled" media has set you up for in the first place.) You are out of balance and you are seeking to ignite your CREATIVE POTENTIAL WITHIN. ROMANCE is the promise of ADVENTURE and JOY for experiencing THE SPIRIT OF LIFE, OF GOD, within you. You see, ROMANCE is not sexual adventure or a place to go; it is your desire to feel and KNOW GOD within you. You can experience romance through the sharing of devoted and ad venturous LOVE of LIFE with your mate. Regardless of what your media "hype" tells you, remember this, your desire for romance is your desire for CHANGE from a limited and spiritu ally unfulfilling existence, to recognizing and EXPERIENCING your UNLIMITED Creative Spiritual Potential within.

The next time you have a "sexual" urge, look around you, what have you been watching, reading or participating in which cre ated this desire? Men, when you see a physically "beautiful" woman, is yourFIRST thought admiration and appreciation of this GIFT of loveliness and do you wonder about the love liness and beauty of HER SPIRIT? OR, instead, do you first wonder about the pleasure you would receive if you could have "sexual union" with her? And the same holds true for you women who call yourselves "liberated" which usually first means, "sexually" liberated and same equal "rights" as men to have many "casual" sexual encounters.

Recognize that this "sexual urge" is really your UNFUL FILLED creative potential screaming to be released from the self-imposed "limit" or boundary of THE physical sexual ACT. Act: "1. To play the part of; impersonate. 2. To serve tem porarily or as a substitute. To PRETEND." The sexual act is limiting, substituting and impersonating YOUR CREATIVE AND SPIRITUAL UNFOLDMENT TO KNOW GOD. When you truly understand and recognize this truth, your creative spiritual unfoldment can no longer BE FRUSTRATED AND LIMITED to the repetition of a silly and truly spiritually unful filling "sexual act".

Does this mean you are expected, by self and GOD, to STOP all sexual activity NOW? ONLY if it is YOUR choice made with the JOY of TRULY understanding and thus having the freedom of detachment from this "ADDICTION" and no desire to pro create. For most of you, especially adults, "sexual behavior" has now become addictive, so you must treat it as such. Re move as much of the "temptation" from your presence as possi ble, just as the alcoholic must remove himself from "bars" and must remove the alcohol from his home. Be gentle with self, carefully abide by the list of TEN items above which are "STRICTLY FORBIDDEN" sexual behaviors (including Adultery). If you are single or married and have addiction to the "sexual act", use occasional masturbation as the lessor of the evils "if you must". If you are happily married and both have "enjoyed" your addiction to the monogamous mutual masturbation of your sexual act, both partners will need to become detached for the addiction to be gone.

So be gentle with self and your mate, but be aware and respon sible to "consequences" (such as pregnancy) and persistent in your goal (to self) to release and detach from ALL things of Physical Manifestation. Simply RECOGNIZE without punish ing self with guilt and shame that this is a transgression against the Creative spirit of life within you. For a time accept that you will have desire because you are "addicted" and many of you understand it as an "extension" of your love. Do not punish self or other, let the "desire" dissolve naturally within each partner. As you begin the unfoldment and adventure of discov ering YOUR creative spiritual potential, you will be surprised, because at some point you will find that the "sexual act" is no longer appealing to either of you. You will be detached and no longer have interest in it!


The GOLDEN Rule. How true it is that if ones would really think about how they treat one another, and consider that they are ALL ONE, that most of your petty "perceived" differences would dissolve. Ask yourself how you, when you honor the spirit of God within, truly like to be treated by others.

Here is a start for you: With respect, with reverence, with honor, with worthiness, with enthusiasm, with patience, with tolerance and understanding, with forgiveness, with kindness and courtesy, with caring, with appreciation, with generosity, with interest in your conversation, with love, with consideration, with honesty and integrity, with trust, with friendship and with harmony.

Now, do you treat others in the same ways described above, HOW you would like to be treated? Do you even treat yourself in the same ways described above? If YOU do not even HONOR yourself, how do you expect to receive HONOR and respect from OTHERS? Treat others honorably and with in tegrity, kindness and tolerance and EXPECT that they will treat you the same. If they DO NOT treat you with the same respect, HONOR yourself enough to recognize their transgression, call it to their attention and then leave their presence.

And Jesus Immanuel told the people: "Ask and it shall be given unto you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. For he who asks of his spirit, receives, and he who seeks through the power of spirit, finds and he who knocks at the door of his spirit, to him it will be opened."

"Who is there among you who, if his son asked him for bread would give him a stone? Or, if he asked you for a fish would you offer him a serpent? Therefore, if you, even though you are being wicked, can still give your children good gifts, how much more will your spirit give unto you if you request it?" (End Quote).

The spirit of God within you always gives you what you need if you but put aside your "altered" ego and humbly commune with YOUR SPIRIT. All the power of The Father exists within you to give unto you that which YOUR SPIRIT needs to lovingly sustain life and give joy, fulfillment, and inner peace. You only need but ask the FATHER WITHIN to show you, to tell you, to give you that which YOU NEED to SUSTAIN in HIS SERVICE, that of LIGHT, OF LOVE, OF JOY. IN ALL THINGS THY (HIS) WILL BE DONE!

There is a saying,' Be careful what you ask for, YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT." Ah, this saying gives recognition to YOUR power of manifestation, and how, when you selfishly view life from the FOG of the "Altered" Ego, you may not truly under stand what your SPIRIT within needs. You may be unpleasantly surprised at what the "altered" Ego conjures up for you as consequence of denying THE WILL OF THE FATHER WITHIN YOU!

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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