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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Laws of Creation #5 and #6
By Hatonn/Aton/CM
Feb 26, 2011 - 12:42:24 PM

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Now within the "so-called" Christian Bible, this law has been interpreted as "A" day and the day that was chosen by HU MANS was the one called SUNDAY and also called "The Sab bath". This was the day which HUMANS said that NO work could be done and you must go to THEIR Church and pray, repent and give thanks because this was God's day. We must tell you this is not correct because ALL days in the Kingdom of God and The Creation are HIS. This means you must keep ALL of your Days HOLY in reverence to THE DIVINE HOLY ONE PRESENCE OF GOD WITHIN ALL OF THE CRE ATION. EVERY day you must, as a part of your prayer, acknowledge and give thanks and HONOR unto God and The Creation for ALL the blessings of abundance, Wisdom and LIFE which THE FATHER WITHIN YOU has bestowed upon you. Remember this about the true purpose and POWER of Prayer and Meditation. PRAYER is Asking for guidance from the Father within for WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IN OR DER TO SUSTAIN IN HIS SERVICE, "AND IN ALL THINGS, FATHER, NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE WILL BE DONE." MEDITATION then is RECEIVING that information from the Father within to sustain in HIS service. Eventually, YOU will ALL be in a constant state of meditation and commu nion (mutual participation or sharing) with the Divine Father within.

Now, Sunday has also been called God's day of rest. This is not logical. What about the farmer who has animals and his fields to tend? This is not to say that you cannot rest. But your rest may be on a Monday or a Wednesday or maybe just an hour or two each day. It will be different for every human depending on the conditions of his service to God. WHEN the cycle of time comes when all is returned to the ONE of THE CRE ATION, there is a period of what might be termed as "rest". This means that life as you know it in this illusion will cease to exist. It is one of the Great Mysteries which measures in cycles the ebb and flow of THE ONE DIVINE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS. Until that time, GOD within you will guide you as to when the necessary times of rest are for you.


This wondrous law has most often been taken only in the quite literal sense. AND it is true, you must honor the ones who were the vehicles for your SOUL being sent here by the Grace of God, THE SAME AS YOU WOULD HONOR ALL THE BE INGS OF LIFE CREATED BY OUR CREATOR GOD AND THE CREATION. This means that as a babe and child you are dependent upon your parents, or others, to sustain you physi cally in the very least. There is also the tremendous responsi bility that those who choose to be "parents"--defined as "A Fa ther or Mother; or any organism that generates another; a source or cause" have. THEY are also choosing to be teacher and guardian for you, one of GOD'S CREATIONS. They are also entrusted by GOD our Creator (whether THEY know it or not) the responsibility of giving YOU the tools to become self-sufficient and sustain in HOLY GOD's service for the remainder of this life-time. This is why in the more spiritually aware Kingdoms of God, ALL beings are NOT given the responsibility for the pro-creation of the species.

Firstly, it is an honor that is EARNED by the parents who com pletely understand THEIR responsibility to TEACH the laws of balance of God and The Creation. Secondly, Pro-creation of the species IS TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY by your more spiritu ally advanced brothers on other planetary systems. (See Law #15.) The reason is that THEY recognize and honor the TRUTH of the LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION. You see, THEY HAVE LEARNED THAT THE SPIRITUALLY WEAK WILL PASS ON THEIR DIS-EASE, APATHY, IGNO RANCE, AND MISUNDERSTANDING TO THEIR PRO GENY, thus spreading the insidious cancer and DE STRUCTION of THE ANTI-CHRIST throughout their species. THEY KNOW THAT THESE CHILDREN OF GOD ARE THEIR PROMISE FOR THE BALANCED CONTINUATION OF THEIR SPECIES. So it goes that the pro-creation responsi bilities are monitored VERY carefully to maintain Balance of the species within the laws of GOD and The Creation. EVERY child is LOVED and carefully tended and instructed by ALL who have EARNED this, one of the most important re sponsibilities of any HUMAN, THAT OF BEING A "PARENT" FOR GOD!

Now the other purpose for and meaning of this law is that you shall honor the Mother and Father Principle of ALL THAT IS IN THE CREATION. A very wondrous example is that you must honor THIS beloved Planet Terra who represents the Mother "principle" in that she nurtures and sustains the lives of All Creatures of God who exist here. And you must Honor our Father GOD who gives forth the seed of the Spirit of ALL life within the ONENESS of ALL THAT IS. Of course God IS the Mother/Father principle in HARMONY, BALANCE AND MOTION and so there exists the Mother/Father UNITY and BALANCE IN ALL FRAGMENTS OF THE DIVINE CRE ATION.

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