Other Spiritual Pieces
By Janine & Jean Claude
Jun 11, 2021 - 11:01:26 PM

This 1 hr. 16' 41" video was published by Sending Ravens with Tarot by Janine and JeanClaude@BeyondMystic on Jun 10, 2021:

Ron: Please listen to the latter part of this video and especially think about what Janine says concerning how we need to handle the information that is coming out about the betrayal of humanity in this demonically controlled world. In particular we will need to be gentle and compassionate with ourselves and each other as the reality of the hellishness of life on this planet is exposed. Healing will come about through loving one another as God loves us.

I think Jean Claude's enthusiasm for Bitcoin is inappropriate. The increase in the 'COST' of Bitcoin is NOT commensurate with the decline in the value of existing fiat currencies.  BItcoin's increase in price has far exceeded the decline in the value of fiat currencies since 2009. Moreover,  Bitcoin has NO tangible backing and hence NO value at all, other than what someone is prepared to pay for it. Bitcoin is a scam dreamed up by the CIA using a HQ under the Three Gorges Dam (TGD). If Bitcoin's TGD HQ hasn't been taken out already it soon will be.

In any event be aware that worrying about the value of money/currency and seeking to protect personal wealth is demonic, mind controlled old epoch thinking. It has rightly been said that money is the source of all evil. Why? Because it causes us to be materialists, seeking to buy and sell ourselves and our talents, attributes and labour as commodities rather than realising that we  are divine eternal spirits.

We are now in Christ Michael's Millennial Reign in which the money meme will lose its revelance.  That will start to become apparent as soon as the unhackable Quantum Financial System (QFS), which is currently operating in parallel with the SWIFT system,  is publicly unveiled. The QFS gold backed financial system will also incorporate an unhackabe crypto component. The QFS will eliminate private usurious banking and the income taxation levied by governments to pay the interest charged by those banksters. The result will be prosperity and abundance for everyone as money ceases to determine our quality of life.


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