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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Kalifor to NY- from Sodom to Gomorrah; Twisting on the Dance Floor with the Fallen Angels.
By Les Visible
Jun 22, 2019 - 5:15:44 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......
Every day... the world presents itself before my eyes. I have options at each moment. Do I look at whatever it is with perspectives and opinions that have developed from previous encounters? Do I allow the subjective to have an influential voice in what 'I make of it'? Do I scuttle my former takes on whatever it is, assuming I have seen it or its like before; thus giving myself a fresh objective posture...? Yes! Let's do that as often as there is a potential for my previously being in error. Sigh, yeah... 99% of the time it's what I thought it was.
Sometimes you don't know if what you see or hear is really true because it seems too unbelievable to be believable. Then, since 'they' say it is true, they take the poor creature and release it into the wild with a drug habit. The possible (likely) suffering wasn't even considered? There were no details about this creature being used as a weapon. Details were very much lacking here. Hmmm. Then there is the sort of thing that happens every day in another way and though you wouldn't want to go through it yourself, there'sno way it isn't going to make you laugh. How does something like this happen in a location like the location it happened in? I don't mean Bakersfield, where... like Fresno, it doesn't come off that surprising. I'm talking about Costco and the other recent events at other outlets.
The irony and percolating hypocrisy of certain places is startling. Meanwhile they are cutting edge on issues that are apparently more important than doing something about the sidewalk fecal slicks. I don't know how Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the cartoon politicians can keep a straight face with the pending collapse of the world they were elected to manage and care for. Kalifornia is in serious trouble and there is no way that ship rights itself because of the shrill clamoring of the competitive insane wanting their piece of the bridgework before it sinks beneath the waves. More and more I think about the epic statement Nature is, no doubt, contemplating about that state.
Kalifornia, like PRIDE, is headed for a fall. Strange things are happening and I cannot understand why they are happening.
Big... BIG changes are coming and let's just pause here for a moment and let me ask you if you have ever run across this young lady? I cannot remember ever being stunned as dramatically as I was yesterday when I discovered her. She has also managed to run afoul of a certain Tribe Attack Dog. Watching and listening to this young lady left me with head spinning like the pea soup girl in The Exorcist. Let me say, unequivocally, I do not remember being this impressed with anything human in a very long time.
My moments of rocking surprise are experienced these days in my encounters with luminous beings, masters, Devic Realm entities, Lady Nature and the like. Some of them would probably come under the designation of human, at least in terms of appearance but, in my judgment, they are another order of life form, once you journey past the surface. Be sure and read the whole treatise that continues past Soph in her Burka outfit, so you can get the whole atmosphere of Mr. Sleaze and some of the things he's been saying. They are so confident in their psychopathy that they carry zero concern of being interrupted in their performance of it.
Materialism is the conscious enemy of Christianity and any bonafide spiritual system; I'm not referring to the perversity of the priest class but the invisible everlasting truth any of them are built on. The two are in natural opposition to one another. Just as Atheism is the predictable religion of Materialism and Satanism is the obvious working philosophy of Materialism.
What happens when a significant number of people focus their desire (which is a living and creative thing) upon pedestrian items and interests, is that they cause a persona to precipitate into being. It crystallizes into form and though it is not real in any enduring sense, it is real enough to those who are transfixed in the thrall of it, by the power they have collectively endowed it with. This materialized and conscious force is Mammon. This force has associates.
With the specter of war against Iran causing a demonic frenzy, dancing in the heads of Sheldon Adelson and his psycho-droid John Bolton, a dark urgency is pressing its way through the greater unconscious and also veiling many another strange and inexplicable phenomena, such as what we see here. What can that possibly mean. Why would this group of people be driven ACROSS the border and released on US soil?
How is it possible that the educational and library systems of the entire country have been hijacked by sexual profligates? How does something like this take place in broad daylight, while it runs counter to the long standing traditions of the organization doing it? Out of concern for your patience and because of space constraints in this format, I have not included dozen and dozens of articles on similar events. The world as we thought we knew it is in a state bordering on total upheaval.
We KNOW that the greater portion of humanity is not in agreement with what is taking place, yet the mass media reports it otherwise, under the commanding fiat of THOSE WHO OWN IT. The picture being painted by the people reporting on it is in direct contradiction to both the report of the senses, as well as the intuitive capacities of the human heart. The former is subject to deception, The latter... less so
A police officer was shot in Sacramento a couple of nights ago, while doing her duty and a crowd gathered to harass and threaten them. It's boiling over in the streets. It just takes a push here and a shove there and it's Conflagration City.
Gay and... all directions South are the sexual expression of Materialism. I saw it in the malls as they came up on the horizon. I watched the feminine principle with the Aquarian torch, loosing the higher powers of her nature upon the human mind and instead of Intuition and Understanding, instead of The Sophia, sitting upon the throne of consciousness. The force ran down into the second center and sexually feminized the male principle. A loss of balance precipitated dysfunction in both the male and female principles and we have what we have today; a war zone. The sexual dynamic for the dark magic of Satanism is the reversal of the Kundalini. You've heard of parallels such as 'reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards', the inverted cross and the inverted pentagram. This is all symbolic of the antithesis of the force of light. Materialism is the dance floor of the fallen angels.
What I have just said will launch a fury of outrage in those swept along the path of their weakness, a tributary on the way to the highway of perdition and captivated in the thrall of the entertainments and appetites of the physical plane, they will not listen and cannot see. It is no accident that EVERY major system of human enterprise is subjugated before the Infernal Realm. The churches, the political theater, commerce and industry, are all kneeling before The Shadow. Have no fear my friends. It is only through fear and your own mind divided against you that 'they' have ANY power at all. It is only an impression, only an appearance. There has NEVER been a time that the Lord of Hosts has not been in complete control of EVERYTHING. God is not mocked.
There will of course be the revealing and uncovering that awaits. There will be the summing up. All the stress and trial, all the apprehension and uncertainty of these times is only to try your spirit, to temper you and fire the steel of your integrity and bring forth the truth of your true nature. When you KNOW that the hand of God is in all things, you will have no fear.
How clear now is all the scripture. "greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world". "If God is for me, who can be against me?" "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him." "The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands." "And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him."
The appearance of these times is the evidence of all the prophecies. Look around you and everywhere people are departed from the guiding light of the love which holds them in place. Not a person, or other living thing can move, or breathe, can think or see or feel, where the power to do so has not been granted by the indwelling everlasting. It is within the all encompassing ineffable that we live and move and have our being. Faith is truly the substance of things unseen and we are defined and rendered self realized if we have placed our faith in The One. Otherwise, I would rather not imagine what the result might be.
We are on the verge of all manner of world shaking transformation. This should be clear enough to anyone who is not wandering in darkness. I sense all manner of things but hesitate to comment further on what I do not know. Time will tell and we shall see.
End Transmission.......
Listening to God in the Morning.


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