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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Feb 2, 2019 - 5:57:24 PM

Jupiter and “Full Inheritance” By Christ Michael and Candace # 78 January 29, 2008
By Christ Michael - Kan Daek (Candace)
Feb 3, 2019 - 5:46:19 PM

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AH- Candace # 2 "

Excerpts from:

Jupiter and “Full Inheritance”
By Christ Michael and Candace
# 78 January 29, 2008

And sadly, ½ of the population in human bodies on this planet does not do that very often while in life. These are the robotoids, the downgraded human DNA that the dark put upon the planet to arrest the process of evolution and keep themselves some slaves. These folks are totally new souls; they don’t have the memory of being tulips, because they have not been so. It is much the same as a clone. They do on occasion get thought adjusters, around 10% of them. Otherwise they return to a special and abnormal group soul and try again, over and over. Many have to be uncreated because they have no concept of God and do the biding of the beast. This will be changed, but that is a topic for another discussion at this point. This is a huge loss to the creation scheme, a great saddening to all to watch.

AH- Candace # 2 -- Page. 136

You have a problem on your planet with the robotoids. These ones were created by the Lucifer scientists in essence, and Lucifer thought he could give them a portion of himself, since he was God as he decided he could be, and he found out to his great horror that he could not do so. That is why he chose to be uncreated; the horror that what he thought possible was not. He could not create souls, but he mostly surely tried to do so. He was given Earth, my seed planet to explore this, since it was already under than hands of galactic forces that had taken it for themselves, and thus we protected the other planets that chose to withdraw from the normal process of creation and the training of new souls. (Meaning the other planets that entered the Lucifer Rebellion).

In general beloveds, the robotoids will never get a father fragment. These are not simply “simple young souls.” Their whole body DNA matrix has been messed with. A few do, but most will not, ever. This is disturbing, but we have a remedy of sorts for it. We will take large numbers of them into a special schooling area on Mansion World #1 and these might be able to spirit fuse with Mother Nebadonia’s spirit, if we can improve upon their minds, for this is a great loss to my universe of progression and the Father.

The ones that do get thought adjusters have generally intermarried with true soul creating DNA. But this is not the most desirable method to improve the DNA because it is still lacking all that should be there, and these ones rarely do as well. The goal is to have everyone arrive some day on Paradise, and these ones make slow progress and have a lazy factor about them, finding comfort in the easy life and not wanting to progress. Ambition is born of the Father beloveds. Many loose their adjusters before the physical life ends, if they get caught up in the warring games.

AH- Candace # 2 -- Page. 236

The ones that don’t get adjustors, but who have made some progress and for which there is some hope will be assisted as described above. In fact we have been collecting them for a time already for this next experiment to see if the situation can be remedied.

These robotics, (sometimes labeled organic portals) don’t have an animal soul to begin with. They don’t have the PUMA, which is my gift to this universe, which the Father has bestowed onto me, as his Creator Son. These ones are merely replicated machines for the most part. They have never been wolves, and the other animals preceding the higher mammals. They have not taken the ascension journey upon this seed planet, through the long evolutionary process. They don’t have this knowledge because they don’t have the PUMA. They don’t have living knowledge prior to their creation, so they must copy others.

And although the churches have wrongly explained it other wise, the dividing right now, as predicted in Revelations, is about healing this planet of this abnormal DNA that doesn’t generate that which exalts the Father. And these ones do not have a soul carrier body and can’t even carry the PUMA soul. It is the PUMA soul that when sufficient mind has developed will “attract” the Thought Adjuster, and eventually fuse with it.

Because they are still living entities, having the spirit of life, otherwise they would not be eating food, it is desired to benefit them as possible. They do generate an astral form, as do all living beings, and thus there is something to “save” after death. But in general in the past, these ones have resided in the very low astral realms of this planet, causing multiple problems. These ones, their astral form, desires to living body and thus they do try to possess individuals or otherwise influence them. It is these ones that have needed your energy and feed off of it, much more than do the other interdimensional forms that your teaching speaks of.

These ones are not sustained by the “zero point” energy that sustains the angels around the planet and throughout the kingdom of heaven. They feed on the emotional energy of those that are living, and they tend to live around those who give out the most energy. Some, of a little higher quality will suck the energy from those of you who read this material, and the lower forms suck the energy found in bars and other negative environments. Living or dead, these ones suck your energy because they don’t have the ability to energize from the higher vibrational energies. In general these ones no longer bother you, because they are periodically cleansed from the planet as they pass this plane.

Their only “value” to the previous owners of this planet was as slaves and the reason the dark rulers need to depopulate the planet with nepharious means is because these robotoids, not having their full inheritance, have little common sense and over reproduce.

Full Inheritance is the gift of the Creator Son and Creator Spirit and it is missing on this planet. The dark ones for eons have combined often machine intelligence with spirit and this never is satisfactory, ever. This does not produce the Father’s faith sons. It will be stopped in this universe of Nebadon, and the plans are ever in place to prevent the furtherance of this that has caused so much darkness in Orvonton. It is these “half” type creations that have caused so much suffering.

Machines also learn to learn, but it must be kept controlled, or it gets out of hand, and it has gotten out of hand. Machine intelligence never does have any sense of morality and

AH- Candace # 2 -- Page. 238

ethics. This has long been an issue here on this planet. Lucifer himself thought maybe machine intelligence could be used to create a higher intelligence in the absence of his ability to do so, and the product of this was truly disastrous. Machine intelligent/spirit combined people must be dealt with, or all creation in this 7th superuniverse will decay. This is why planets are isolated when this occurs, not just because of rebellion. These must be cleansed. There is no other way.

The galactic warring is mostly around this blend of spirit and machine intelligence. There is no sense of responsibility, only greed that consumes everything in its path. And in general these half forms know they can only reproduce by cloning, and they want soul carrier bodies, and hence their work in the earth laboratories trying to create this. This is over; it is not being done now in the bowels of your planet. The robotoid, for the most part is a combination of these “half breed” machine intelligence beings who have had real human genetics inserted, in the effort to create a soul carrier body. This is not possible for them so to do, ever, no matter how long they play in the labs attempting to do so.

Now, as you know, I am using what has been labeled the “grey form” which actually comes in many colors. This is a non reproducing form that allows for stellar space travel when a body is needed by the angelics. It is animated fully by the Descending Son using it. It is my tool right now, which allows me to visit the people of Earth in person. It has characteristics that are very flexible and beyond the capability of the human body. But it is NOT machine intelligence or part machine intelligence. It is created by God’s geneticists.

The dark ones stole of the form, because it is an DNA based form and combined it with machine intelligence, and no Descending Son animates these bodies. They are thus, grey in color. The intelligences using these bodies in a negative way reproduce themselves by cloning and then merely downloading from one brain to another. This is not “reincarnation”. It is the duplication of intelligence, pure duplication and nothing more, nothing less. The entity is not really “duplicated”. This is not “incarnation” of the Father’s Sons.

The real form such as I use is most useful. Those of you old enough to remember Casper the Friendly Ghost, go back to those memories. Basically the angelic android form was taught in the Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons. And there were some unfriendly ghosts if you recall in those cartoons, and these dark ghosts represent the machine intelligence/spirit blended folks that are the misuse of the form. These ones haven’t the identity the Father provides, the personality. It is missing.

Now there are a few, whose blend is somewhat better and these ones have become compassionate and we are going to allow the attempt at the eternal journey. We will given them a human form, place their intelligence into it, by birth, in a special way unknown to you, and we shall see if they can attract a thought adjuster. That “work” will not occur in this seed planet, but elsewhere. This is experimental, and these ones deserve this chance. We spoke of this briefly in message #25 in which I announced who Hatonn was.

AH- Candace # 2 -- Page. 238

I am not in general comfortable with talking about the robotoids, because I know some, we all do, and this is not acceptable that they exist in this depleted condition. All deserve their full inheritance. I do not like the idea whatsoever of robotic people, unless the robot is totally a computerized non-living being. That there are “people” that do not have their full inheritance is extremely saddening to me.
But I will not try to separate them out, because I believe in treating them all in totally humane ways, and I know that the one thing that will help them out, is to be accepting of them, and continue to encourage where it is accepted by each of them, growth of mind. Continue to demonstrate “full inheritance” for them to copy. Creating exceptional schooling on this planet, rather than schooling designed to produce robots would be most helpful. The dark side brings harm also to the souled being also by the current methods of schooling, that do not encourage independent and creative thought.

Remember that all of you who had your soul origins on an evolutionary world, you have been the animals. Please remember and treat all animals with the respect and love they deserve, for you have been them, and they will become you. And in fact, your love of your personal pets and the process of making them family members challenges them to “move up” and desire the human journey. Please set a good example of what a human should be!

They might even obtain a Thought Adjuster; it is possible while still in non human form, but otherwise the angels who handle such maters move them up to experience in human form when the time is right. This is the nature of all the animal PUMA souls, angels move them forward, usually as whole group soul as necessary. These ones on moved into progressively more challenging “animal soul carrier forms” to increase their experience. The purpose of all life, regardless of origin is to grow in knowledge. Remember that Christ Michael himself a Creator Son, is still and always will be, learning. And so does the Father, through his Sons. `

And remember to be a responsible person in your treatment of the planet and all its life forms, because again, you have also been the air, and the tulip. If you are a descending son, experiencing in a human body, or an advanced soul from another world, that body you use currently has been also the air and the tulip and carries the knowledge of the ascending journey on Planet Earth. It is a marvelous library. Care for all that is of God. And all is of God, even the robotoid, because he/she still carries the spirit of life, and how I do hope the plans taking form, will cause the condition of the “full inheritance” of the Father to manifest in these ones in due time.

Ok, I think I have now covered all I wished to in commentary. I had taken down my original piece earlier today, it was incomplete, and added additional commentary and fixed some typo’s and changed the wording in a couple of places for greater clarity. I hope this piece has been useful, and I am getting some positive comments on its original form. If many of you are feeling fatigued again, it is because the energy has increased again. Let your changing body rest as needed, get exercise, and eat properly, all the fresh and least contaminated food you can obtain.

Take care, Candace

AH- Candace # 2 -- Page. 244

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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