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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: May 11, 2020 - 6:46:51 AM

"It's not Elvis, The Pope or President Trump, it is the Cornucopia Candy Store to End all Candy Stores."
By Les Visible
May 11, 2020 - 6:41:50 AM

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May 10th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings my friends! Here is something I added to the last posting in which I excerpted a chapter from Swami Vivekananda's Complete Works; "NETI NETI. In the end... at every point... what you believe to be true becomes true for you because you believed it. You poured life into it. You made it real. We are all God the Creator in a smaller way and we make the things we experience and which we endure. We make what pleases us and gives us pain. WHEN WE LEARN THIS, WE WILL BE FREE AND ALSO, CREATE ONLY WHAT SERVES AND HELPS OTHERS AND WHAT BRINGS JOY AND BLISS. TO OTHERS AND... TO OURSELVES." Sometimes a statement passes through me and gets my attention because I get that shiver sense that it is not something I said but something that got said to and thru me and which I passed on.

fter having read Vivekananda's commentary in the chapter, "The Goal"... my mind started doing its usual digestive actions which, just like real digestion can... make me feel good or... upset my Solar Plexus, feedback on me, leave me in That Gestalt State of something added that is more than the sum of the parts and depending on what effect it had on me, on that depends whether I give it further attention. It suddenly leapt into my mind that the reason I cannot find out who The Man on the Beach was is that The Man on the Beach was myself at a further time. It was me, sent forth for me to encounter and to be activated and awakened. Many times since I met him, this thought has come to mind but I had always dismissed it before. Now it is coming back on me like a spicy Mexican or Italian (arrabbiata) dish that I ate too fast. This is something you have to look out for once the Gall Bladder has gone adios. You learn to chew your food carefully and attentively. You Fletcherize it. The same diligence should apply to mental and spiritual food.
What set this consideration singing in my mind was the result of my having written that passage in the first paragraph about how whatever we think into being becomes real for us. Then I thought about how this possible explanation is true anyway from the perspective of the disciple emulating the master and by degrees, becoming more and more like him, with the progression of time and experience. I remembered all the uncanny events I had read about at one time or another and the truth that God's power is limitless. Anything is possible. If you can think it. You can actualize it. This is what God does all the time. He thinks things into being. He has the idea on the plane of Atziluth, which is the archetypal world. Then the blueprint is manifest in Briah, the creative world. Then it goes to Yetzirah, the formative world; the world of action and materializing processes. Finally the finished item appears in Assiah, the material world. That is the means by which EVERYTHING that gets here, gets here.

So... as I am thinking about this possibility, which has come to mind many times before, but which I shrugged off and dismissed many times before, it starts to ping back and forth in my head, bringing many another memory and former rumination to mind and it becomes more and more something that could have well happened. I might have already attained to the whole enchilada and then... I washed out all of what I had realized, or rather, I compartmentalized it in a secret location, to be discovered later, and then I put myself through this whole misery excursion FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. I've read about this sort of circumstance taking place in Hindu, Sufi and Buddhist lore on a number of occasions. So... it HAS HAPPENED; might not be happening to me BUT... it HAS HAPPENED.

Now I know this is going to set all those self imprisoned dogs in the kennel howling like they haven't in a while because this is just the kind of red meat they look for when seeking to discredit me by any means necessary. There is this perpetual truth that exists in life and has existed since anything like us arrived and started doing all the things we do and THAT IS... there are those who have never put the time and effort into making spiritual experiences happen in their lives and so... they haven't happened and they get really pissed when someone comes around talking about what never happens to them. They are living in their own self created world, without God, because they have usurped the divine and frankly... they aren't very good at it. None of us are. Either you let the spirit of God sing through you or you are left with your own tone-deaf cacophonies.
Doesn't matter. I'm not saying this is what happened. I am saying, it sure explains a lot of things if it did happen, A LOT OF THINGS... if it is true. We ALL send ourselves into the future every day with the things we do and all that we yearn for and desire. We do this ANYWAY. We just don't do it very well because OFTEN what we aspire to is pedestrian and so... that is what we get. Not all of us, but a good many of us.

I've never been a scoffer or a bilious cynic like some amount of characters I encounter, in the process of what I do. For me, it is easy to believe that ANYTHING is possible. Now we come to the next stage of what happened after I started thinking about this; after I started thinking about it, for the first time in any serious way. Some of you know about The Inner Voice. Some of you hear from it just as do I. For some it is rare, for some occasional and for some it is frequent. It increases and intensifies depending on the work one puts into it. You have to make persistent and strenuous efforts and you have to deal with all the blocks and obstacles set in your way to provide evidence of whether you are sincere or not. The insincere drop out after it becomes apparent that it will only get harder, or looks that way to them. The sincere WILL NOT let ANY block or obstacle stop them. The blocks and obstacles are proof to them that what they are after is real. Now... that might not make sense to some of you but it does and did to me.
As I started a deeper consideration of whether or not I 'might' have sent myself into the future, the Inner Voice did a funny thing. Perhaps I should explain a few things about the Inner Voice here, also known as The Voice of the Intuition. It doesn't just speak in words. It speaks in feelings and images and also creates an atmosphere of hunches and sometimes a sense of premonition. What it did when I was thinking about this possibility was it started vibrating. This is what Resonance is and I got and still have a funny feeling about the whole thing.

I have to point out here that ALL OF THE SUBJECTS AND CONDITIONS I TALK ABOUT DID NOT ORIGINATE WITH ME. Prophets, Avatars, illumined entities, saints, sages, and mystics have all presented variations on the themes you hear from me. These are beings at a much higher stage of advancement than myself. THEY ARE WHERE I GOT THESE IDEAS FROM!!! Also... some of what I mention comes from my own experience and NOTHING VALIDATES something like PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I search for these things. I yearn for and desire these states and conditions MORE than anything else in my life and HAVE DONE SO FOR THE MAJORITY OF MY TIME HERE. It makes sense that eventually, I would have corresponding experiences. Some will say, "Yeah? So what? You ain't them!" Really? In fact I am them. I am where they came from. Someone just like me was just like them at an earlier state of their presence here and no matter what stage one may be at, AS LONG AS ONE PERSISTS AND KEEPS THEIR ATTENTION ON THE GOAL, they WILL... THEY WILL get there.

Well... I kinda got sidetracked a little and went into my usual Rah Rah! Thing; cue Jimmy Cliff and you can get it if you really want ♫you'll succeed at last!!!♫ If you want to hear the whole soundtrack, here it is. I don't know how many times I listened to that album but I know it by heart. Hah! I got sidetracked again!!! Anyway... the Inner Voice got all silent but VERY palpable. Now that is no proof of anything but this has happened before and it USUALLY means something. What is means, well... that has been one of the persistent and unexplained dramas of my life.
In the end... I don't really care what the 'misery loves company gang' think. I just wanted to find God and I DID find God. I really did and now I just want more. I am a greedy little pig when it comes to God. It's like being a junkie and I am that. I am a chronic and incurable junkie for the Love of God. One blast and you are hooked and not just in this life. You are hooked forever. I've told this story before but some of you, I'm sure, have not heard it. Once I was at a discourse by Guru Bawa and he was talking about him being a fisherman and how he sets the hook in the mouth of the true believers. He was going on about it and about how he reels them in at some point and all of a sudden I was made aware that I was leaning forward with my mouth open and his hook was in it! AND HE WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME AND SMILING! It was a startling experience. A few years later I got busted in Hawaii and Michael Green went to Bawa and told him about it. Bawa (so I am told) went silent and was seen thinking about it, as if he had looked into the future concerning me and then he said, "Oh... he will be alright. He has just chosen another path." AND... what do you know? Against all odds, cause it had NEVER happened before and hasn't happened since in a courtroom in that state, I WAS ALRIGHT. Be a winner, go with God= Vaya con Dios!
Another time, Bawa looked at my hand. Michael Green was there and a few others, so there are witnesses and he said, "Oh yes! I have read your books, all of them and now you will write books of wisdom." You can imagine the effect that had on me.

So... is it true? I don't know. It could be. In some way, of course it is true and I think you can figure out how that might be. It also doesn't matter, cause I am going to get there no matter what anyway. When, 'no matter what' is your game plan, when 'NO MATTER WHAT' is all there is and there are NO OTHER OPTIONS OR POSSIBILITIES, well... then it is a fait accompli. We've said it here, again and again, these few statements; "If you don't give up, you cannot fail" AND "You just have to want 'it' more than anything else", oh... there are a few others and you've heard them many times. Why do I say them many times? BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE and if you make them your game plan you cannot fail. Keep in mind that this is not a trip to the store. This is a trip to the Cornucopia Candy Store to End all Candy Stores. This is not like meeting Elvis, which in fact I did, several times. This is not like meeting The Pope or President Trump, which I have not done. This is about meeting GOD, so, you have to expect a degree of difficulty and some amount of waiting BUT... What did I say? "If you don't give up, you cannot fail" and what else? "You have to want it more than anything else and PAINS WILL BE TAKEN (all of them your own) to IMPRESS UPON YOU that not everyone need or should apply but EVERYONE who will not give up and wants it more than anything else...WILL GET IT.
End Transmission.......
Today's Song is ♫Who Dwells in Me♫

The Man in the Moon came tumbling down and asked the way to Pocketnet. He went by the South and burned his mouth on a burning Satanic Architect. Pocketnet is just past the signpost up ahead


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