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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"It is in times Like These that One Sees the Sleaze and Hypocrisy of Those Who Create War for Profit."
By Les Visible
Mar 9, 2022 - 5:12:29 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Things happen, then they don't happen. Then they don't happen again. Then they make them up, and it doesn't matter what happened. What matters is what THEY told you happened, when it never happened at all. There have been no updates about Ukraine for a couple of days now. A lot must have happened besides Zelensky yelling out of a window. He looks good in that wife-beater and burgundy ascot. "Zel? You been working out?" Stella!!! ♫Won't you come out tonight♫

The Zelster says he is going to be down at The Squeaky Wheel Cafe in case Vladimir wants to go a few rounds. It seems that Zel was OVERWHELMINGLY elected to... oh! Here it is. He was elected to resolve the conflict in the Eastern Provinces and establish a good working relationship with Russia. That is the basic understanding. He made many promises and he broke them all. He lied to the people he was elected to serve and protect. Then he did an about-face on everything he said to get himself elected.

Putin had no choice. He did make a few mistakes. In his effort to do the right thing and not cause excessive collateral damage, even though the people who REALLY created this situation don't care anyway, he managed to put his troops, and the ease of his mission, at risk.

It is in times like these that one sees the sleaze and hypocrisy of those who create war for profit, and the sheer joy of creating Evil. As I look more deeply into the Trends and Patterns of these times, I see the environments of Brave New World and 1984 being constructed at every level of material culture. What could we possibly do... NOW... without invisible help? They have been at this for a long time now, and when you recall what Albert Pike said in his letter to The Italian about The Three Wars... apparently Pike had some kind of a vision.

One is unlikely to go broke betting on wars to come. War is in the nature of us, and since we seem, en masse, incapable of ending the conflicts within us... they WILL continue without. I subscribe to The Vedas and other Eastern traditions like Sāṅkhya. I am convinced that we are on a wheel of existence and that the changes that occur go through seasons like our yearly seasons. In the springtime of life, the sap runs hot and fluid through the body... through the culture... through Nature itself. In the winter we see whether our efforts in the seasons preceding will serve to sustain us until Spring comes again.

In the beginning phase, there is the greatest light. In the next one, there is still more light than darkness. In the next one, there is more of shadow than light, and in the last segment, there is the greatest darkness. That time of greatest darkness is called Kali Yuga. It is also the time of Judgment and Retribution/Payback. According to traditions that I follow... for Spring to come, for Satya Yuga to come, The Avatar must first appear. It is his appearance that ushers in The Golden Age.

What's your point, visible? My point is that you are at that place where the arrow points to... on the map in the bus kiosk ("you are HERE"). That may be good or bad, I don't know your details (not my department). However... what is also Good or Bad, depending... and which is under your control... is that you can go anywhere from there. You may have good information and you may have bad information, and that will determine the quality of your reception and residence... in whatever place you get yourself to. The information you got, and the manner of processing it, is the determiner, AND... the information, the manner of processing, and all else... has to do with the Karma that took you to that point of looking at that map in that bus kiosk... or sitting by that riverbank... or looking down at The City from your corner office.

There is a Continental Divide that exists between specific people of specific temperament and inclination. Those people are either atheist or faith-based. You believe in God or you do not believe in God and your life unfolds accordingly. For people on the fence, it seems to me that Pascal's Wager is your best bet. Since I am in NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER concerning the existence of God, I don't have to make that wager.

Once you appear here... unless you take certain actions, your course will proceed to whatever coordinates your Desires and Appetites set. There will be some variety at first. Then it will become inflexible routine. You have a choice. You can listen to the liars from The Carnal Nature or you can hear The Truth from The Celestial Realm. Both are within you. The first is easy because it plays upon your Attractive Nature and gives you good reasons to pursue whatever attracts you. Alternatively, you will be faced with the considerations of restraint and self-discipline. In Times of Material Excess, restraint and self-discipline are not the popular choices.

Try to imagine how it actually is. Life has probably already shown you that for everyone like yourself; a free thinker... self-aware... faith-filled, there are, at a minimum, ten thousand Facebook and Instagram zombies, and ten thousand Twitter Twits... endless dreaming particles on a sea of madness. In the marketplaces of The World, you see millions upon millions chasing The Dream. Observation and historical contemplation will show-n-tell you that only so many people get behind the velvet ropes or into the sky-boxes or... backstage; much less on stage.

Some take their vision to the streets and you get the occasional Ed Sheeran. Not even Ed Sheeran wants to be Ed Sheeran. Soon he is going to be even less fond of that. Maybe he's got good lawyers and that will see him through. We know he has deep pockets. One of my favorite, very occasional, things to do, is to go to TMZ or similar and study some major award's photo gallery and look into their eyes inside my mind, while my physiognomy gene kicks in. There are many variants of this, sometimes it's a parade of bimbos on the beach. Sometimes it is about an event. What I mostly see are Desperation and Fear. The desperation of The Life... animates the fear of being beaten out or replaced; not to mention the flesh attrition of the years on their faces.

It is an altogether horrible thing to be a celebrity. First, there are the things you think you have to do, and the things you really do have to do, to become a celebrity (and no stunt is off the table) and then you have to keep your place, and... if possible, move up, move up, move up. Except in rare instances, like an Eastwood or a Streep, your sell-by date expires and you are no longer relevant. This terrifies them.

They keep showing up everywhere at these phony charity mills and product release events from corporations they shill for. Sometimes they own them; seems like everyone has a tequila brand now. Never has The High Life been so high. Never has the difference between ten million, hundreds of millions, and many billions been so great. There is just so much you cannot do with a mere hundred million dollars. Skim Kardashian just bought a plane that cost that much.

Think of the clothes you have to buy and the cost of lodging at St. Barts and Mustique. Consider all those vacation homes, and yachts... the Jet-skis and the Skidoos... the restaurants. I imagine it is a pain in the ass to be rich. Seriously! I am not kidding... and how does it end up for them? What is it you are not told about all that? Their health goes. You don't have to be rich for that to happen, but... it's much worse for the rich because their money is no good. They start getting certain kinds of visits toward the end. It's no fun. They sell it as fun but the truth of it stays hidden. No one wants to believe it anyway They all hope to get hit by lightning. Never mind... there is nothing anyone can say. Even with all the costs incurred, they want it again, and they want it never to end.

It would be so much simpler going to God in the first place. He controls it all, but... people don't seem to get this. Right... it goes back to The Atheists and The Faith-based thing. Then there are all the parrots, the ones who quote scripture like everyone else is going to enjoy it for the six thousandth time. Empty hearts can ONLY provide empty words. Ten people can say the same thing, but the ring of authenticity is the arbiter of its credibility. First, they lie to themselves and then they lie to you. They will lie to you KNOWING that you know they are lying. Never mind about what everyone else gets up to. Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

I am never promoting links. I am not doing this. I am providing windows into mindsets that the reader can judge for themselves. I don't care for most of the sites I link here. They are mostly ALL a pack of liars, with some exceptions, BUT... sometimes they reveal things in what they do and do not say. I trust that you will understand what I am getting at most of the time.

Some links=

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As mentioned in the post=



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