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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 - 5:26:20 PM

"It is a Truly Strong Individual that can Ride These Forces Instead of Being Driven by Them."
By Les Visible
Nov 20, 2021 - 4:59:15 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is not a whole lot that is different that happens here, even over great spans of time. The instruments used and the conditions created may vary from crude to very fine, however... people's treatment of one another can transform rapidly when anyone doesn't get their way, depending on the degree of moral relativism in the atmosphere. Then the weapons are more surgical and... inventive

THEY... are trying to take over The World. That is their big mistake. NO ONE is allowed to take over The World. It NEVER happens. So now it only remains to be seen how Mr. Apocalypse intends to take them down, once the blueprint gets to him from above... or within, as you prefer. Yes... my friends, you can give up your dire and dreadful dreams of The World as a concentration camp. You can just let go of your fears that the zombies, being armed by The Usual Suspects, are going to break down your door. Bad things... really bad things will take place where the stage for that has been erected. It will not even come over the horizon line in other places, and they don't have enough fingers for all the holes in their dikes. They will be swept away in a flood of their own design.

I should point out that there is no cohesive THEY. There is a loose association that exists between them, similar to what you find in criminal organizations. This is fitting because they are almost all criminal organizations anyway. Think about all those alphabet agencies... CIA... NSA... FBI... In its own category is... The Vatican, and the exclusive clubs; The Masonic Hierarchy... The Club of Rome... The Trilateral Commission... The Committee of 300... Bilderberg... Davos... Bohemian Grove... The (nudge nudge wink wink) Illuminati... There are many others.

Some will say they are all part of the same club. In a single sense, this is true because ALL of them are under the sway of The Prince of Darkness (he has many names). Otherwise, they are only loosely affiliated and in competition with each other. The Prince of Darkness sows dissension, even among his own. You have to get away from the idea that he is some independent entity out there doing his thing. He has a commission from Heaven to do what he does. Otherwise, he doesn't do it. Otherwise, he can't do it. Even now there are places he can't do anything at all; certain human hearts and minds are invulnerable to him, certain locations as well

There is ONLY ONE source of power. There is ONLY ONE ruler over all. He has more than one name also. Within your choices is the one choice of the greatest importance. Do you serve The Light or do you serve The Darkness? Then you can find a version that suits your speed and abilities and... God willing... you will improve and evolve beyond the petty disputations that go on in the marketplace. You will be able to marry Love and Wisdom and see The Unveiled Truth.

"Anything you need to know, just ask me." You've heard people say that, right? There is a department in the Supernal Realm that loves to hear things like that. They get in touch with their opposite numbers in the under realm and draw up a Purpose of Demonstration scenario for the man or woman who said that so that they can find out that they do not know what they think they know. This life-cycling is an all-inclusive trip. Some would call it immersive, the Spirit exploring Matter. It can go on for a REALLY long time or... you could get off the loop. That is seldom easy, even in the best of times, BUT... as long as one realizes they cannot make it on their own, much of the difficulty goes away. A competent guide steps in.

What MOST people don't get is that every move they make is witnessed and has an echo in the conscious fabric of real-time Karma. IT RESPONDS. Surely you know that Nature responds to you? You get from her exactly what you give her, and it is as poorly or as sharply designed as your imagination made it. SHE is what brings your thoughts into being and clothes them in garments that allow them to be seen

There are 3 woven strands that interpenetrate the whole of manifest existence. In India, they are called The 3 Gunas. In the Western Tradition we use the elements Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt, which can be understood to mean, Intelligence, Passion, and Inertia; meaning the same thing said another way, which is the source of much of the confusion out of Singularity and Unity in this world. The 3 Gunas amount to the same thing, though they add a lot more detail to cover all the variations you see out there.

We are present as a vehicle through which unique combinations of astrological forces are expressed. Here it is, on this stage of demonstration, that the whole scripted drama plays out, and it is a truly strong individual that can ride these forces instead of being driven by them, especially in times like these. People have had it soft and have lost their steel. This is what happens when attention is not paid to eternal vigilance being the price of Liberty. Things like this happen when you fall asleep, and that usually happens because you are satiated with all the good things in life.

Relative Good and Relative Evil. I watch them dance through The World, doing the old doe see doe, switch your partners, spin them round. At the moment, this Prince of Darkness, known by many other names, and who ALSO appears in human form, as himself or one of his minions, has put his shoulder to the wheel. This is one of the big moments of transition so... there is lots of action hither and yon. It doesn't concern you unless it concerns you. Is there such a thing as a Triple Entendre? That last sentence would apply.

So... there is a school of thought, maybe more than one, for all I know, which says that according to arcane science, there are twelve pure personality types (you seldom if ever get one though) which can be subdivided into three sections or decanates. So... the whole world is populated by 36 subsets of Personality in a very intricate proliferation across Time and Space. Depending on the particular relationships of the planets at any given time, some personalities do better than others, and that changes, and changes again. HOWEVER... if you are not operating out of your personality, you can harmoniously reflect impersonal love wherever you may be.

Not everyone is in conflict with each other in the wider world. Not everyone is in conflict with themselves, which is what brings the other about. What is taking place in The World at this time is for The Purpose of Demonstration. All over The World, those with a common destiny are gathered with the rest of the players in those locations where whatever the drama may be... is played out.

Surely you can see the storm coming? There is a war of ideals taking place and some of life's most persistent villains are pushing certain tedious ideologies that led to mostly mass murder the last time they were set loose. They WILL NOT prevail, but it might get a tad dicey here and there. I don't know what's on the menu. The Prince of Peace could come down out of the Heavens, while simultaneously rising in the human heart, and a time of Universal Brotherhood could come into being. Conversely... cities could be set aflame in a more wide-ranging display than was seen last year. World War could occur. We've had Pestilence, though it was a false one. Famine is another string they pull. MEANWHILE, it is ALWAYS... and Eternally... and Forever under the control of The Most High.

People delude themselves about all sorts of things, and when The Personality is in charge, Reason and Logic can go right out the door. The ancient conspiracy of The Mind is to intrigue and scheme, and walk in whatever way is necessary to get what it is after. Of course... there are laws, especially unwritten laws that cover everything The Mind tries to get up to. It can be a VERY useful friend and a powerful ally as well, or a dangerous enemy, IF... an understanding is not reached about who is in charge.

Yeah... I don't know what shape it is going to take. It will probably take every possible shape... somewhere. HOWEVER... The World outside ALWAYS depends on The World within, if the one abiding in The World within is conscious of that; even if it is not conscious, it still does so, but the outcome might be less than ideal.

It is important to remember that this is all a magic show. The object is to get your attention, and then to deceive you. Most modern business techniques depend on this. Everything is an advertisement for the thing that is missing within, which isn't even missing. It's simply misplaced or mislabeled. THEY promise you everything. None of it is in their possession to begin with. This is one thing I do know because I found the thing they promise to deliver and cannot provide. I had it with me all along.

End Transmission.......

I think I have some links. I'll have to check and... if there are any you will find them below=


Here is one more big not a surprise from the vaccines=

Mr. Apocalypse is coming for all sorts of people now. It's sort of a reverse on what they have been pulling on everyone else. Astroworld now has a 2 billion dollar class action suit that purports to represent 280 clients. Yikes!!!

As I said... all kinds of people=



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