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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"It is a Dream, a Nightmare. It is a Glistening Dream Web to Which We are all Attached by Karma."
By Les Visible
Jan 20, 2022 - 5:21:55 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

They are saying that 5G rolls out tonight. Reference is made in the links below. As I look out upon The World through my virtual window I see mounting problems, fed by Satanic instrumentation and instruments. Let us see what outfits the Shadows of Fear are wearing today; war in Ukraine, COVID-COVID-COVID, killer vaccines, lockdowns, imported crime through open borders, courtesy of The Usual Suspects, Wild West conditions on urban streets, race hatred, courtesy of The Usual Suspects, rampant sexual perversity and the despoliation of Innocence, also courtesy of The Usual Suspects AND... the destruction of the education system, courtesy of The Usual Suspects AND... emergent Communism, courtesy of The Usual Suspects.

You can say, well... visible, what about The Deep State? What about threats from abroad? What about Doritos Flame Chips, for that matter? You can see menacing specters in whatever direction you turn. The Fear has been turned up to 11 on the Marshall Amp; the amazing monster paranoid machine is transmutating daylight into dreams. He's hiding in the curtain, but no one's really certain... why he doesn't want his amplifier seen. I guess it all comes down to the way you look at it.

Attitude has a palpable impact on the way events and conditions affect us. Attitude and Intention are among the most important features impacting on our perspectives, AND... our continuing well-being. There are a great many subtleties concerning whether the glass is half-full or half-empty, but we don't usually hear about them. There is what we know, and what we don't know. Our confusion comes about through too much emphasis on the former. We don't know anywhere near what we think we do. As scripture says, "Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked." (I'm guessing that is rhetorical so there is no question mark to be employed at the end of the sentence).

The World is filled with the 'eat drink and be merry' crowd. They never miss an opportunity when Material Culture floods the land. They are the ones who will tell you, "Hey, you only live once." I guess that puts an end to that First Law of Thermodynamics. What I do... what I do, usually... is to take those principles and laws from the essential first posture of the science, and extrapolate out into ramifications and possibilities, be they empirical, physical, metaphysical. It can be amazing AND astounding what one might come upon in the simple act of pondering (as opposed to pandering). Yeah, sometimes I am too cute for my own good.

The snake has probably swallowed his tail enough this morning so I expect him to slither away now and rest up after his surprisingly nutritious and satisfying meal. Will there be leftovers? Some might well ask. Yes... there will be leftovers. Nothing is wasted.

I know how it looks. It looks pretty much the way THEY want it to look. THEY seek to intimidate the whole of us through manipulated fear. Here... now... I wish to address the real core issue of existence AS IT IS... not as it appears. The whole of it is a staged drama. There is the appearance of Good and Evil, and then there are the consequences that compose the results of Action and Reaction. It is all a dream. Yes! That is what it is, as simple as it can be put. It is a masquerade ball. It is a nightmare. It is a glistening dream web to which we are all attached by Karma. Some of us are deeply woven into the fabric of The Dream. We have woven ourselves into it in pursuit of what is not there.

And it is ALL under control, the good, the evil, the stupid, and the smart. It is all under control so... what are you worrying about? Some have good reason to worry but are not smart enough to consider it; time's a wasting!

There is a dream and it is a dream in the mind of God, who is SLEEPING, and dreaming all that Maya produces from her spinning wheel. It is Desire that turns that spinning wheel. Cease to Desire and your suffering will end. It IS that simple. You may not want to hear it. You may find this dissatisfying since you have all those unsatisfied desires. Lao Tzu says that you should 'cut back on senseless craving.' Jesus Christ said to "seek ye first The Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you."

It is not that Desire is wrong because Desire is the agent of God's Will. It is that your Desire is misplaced... misdirected... impure, and so? It results in Suffering. Surely ANYONE can see this is true if they so choose, BUT... WHERE'S MY UPSIDE??? I assure you The Kingdom of God is ALL the upside you will EVER need. It just isn't enough for most of us; it doesn't appear real (what? And everything else does?). It feels too far away. No one else is doing it.

The whole of your life can be viewed through the lens of your Desire. Are you happy with your results until now? Are you satisfied and filled with peace? Do you feel the call for higher states of being or... are you still on that scavenger hunt with your shopping list? We've all made some kind of a mess of our lives. Some have made a larger mess. Some have made a smaller mess. This is because we do not know what we are doing. Desire sets the motivation. The World is a glueboard. Desire is an adhesive.

The desires of your heart and mind attract entities that you can't see and they follow you around like a pack of hyena and jackals that follow a lion. If your desires are high-minded you will be attended by a better class of entities. If your desires are low, you will have friends in low places, where no friends are to be found. People don't want to hear answers like this. They are certain that their problems are caused by others. The Victim Game, created by The Usual Suspects, is the hottest attraction going. Look at how contemporary humanity is portrayed in The Media... Big Tech, and every other lunatic portal presently stamping its foot and screaming for attention. We are made to look like flagons of Vanity drained by demons.

Angels... demons? It is all a matter of perception. Are you Spiritual or Carnal? Are you Fear or Faith-based? Are you possessed of Certitude or uncertainty? If your life is not going as you wish it would, change your course. You can get guidance from angels or demons, depending on your perceptions, formed from your desires. The image of the demon conceals the angel. Your desires and intentions determine which it is that you see. Sooner or later you are going to throw yourself upon the mercy of Heaven. Sooner or later you will come to see where your own efforts have led you. You are EITHER in concert with Heaven or in a dissonant relationship. Your resistance WILL BE worn away by the love of God... eventually. You can expedite the matter.

The spirit of God, the actual essential being of God... is within you. You can access this. Every move you make is made possible by The Indwelling. You couldn't move otherwise. You wouldn't be. You wouldn't breathe, laugh or cry, without The Spirit of God Within. You are in a wrestling match with your lower nature. The stage is set for your present conflict by your Karma. As it plays out, so will your life follow suit. In the mechanical dance of Karma in life, certain events and conditions are fixed, BUT... are they? Are they?

Think of God as a financial planner. Think of God as a life coach. Think of God as an elder sibling. Think of God as an architect. Think of God as the one who keeps messing up your life. He is all of these and much, much, much more and he is RIGHT THERE inside you. You can reach him. You can talk to him. Why don't you? All the masters, teachers, prophets, sages, yogis, and true mystics are in accord about this. Who is telling you otherwise? Ah... right.

It is as simple as a bowl of porridge to me but... I can't talk about it directly. There is some sort of cosmic law about this. It can't be spoken. It can be transmitted. So... much of what I say is not going to make sense to many because I am not saying what I am trying to say. I am doing my best, but... it's not enough. If you are actually looking for it, sincerely, because it is of compelling interest to you, you will sorta see what I am sorta talking about.

Your Karma DOES NOT have to continue as it is. You can change it. God is known to give out loans from his Spiritual Bank. You apparently have no idea of what God is capable of and willing to do for those whom he loves... that being us. Ask him to fix your life. He will. I speak from direct experience. I am saying what I am saying today because the whole Circus Absurd is about to go a few more steps into The Ridiculous and Strange. God knows exactly where you are right now. He is accessible. To a sincere and contrite heart... God is all ears. Here's the kicker. He REALLY wants to help us. He is so ready to do this, but... we apparently have no great interest. You're going to go to him sooner or later once it goes South on you, might as well go to him now and get squared away.

People... God is Love. What are the implications of that? Hmm... the love is conscious too. I don't know about you but that sets my mind flying through the cosmos with possibilities. It is not as bad as you might think. Sure... in some places it will be, it is... horrid, but... we are in a new age. There is a new consciousness, a new template, a new atmosphere. EVERYTHING is going to change.

End Transmission.......

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California Weighs Doubling Taxes to Pay For Single-Payer Health Care System That Would Cover All Illegal Aliens

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Florida jogger used martial arts to fight off attacker who wanted his body for 'fantasies'

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Mark Crispin Miller Via The Truthseeker
5G for thee=
5G Launches Across the U.S.A., TONIGHT



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