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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"It is VERY HARD to Talk About What CAN'T Be Talked About."
By Les Visible
Sep 28, 2020 - 6:22:29 AM

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September 27th 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I have been pondering a specific concern. It is a concern shared by ALL OF US. The only ones not sharing this concern are the ones who don't have this concern; the few. ALL OF US, whether consciously or subconsciously, are trying to address this concern one way or another. It is the thing that gets between us and SERENITY... or... FULFILLMENT... or... there are many different words that we use, according to whatever it is we are after, that is denied us. For those seeking a remedy to some material gain, I can't help you. Seeking any kind of material gain is a larger part of the problem. The good news, or bad news, depending on whether you have acquired this material concern or not, is that YOU WILL GET IT but it will NOT make you happy. That is the good news and the bad news.

I am not here to tell you not to enjoy material life. I am here to share what I have been taught about how to enjoy material life and not become enslaved by it. The answers I am going to give you will not be something you haven't heard before BUT... how you comprehend it this time; how you take it now, will have EVERYTHING to do with it finally working for you.

All of us who are plagued with dissatisfaction, suffer to the DEGREE that we are dissatisfied. The only ones not suffering from this are those who are not dissatisfied and how you arrive at that state is dependent on your UNDERSTANDING. A fundamental problem here is that many people REFUSE to accept what is true because it interferes with their desires.

Why is it, do you think, that God appears to be at a distance from us? There is the Will of God and there is the illusion of your will. There is only one will and each of us borrows from that will to exercise our imperatives upon life. As far as your will goes, there are ONLY two options. You can be in accord with The Will of God, or you can oppose it. This tends to confuse most people. Does this mean that all of the pleasures of life are to be denied to me? Not at all. In every life there are those items and conditions that are apportioned to you BUT... the sad truth is that none of these, those apportioned to us and those we struggle to obtain are going to give us SATISFACTION... SERENITY or FULFILLMENT. In the beginning, perhaps, and... THERE ARE THOSE, of a particular temperament, who seek nothing more than material gain and all the transitory and ephemeral joys that this world has to offer. They represent that portion of the sentient world that provides a contrast to The Seeker. EVERYTHING is permitted, one has ONLY to be willing to pay the freight.

As you can see, I have already swung into a boilerplate treatise on the matter and if I were not stopped or did not stop myself, I could go on and on and on and NEVER get to the end and that would leave the reader DISSATISFIED so... let us cut to the proverbial chase.

The whole matter can be simplified, beyond belief in some cases. Within each of us there resides an entity who is in possession of all knowledge, all power, and limitless bliss; Existence Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, and Bliss Absolute. What I am saying here is not, yadda, yadda- I've heard it all before. We're going to try a different approach. We are going to present a workable solution BUT... it is going to fall on deaf ears in most cases because it takes a SINGULAR MIND to employ it. I am NOT implying here that you have to be in some sort of special club, or "some got it some don't". When I say SINGULAR MIND, I mean a mind that is singly focused and MOST PEOPLE just don't want to go through the trouble. They 'think' that they are going to miss out on something and it does look like that in the beginning; perhaps to dissuade the dilettantes.

The fact is you get The Whole Shebang. This is because that entity who is within is The Supreme Enjoyer. Why would he be called that if it did not apply? AND... how is The Supreme Enjoyer supposed to enjoy? The only body he has available is OURS. We are his hands as well. That is how he gets things done in this world, through us and his angels, who also work through us, BUT... not entirely as they are responsible for all manner of things. It would pay great dividends for a person to study the ranks of angels and what they do (this is a limited synopsis but it will do to provoke thought). I actually prefer this assessment because I feel that this church is still somewhat in tune, in terms of doctrine BUT... I am 'getting off the point again'.

There has been a compelling reason for everything that gets said here and the question you need to ask about me is not, "Does he know what he is talking about?" The question should be, "What is the source of his information? Is his source trustworthy?" That is all that counts, not whether I know anything because I don't. I ONLY know what I am permitted to know. Due to what informs me, I share what comes to me.

You can read every relevant book available. I have read many of them. You can perform all manner of disciplines and austerities. I have done this also. It doesn't matter what you think you know and it doesn't matter how hard you try. The soft center of the chocolate is ONLY reached through GRACE. God has his representatives on Earth and I was EXTREMELY fortunate to have met one. It has been a longstanding tradition with God to employ the simple and the crazy for certain tasks. This is because IT is SIMPLE and because IT goes beyond the Rational Mind. Everyone who SINCERELY wishes to serve is permitted to serve, according to their temperament and ability.

You HAVE TO meet someone in order to proceed beyond a certain point. In order to meet that someone, you have to earn the right. You earn the right by demonstrating certain qualities. None of us are unobserved. The moment you begin to shine at a certain frequency you are spotted, unless a date was set previously, based on Karmic achievements earlier on, in past lives. Once again I am still saying the same things I have said before, in earlier times. This is to show how DIFFICULT it is to convey a thought that is so simple.

Within you is the sense of two different beings. Sometimes you are at peace with yourself and sometimes you are at war with yourself and for those of us, the sort of person who would read this sort of thing, we are ALWAYS looking for answers. We know the answers are to be found, BUT all the books and videos and recordings still, mostly... leave us as the same person we read, or saw, or heard them.

There is, LITERALLY, a consciousness within that KNOWS EVERYTHING and has the solution to EVERY problem. However, even when we know this to be true, we fall back, again and again, and again upon our own resources. FOR SOME REASON, we don't get the SIMPLE answer to ALL of our problems and that is to leave them in the hands of The Divine. We know this. We have been told this over and over. We have told ourselves over and over BUT... FOR SOME REASON, we can't seem to get past the negative reflex action. This is where the WORK comes in and it is work... even though the secret is NOT to work. It is a TRICK OF THE MIND. I know some portion of this because I am NOW engaged in it ALL THE TIME. It wasn't always the case. There was a lot of SHIT I had to get out of the way first, BUT... if you are sincere and DETERMINED, that which is WITHIN YOU will come to your aid. It will come even when you are NOT so engaged.

The REASON we go through so much struggle is because our resistance is AGAINST our own freedom. We imagine not but it is so. We work counter to our own best interests and we are put through everything we experience, to WAKE US UP. You have the supreme good fortune (although it doesn't exist in that fashion because there are NO ACCIDENTS in Nature or in ourselves) to be present in this Grand Apocalypse, where a FORCE OF AWAKENING is in action, and it has only JUST BEGUN. The most critical thing for you, at this juncture, is in HOW you respond, BECAUSE... except in rare cases, we RESIST this awakening. We may not CONSCIOUSLY wish to resist but we do and that is something we should make ourselves aware of and we can ONLY accomplish that by a surrender to The Divine; a LITERAL giving up. Keep in mind that you WILL be brought to this state at some point NO MATTER WHAT. Why not go willingly ahead of time?

We are ALL at some degree of self-imposed separation from the supreme goal of all life and that is ETERNAL LIBERTY. Close within us, closer than we can imagine we are to ourselves, is an everlasting being that is our own real self. We have ONLY to merge into it and it will neutralize everything that is extraneous and interfering until IT is ALL that remains.

All those systems of Yoga and Meditation, Prayer, and Ceremonies, you name it, someone has tried it. Some of these systems have endured for millennia. This is because they work. There is another way though and it is SPEEDY for the dedicated and energetic. All it requires is ALL of you. You are ASSISTED in this, though one may often be unaware of it. This is where FAITH comes in and ONCE AGAIN, we MUST STRESS the need to acquire, Faith, Certitude, and Determination. These are your ticket, your passport, and the conveyance.

I cannot express how important it is to be attentive NOW. I am going to give you a very powerful and useful technique, courtesy of Master Aivanhov. The Moon is waxing these days. Go outside in the evening, when you can see The Moon and raise your right hand, directed at The Moon and state, "As this moon waxes, so does my Faith, Certitude, and Determination." You say this 3 times. You can also state anything you want that you wish to increase. Conversely, when The Moon is waning, You state 3 times, with right arm raised to The Moon, whatever you wish to be diminished in you. Be clear and succinct and commanding. Speak it as a REALITY. I have embellished what Master Aivanhov described.

As you can see, I was unable to transmit, with any clarity, the information I set out to convey, when I began writing this. I talked all around it. HOWEVER, there is enough to serve as an INDICATION of intent. The books and all the rituals and practices serve their purpose, but THEY FALL SHORT and just as often confuse and complicate the matter. ALL one has to do is to RECOGNIZE that there is a presence that is Indwelling. Accept that that presence is your REAL SELF and endeavor to PERMIT it to exist and express without hindrance. This is the TOTAL of ALL one needs to do and LOVE is the medium by which it exists and expresses. Nothing more needs to be known or done. I hope this is useful though I wish it were more precise. It is VERY hard to talk about what can't be talked about.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is; ♫Right Thru My Heart♫

Parler is hard to get to. Makes you wonder how I was able to do so (grin). Anyway, should you suddenly get the urge to go there, this is where you TRY to go.

As I have said, Pocketnet keeps getting better as a source for more detailed and truthful commentary. As we enter into the crisis period before the election, it's a good place to discover what you are unlikely to discover anywhere else. Pocketnet is accessed by clicking on this link. Then you click on All Posts at the top of the page.


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