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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 7, 2021 - 7:49:08 AM

"It is Sort of Like Teaching Scalded Cats to Jump Through Hoops of Fire."
By Les Visible
Jul 7, 2021 - 7:45:25 AM

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July 6th 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What a farce of a production it all is! I often think of Grand Guignol when I think of present-day dramas and their Potential... Who could have imagined, in the midst of plenty that there would be such a coalition of desperate characters as we have? They are so desperate for attention. They press toward the stage and trample those who stand between them and a few moments of pedestrian fame. They are unaware of who they are and they are unaware of what they do. MEANWHILE... circumstances are being arranged to make it possible for them to know who they are and what they do.

I constantly forget that there is a great difference between some of us and the rest of us. Those of us who KNOW that God is REAL and Present have a different view of world conditions, AND of ourselves. Those who KNOW are under an obligation to Heaven to inform their fellows, sort of like teaching scalded cats to jump through fire hoops. I have found that there are many methods one has the use of between the parameters of soapbox oration and Telepathy, between making a public spectacle of yourself and setting a good example that needs no obvious display.

Once you realize that God is the ALL in ALL and CONSCIOUSLY PRESENT, your problems are over, but your challenges are not. You have to want it VERY BADLY or it will not come, meaning God however you may understand him or her. The THEY and THEM crowd are with LEGION in another location.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT... CRITICAL aspects of conscious existence is being able TO KNOW that appearances are deceiving, and really know this VICERALLY, not intellectually. When you know that the reports of your senses are ONLY a partial reading of WHAT IS, you are in a position to BE INFORMED of what you cannot see or hear or are interpreting as something other than what it is. In this brief and sideways exposition are hidden profound possibilities. We can only say so much because our talents are not equal to the task of LITERAL truth-speaking, ONLY the True Initiates can do this, and even when they do they OFTEN do it through someone else who has been made fit to answer the challenge; Alice Bailey, for instance, and... there are many others. The Initiates of The Great Brotherhood of Light choose those of us who demonstrate the necessary attributes and use us accordingly. Let all who read and comprehend this here take note of it.

If you have given your mind, your heart, your hands, and The Will in you... to the purposes and pursuits of The Heavenly Fellowship, you WILL BE in that Fellowship. We are taken by stages to ever greater levels of awareness, to the extent that we can bear the weight of it. Remember what Christ said about drawing all men unto him? Imagine the spiritual force and focus that this would demand!

If you can just remember to give God the Glory and to diminish your personality you will be okay. Pride INDEED goes before a fall. Then there are the 3 doors that you must ALWAYS pass by; Lust, Anger, and Greed are the doors. Do not enter them. Given how hard it is to be consistent at this, I would say that God is both merciful and patient and truly forgiving. We get away with a lot in the name of experience. If we serve as we go it will never mind or matter. I recognize that that is a strange sentence, but I know what I meant (grin).

My dear friends, I am at pains in this time to avoid fearful projections and the specter of calamity which is very much in the neighborhood. NOTHING matters but your relationship with The Divine. EVERYTHING ELSE is peripheral and incidental to the primary drive to union with The Supernal Being. God is as important as we make him, and... he responds in a certain fashion to those who are lovers of God. When a seeker has discovered the important elements of this relationship, there are NO LIMITS...none.

God is living, conscious, and eternal light, with varying densities deeper into the light. No mortal goes beyond a certain point and remains mortal. Think of the wilderness of the spirit and the weeping and gnashing of teeth for those who have sentenced themselves to darkness. There is no joy there. There is no love, there is no communion or happiness there. WHY? Why would people subject themselves to the sorrow and despair of being cut off from God? Are they REALLY cut off from God? Many of them think so. They believe it gives them an advantage in their mischief. It does not. Often... offenders believe that if they are not caught out HERE, then there is no penalty for their crimes. Time and circumstances will disabuse them of this thinking, I ASSURE you.

The words in the Bible about seeing through a glass darkly are TRUE. This is why we move by Faith as much as anything, and why Certitude and Determination are so important, and... my dear friends these are serious weapons and defenses against the quagmires and tangled vines in our passage. Lao Tzu once said that "Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead." Whoomp!!! People do not see Virtue as a weapon or a defense. I ASSURE you that it is, and that Virtue is composed of a range of qualities, which are reflections of The Qualities of God. Vice... on the other hand is ALWAYS a liability on SO MANY LEVELS. Still... in Times of Material Darkness this is the way of it.

When you measure yourself by The Personality, if you are honest, then you see its many limitations and failings. When you measure yourself by The Individuality there is a lot to feel confident and inspired about. This is The Deity of your Higher Nature walking around in your shoes. It comes by increments and degrees. One HAS TO BE in for The Long Haul. One has to be fixed in their attention upon a distant star that is shining within. As the clutter and confusion are burned away, one can see more clearly through that darkened glass, because... what is it that darkens the glass? That is (SHOULD BE) cause for reflection.

The Light of God is within us. We could not live and breathe, nor be animate otherwise. In this time of Materialism the mind of humanity is turned to externalities It is turned AWAY from that distant star. It takes a conscious act of will to turn the attention inward and most especially... to keep it there.

The Good News is that God IS PRESENT, whether you have achieved a dialogue with Heaven or not, is not the important thing, BECAUSE they are ALWAYS listening on the other end, and just because you don't hear anything does not mean the agents of light are absent. They are VERY MUCH present. I went for decades without a dialogue except when I was psychedelicized. It was only in the last ten years that the back and forth has appeared, AND... with the passage of time and events become more frequent in the visitations. This is not something one achieves at a New Age Processing Plant, over the course of 3 weekends, with a four-day intensive at the end. It DOES NOT work like that.

It amuses me no end to see these self-acknowledged yogic experts that also consider themselves Tantric Masters. For some reason, a lot of them come from Germany. I have traveled incognito (heh heh... no one knows who I am anyway, including me.) to New Age hotspots and ecstatic dance sessions. If you have not done this, you do not know just how far out these people can get. Anyway... no yoga is harder to learn than Tantric Yoga and you MUST HAVE a qualified teacher, of which there are MAYBE 3 on the planet. It takes an entire lifetime to grasp only the basics. It is, I ASSURE you, the product of several lifetimes of absolute commitment to get to any significant point of UNDERSTANDING. You CAN learn this, but you had better be in for the whole routine. The level of commitment that is demanded is GREAT.

I am sure there are people in and around The New Age who are sincere and well-intentioned, but the basic drive of all of these operations is MATERIAL PROFIT! This is what I have seen and I've seen no exceptions, it all been full-color glossy brochures and promises made of dust. I have found the same in ashrams and churches of various denominations. These are not the best of times to hide thee away to a nunnery/monastery. I'd be there now if that was in the cards. I tried to join The Trappists when I was young ♫ the hills are alive ♫ If I had known that they automatically refused you twice (I applied twice) and then took you on probational terms, I might still be there AND... still be on probation.

I keep wanting to say, It will be alright. but I do not know that, and in some cases it is DEFINITELY not going to be alright; BUT... for some reason, I am filled with optimism and calm. Here is something by Beethoven; They culminate in the symphony with human voices, the ninth symphony, in which the equilibrium between mind and heart or the "Chymical Wedding" ritual, where the Christ Within - the Adept - is born ("consumatun est"). Johan Herde speaks of Beethoven as "... God acts on earth through evolved men..." and Beethoven speaks of himself as "... I do not have friends, that is why I must live alone, but I know from the deepest of my heart, that God is closer to me than to others. I come close to Him without fear, because I have always known Him...". Oh yeah... you know, I kind of suspected that about him.

I once heard that Bach composed symphonies about the majesty of God as God, and that Beethoven composed symphonies about the majesty of God in man. I may not have the statement right, nor remember where I got it but I think the point gets made.

End Transmission.......

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Here's something about The Great Reset

And more vaccine outrages-
Via GreenMedInfo
Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 11,000 in Ages 12 to 17 Following COVID Vaccines

According to; "the average electric car uses 30 kilowatt hours to travel a hundred miles. That's the same amount an average American home uses per day. As California shifts to electric cars to reduce carbon emissions, it's having an impact on the state's power grid, and the demand is only expected to increase." I'm guessing that you, the reader, can do the math on this.

Fonzie hits the jukebox and Flight of the Valkeries begins to play
Via Breitbart
Actor Henry Winkler: We Need a ‘Cataclysmic Event' to Bring the U.S. Back Together

Chalk one up for the good guys-
Via The Washington Examiner
Tennessee mayor powerless to remove 'vile' anti-Biden flag


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