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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Sep 16, 2021 - 6:14:28 AM

"It is SIMPLE. Aspire to a Higher Love or Make Your Bed a Tableau of what You Think You Want."
By Les Visible
Sep 16, 2021 - 6:11:10 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've always had invisible friends. All of us trail entities in our wake. They reflect the appetites and desires we engage in and radiate. It is the company we keep. Eventually, our appetites and desires shape our appearance. It is here that Metaphysical Phrenology appears as a psychic, telephoto lens to capture the life forms that feed on and through us. One would be helped in a big way by knowing what a Hungry Ghost is. The term comes out of Buddhist tradition.

Those aspects of Christian tradition are mostly expressed in art, like the writings of Dante and the paintings of Bosch. Their scriptures are woefully lacking in details, though you can find much in a study of Christian esoterica and occult treatises. Traditional Christianity is more of a paint-by-numbers, Dick and Jane effort. It's been whitewashed of specifics on the invisible worlds because brainwashing is a big part of the Christian and Muslim religions. If you want to see where they got their original schematic, you have to go to the Hindu and Buddhist lore.

Some agenda got to the Christian religion early on. Speaking with my inner teacher yesterday, I was told that none of it really matters. Those who act as shepherds and protectors of Humanity made sure that the timeless aspects of The Master's Teachings remained in The New Testament. There is enough there to follow the bread crumbs.

Even though it is all there in The Vedic Tradition, the rank and file Hindus are pretty perfunctory and routine about their rituals. There are a great many statues and ornamentation, BUT... if one knew HOW to look at it, all that is needed to understand the system are The Lingam and the Yoni Touchstone. THE REASON that the more esoteric aspects of spiritual truth are hidden from the general public is because it is ALL about SEX. The General Public is largely profane when it comes to understanding the spiritual implications of SEX. They would be outraged to hear it. Who says you can't get Irony and Hypocrisy in the same room?

You don't learn the deeper meanings of the sexual dynamic until you are prepared to hear them. You have to be beyond the potential to fall into The Dark Splendor. Sometimes one is not prepared as they should be. Sometimes it is for The Purpose of Demonstration. Often it is the Karma of those ambitious for the wrong reasons. Whatever the reason, the results are unfortunate.

The Common mind does not get the idea of one having sex with God while traveling the Inner Path. I have DIRECT experience of this. Furthermore, you see it playing hide and seek all through the scriptures. Although I could cite many examples, I will only include The Song of Solomon. It's hiding in plain sight, and you also see how badly the human actors handle this incredibly powerful force. What do you think Union means anyway? Why do the majority of all their efforts result in separation, disappointment, and regret? They are doing it WRONG.

This reminds me of a joke about 3 French boys who were surreptitiously watching a man and woman having sex. The boys were six, ten, and twelve years of age. The youngest one asked, "What are they doing?" The middle one replied, "They are making love." Then the eldest added, "Yes... and badly."

Everything in life is some form of sexual action, even our technology represents it in the electrical outlet and the ubiquitous plug that connect the appliance to The Power. One of the results of my Kundalini Awakening was Telepathy. In the beginning, I could hear the actual conversations going on in people's minds. It was like something out of "Lawnmower Man", which... for the time it appeared in, was way ahead of its time. (I had dinner one night with Brett Leonard, who directed it and wrote the screenplay. I expected to be meeting some form of Nerd. He looked like he belonged to a motorcycle gang, (grin) You never know. He also did "Virtuosity.") Well... let me not digress into something that was only used as a comparative.

The telepathy remained with me at that level of intensity for a period of time. Finally, it came under control and I only hear what I need to hear. In the beginning, I was astounded by the pervasiveness of Sex. Some studies state that the average man thinks about Sex every seven seconds. I don't pay attention to studies that are conducted by people who USUALLY don't know what they are doing, and who set out to prove whatever it is they want to believe in the first place. Whatever the truth of the matter might be, people think about SEX more than anything else, except... in some cases, Food, which is how they sublimate it.

Bhagavan Rajneesh knew about this and it accounts for the 55-gallon drums that were burning night and day at the community to dispose of the condoms that were used. I have eye witness accounts of this from trusted sources. Most of the cults that come and go have this central to their theme; NXIVM, Crowley and his Abbey of Thelema, and MANY more. What is a Svengali?

In The East, you have the Dakini and the Houri. Oh, there are plenty more. It is sex in some fashion all the way up the ladder to Divine Union. One might say that the main difference between Heaven and Hell is the presence or absence of Unity. Those who are well informed on this matter are very careful who they talk to about it. Profane minds don't grasp it at all, but they chase it and chase it until they run out of steam and become Hungry Ghosts.

It is VERY simple, but most of us do not want it to be. We need it to be a convoluted mystery in order to justify what we get up to. WHO... and WHAT do you love? Therein you can find your destiny writ large. Most people want a man or a woman, though these days there is no telling what people might want. They want to find the fulfillment of all they lack in another person. VERY, very seldom does it work out that way. Love God, sincerely and consistently and EVERYTHING is taken care of, including that other person. Loving God, I have NEVER lacked for the other. When you can see The Divine in another, you have solved the problem. This does not mean you should have sex with them. ALL sex has offspring, and they follow you around too, as long as you FEED them. If they get big enough they will eat you. Count on it. This is the result of ALL addictions, except the addiction to Higher Love. Oops! No that eats you too.

You have a limited amount of sexual force. If you spend it all profligately you are truly bankrupt. The same sexual force that results in release and offspring, and everything else that comes with it, is the same force that is used to ascend to the Heavenly Spheres (spheres? Planets... as above so below) and will also take you to Hell. It takes 40 drops of blood to make a drop of semen, and then 40 drops to make a drop of Ojas (spiritual fluid). One goes out of you and one runs up the spinal column to Godhead. It is pressure that causes it to run out of you, and pressure to propel it upwards.

The World... all of it, it the result of one sex act or another. The reverse is true as well if you are headed... elsewhere. When you pray, meditate, yearn and aspire to Higher Love, you convert the sexual fluid and then, depending on your Karma, for the time frame, the final result is inevitable, unless you get off on a lower floor, confused about where you are or what you were supposed to find there.

Tantra Yoga is the system that directly addresses it. All yogic paths also address it in their fashion. The difficulties and intricacies of Tantra are far more extensive than the others, and nothing to play around with in Times of Material Darkness, where ONLY Bhakti is a sure thing. At most times, and especially in these times, there would be less than a handful of people who have some idea of how the procedures work, maybe even less.

The whole of this posting is another Dick and Jane treatise because most of it can't be talked about anyway. It's like stilling a glob of Mercury on a mirror. The only reason for bringing it up is to point out that SEX is central to nearly all of the world's problems. It's all a downhill slide into depravity UNLESS you are in search of a Higher Love. That is the essence of Tantra and all you need to know about it anyway. It's said that a little knowledge is dangerous. What about a lot of knowledge without an operator's license?

It is SIMPLE. Aspire to a Higher Love or make your bed a tableau of what you think you want. If you wonder why you have such difficulty in life, be aware that the whole of existence is on fire with desire. Maybe you can't see it but it is so.

I don't care how The World looks to you at the moment or what terrible premonitions you may have. There is a new dawn of Ageless Wisdom coming. Long hidden or suppressed teachings are on the horizon and so too is a Golden Age where we might appreciate them. Once the clutter of the apocalypse is cleared away, you are going to have a new world to play in. For some, due to their personal choices, there will be no Golden Age. They wouldn't have it on a platter. It is not WHAT THEY WANT. They WILL, eventually, get what they want. Everyone does.

End Transmission.......

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