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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 11, 2020 - 9:32:26 PM

"It is LOVE that Put the Stars in the Sky and it is LOVE that Holds Them There and Makes them Shine."
By Les Visible
Nov 10, 2020 - 5:03:24 AM

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Friday, October 30, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I GENERALLY stay away from politics. One can see why by some of the comments of late. I try to stay away from conspiracy theories and lizard people, recovered memory freaks and everyone who has a fixed opinion on what they only have secondary and tertiary awareness of, usually in the form of, 'so and so said so'. HOWEVER... it is my job as a human being to speak out wherever lies are being told and agendas from the dark side make their presence known.

There are certain facts that I do not consider conspiracy theories, such as who was behind 9/11 and the Holocaust Guilt and Blackmail- deflection from the Bolshevik GREATEST MASS MURDER IN HISTORY scam. Certain events and historical distortions I KNOW BETTER because I have painstakingly researched them. When it comes to particular subjects I have a legitimate Ph.D. I've no great respect for Ph.D.'s in general BECAUSE they toe the party line in too many ways. You see what happens to the truly informed when they depart from the party line, like my dear friend, Giordano Bruno, as well as Copernicus and Galileo. So I put no great value on the FACT that I have some knowledge of particular events and historical distortions. What I do not know vastly outweighs what I do know. I am an ant-man in terms of Cosmic Verities.

As I have said before and will say again, I do not have to know any more than ONE TRUTH and that is that Almighty- INCOMPREHENSIBLE- God has LOVE as his primary expression, and that is comprehensible, with the larger portion of LOVE still and always being IMMEASURABLE!!! No one has plumbed the breadth, height, and depth of Celestial Love EVAH... EVAH!!! (grin)

All I have to do and all you have to do, if you care to do it... is LOVE! It is LOVE that put the stars in the sky and it is LOVE that holds them there and causes them to shine. It is LOVE that gathers them in again, after an incredible length of time, and then puts them back there again, and again, and again. It is LOVE that grows each glistening green leaf before the RISING SUN. It is LOVE that bursts forth in beauty, in every flower that shimmers with color for our eyes, and it is LOVE that gave us the sight to see them. LOVE is the key and the aperture to FREEDOM and LIBERATION. LOVE is the multifarious lubricant that gives the ease of movement to everything. It causes the gears of the cosmos to turn. It is THE ONE THING you cannot do without.

You do not need a powerful intellect or a regular education. You do not need ANYTHING to be transformed by LOVE and made a force to be reckoned with in this world, or ANY OTHER. Consider such world-transforming souls as Jacob Boehme and Ramakrishna. Consider Michael Faraday and the Wright Brothers. Consider Gregor Mendel. Consider Benjamin Franklin who quit school at ten years old! Consider Mark Twain and Frederick Douglas. My God... look at Sequoyah. These are all people who quit school or never even went. I have an impressive list but I won't complicate the matter here.

I am not stating that these were ALL good and moral people, especially in the case of Ben Franklin (grin) who was something of a playa, but they were INSPIRED and that is my point. Something in these people, and many others, attracted the attention of angels and the rest became history. Angels are expressions of the LOVE of GOD. They are personalized vehicles of specialized powers, fueled and illuminated by LOVE. Think you know what LOVE is? None of us do, BUT... to paraphrase that jurist who was talking about pornography, 'I can't tell you what it is but I know it when I FEEL it'.

YOU can attract angels. You need to keep in mind that this is a private affair and it is a BIG spiritual mistake to go around creating purple slathered websites advertising angelic communication FOR A FEE. Understand the importance of privacy within. Angels appreciate that. Like LOVE... PRAYER is also a powerful and mysterious force and can cause positive change for those with the necessary degree of FAITH. If you can pray SINCERELY for someone OTHER THAN YOURSELF, angels will take your prayer to the throne. God answers all sincere prayer. He does not save someone's life because you ask him to. That might not be the best thing for the person. You have to know what to pray for.

You CANNOT get very far on the -spiritual path by thinking you KNOW. Right off the bat, you MUST admit that you are woefully ignorant of so much. IF you do this you can be informed. Otherwise, you cannot be informed. Yes, I have made these statements over and over, BUT... THEY ARE TRULY IMPORTANT!!! I was blessed, wonderfully blessed by having I DON'T KNOW emblazoned on my consciousness by a great master whose name I do not even know.

My problem with Christianity is the intentional exclusion of KARMA and REINCARNATION. Without the inclusion of these essential pillars of celestial truth... you are walking blind. All those names I mentioned were examples of both. I have no problem with Jesus Christ. I have a problem with salvation by water, administered by the uninspired and uninformed. True baptism is the baptism of the spirit and that is what happened to Jesus at the River Jordan.

A true Christian does not argue. They LOVE. They are patient and humble. They are not interested in alienating people through discord, pedestrian judgment, and argument. They are focused on UNITY and GOOD NEWS. They don't go around sentencing people to Hell, and let me tell you one more thing, one of the FEW THINGS that I do know; you don't go to Heaven unless you are ALREADY THERE. Live as if you were in Heaven by BEHAVING as an IMPERSONAL CITIZEN OF HEAVEN. Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. IT is a STATE OF MIND. You CANNOT be in that state of mind if you seek to include personal importance and presumptions of knowing what you do not know. You have to become as a little child. Jesus the Christ said so. You can ALSO become the same as Jesus did but you have to act like Jesus did. Forget yourself and serve humanity and YOU WILL BE IN HEAVEN!

I don't know that the president is this or that, or being controlled by this or that. Some who come here seem to know because someone who told someone who told someone else, told them. I don't know. I have ONLY THIS... “by their works ye shall know them!” That is what I know and that is what I go by; NOT WHAT SOMEONE SAID. You want to live in Philadelphia, or do you want to live where I do and none of those things happen? BUT... they could. NO... they won't.

I say certain things over, and over, and over, but they don't penetrate in some places. Nothing I say is unique to me. What I say I learned from greater and more advanced souls than myself. I am a unique identity, temporarily present, and changing by the moment, but some things do not change. What I RELY ON does not change. What is the single greatest challenge that we face? What is the single REAL CHALLENGE that each of us face? It is the effort to GET OUT OF THE WAY of the light that is CONCEALED within us. It is the challenge to reduce ourselves before the awesome majesty of that eternal force that DWELLS WITHIN us. That is ALL we have to do; get out of the way. If we can accomplish that; if we can recede, shrink, reduce, diminish, and curtail our own sense of personal importance then that which is TRULY IMPORTANT can shine through us.

I have been in the presence of realized masters. They are as humble as dirt. They state their insignificance at every turn and they SHINE. They GLOW. They RADIATE but it is not them. It is what they permit to flow unhindered through them. You can do this. You can do this! You can do this!!!

I will tell you something else that is of critical importance, this Awakening is going to intensify and it is going to diversify and become an opportunity for EVERY awakening soul to be lit up INCANDESCENT, as WE let go of our attachments to the objects and concepts of darkness that have occluded our sight, and limited our comprehension of that which is SO MUCH greater than ourselves, and which DWELLS WITHIN US, which animates and motivates us, IF WE SO CHOOSE; if we just let go of what hampers and imprisons us. We fight this liberating force by insisting we know better and we know what is good for us. Has that proven to be true?

I am a nobody, just one of those censured voices in the wilderness. I don't know anything, BUT... I know someone who does. So do you, if you will just permit it to speak. How do you do this? We were told how to do this centuries ago and the truth of it HAS NOT CHANGED! It has even been called the Greatest Commandment- “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind.” The master also added... after he had been asked about the other... “and your neighbor as yourself.” You might want to look up what he was asked, which caused him to say that.

Catch the coming wave, my friends. Do what Ramakrishna advised; “Lift the sail of your soul and let the wind of God carry you where it will.” I probably did not get that quote verbatim but the essence is there. In other words, stop depending on your own steam. You don't have any. That is an illusion. PRAY for insight and assistance and LOVE... it WILL carry and inspire you.


End Transmission.......

[Some colour fonts and bolding added.].

The latest discourse from the First Church of the Presence of God is now up. For some reason YouTube starts it toward the end. Why would they do that? Uh-huh.



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