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"It is God, via Cosmic Agencies, Who Both Deceives and Reveals; Who Ensnares and Liberates You."
By Les Visible
Oct 13, 2021 - 6:58:22 AM

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Well... The World isn't what most people think it is. Ancient scriptures all agree that The World is a sham and general hallucination of deceptive appearances.

I could give so many examples of this that I would never come to the end of writing it, and that's just me. Let's see... the sitting Attorney General of the United States (link below) has a conflict of interest in going after the parents who object to Critical Race Theory and Gay cheerleading. It turns out that his son-in-law reps Critical Race Theory, selling the various educational supplies for it.

Subway, which is the largest of the fast-food chains in the U.S., makes tuna sandwiches that do not contain tuna or possibly even fish, for that matter. It's bread isn't bread (link below). It has FIVE TIMES the allowable sugar that separates bread from pastry, and... their chicken is only half chicken.

For decades now, I have avoided processed foods and I don't eat out. Others are welcome to. I CANNOT find food in the public thoroughfares that can match what I eat at home. It DOES NOT taste as good, and it IS NOT as healthy. There were times that I checked this out. It is convincingly so. I KNOW The World is poisonous. One of the reasons for blessing what one eats has to do with protection from this. Food cooked without Love is not worth eating.

To say that The World is poisonous can be a little misleading. A lot of it has to do with the poisons you carry within you; poisoned thoughts and emotions... poisoned intentions and ambitions, which slowly, and surely, find their way into the physical body and become a pathological condition.

The World is a false-front Hollywood house. It's a lot of glitter and noise without substance and the reason why so many people exist in a constant state of disappointment and regret later in life. I got to that understanding when I was a child. Thankfully... I found components of existence that were not a disappointment. Of course, this WILL separate you from others over time. I have known many people in this life and I can say that it is a rare thing to meet an individual committed to the spiritual path. I've met many with some personal philosophy. Most of what I have seen is some hodge-podge of justification and rationalization for what they think, and say, and do, within an agreeable template.

The spiritual path can be a rough road, but... ESPECIALLY in Times of Material Darkness, as is presently the case. I know there are many who believe they are on the spiritual path. They follow a religion. They follow New Age remedies. They follow some construct that was put together by those seeking power and fortune, for their many splintered-way formulae for communicating with the ineffable. What they achieved was an intermediary priest class that... allegedly... acts as an interface between you and God. I could never be a member of any religion, because I WILL NOT accept any intermediary other than angels, as step-down transformers of the presence and glory of God.

This is why I belong to The First Church of the Presence of God. There are no priests and no churches, aside from the vast cloisters and sanctuaries of Nature. There is only one ritual and that is the celebration of the Indwelling Presence. As a member, this is what you do, while TRYING to remain compassionate for all life.

I do not intend to demean religion for others. Religion can be a good set of training wheels for your life, but eventually... you should be able to ride without them. Unfortunately, the much larger majority of us never even attempt to. Religion, like political affinities, and aught else; every construct you can imagine, are coffins. They are for the mortally inclined among us.

I gave few examples of the deceptions and lies presently deceiving the public mind. There are just too many of them. I see them NON-STOP in my travels. This can lead to depression, and then to despair for those inside The Box. There is ever so much more that can be found, but few know where to look. It is ALL contained within you. Of course, you have heard this before, many times. After a while, you can come to believe it, but it doesn't mean anything to you. It is like saying there is life on other planets. Sure... I am quite positive of this, but... either you have been there and seen this or you have encountered them HERE. I have had that pleasure, but I don't know any more than I did before it happened.

By Reason, Logic, In-spiration, and In-tuition, it is clear to me what forces APPEAR to rule this world. It is clear to me who is behind these forces, and who is a front for these forces. The term, Temporal World, will clarify much, but you still don't REALLY know. Most of us live a life based on assumptions or hearsay. If enough of your colleagues and friends share your assumptions and early programming, well... that makes it all fine and dandy.

The conflicts in this world are not accidental. They are contrived. They involve those who have involved themselves, according to their belief systems, their appetites, and their ambitions. There are also those who manipulate and profit from these belief systems, appetites, and ambitions. Suspicion of what is different is a lever, operated by those who employ suspicion and superstition for their own ends. They are as manipulated as the ones they manipulate. The big secret is to vanish... disappear... while you are still here. It is possible to become so foreign to the commonplace that you are no longer perceived to be present. There are entire populated worlds that exist alongside our own, and which remain unseen, by those existing within the sensory bandwidth. I KNOW this from direct, and repeated experience.

There are those who see into the other worlds, and who are considered mad. Then there are those who know enough to keep it to themselves. Your more luminous companions will not come around if you make your relationships public. You can, of course, as many do, pretend to be associated with them for the material advantage it will bring you, given that it was what you were after in the first place. Religion is hocus-pocus employed to subjugate and shear the masses, and it has been going on for a REALLY long time. We are about to see the lid ripped off of this, and all the other subterfuges that have been performed to confuse Humanity and then get rich from it.

Have you ever watched a card sharp practice their art? Have you seen the legerdemain in slo-mo? Can you tell the means by which a magician works with misdirection? Imagine, if you will, those so much more skilled at similar things... that you have no knowledge of who they are or what they do. The World IS a Magic Show. God employs a magic called Maya, from which The World, as you think you know it, is fabricated. It is God, via Cosmic Agencies, Who Both Deceives and Reveals; Who Ensnares and Liberates You. Have you looked more deeply into the camouflage of Nature?

It is not possible to discuss the deeper implications of it all. People would find certain explanations to be highly offensive and unacceptable. It does not mean anything, life continues as it continues. You can scream and shout and wave your hands in the air at the unfairness of it all, which we especially see in these times, but... it will do you no good. You will be brushed to the side or plowed over, as irresistible change continues. Try explaining that strange passage in The Lord's Prayer to a fundie Christian; "Lead us not into Temptation."

It is ALL one force at work through every application of force. God and The Devil are the same thing, (although one of them doesn't actually exist) and both of them are misinterpreted as to their functions and intent. It is a matter of how you perceive existence. It is a matter of perspective. If you view existence through a carnal lens then you see one Under-lord through a glass darkly. If you view existence through a metaphysical lens, then you still see The One through a step-down transformer. What is envisioned is experienced and comprehended according to the plane of awareness you function on.

Go up to the next level and you will see something entirely different, and so up... up, and up, and up, and up. Down, and down, and down. In this world, the main level of awareness embraces the common theme so many of us believe to be what is real. It's that Average aggregate of average intelligence. Then... there is a somewhat smaller demographic below and a much smaller demographic above. Is it any wonder there is so much conflict? The new trends of diversity and inclusiveness are DESIGNED to amplify ever greater conflict among us. They are a part of the Communist Manifesto of The Usual Suspects, and their partners in crime.

If you are able to fit in HERE, there is NOTHING I can tell you, and you wouldn't be coming here anyway. You'd be at Facebook or some other sleaze fest of pedestrian attractions and appetites. You'd be okay with Subway's bread, and Subway's tuna. You wouldn't care much if the attorney general was a sociopathic criminal; which he is. As long as he was on your side of the endless conflict, in this game of musical chairs, you would be okay with it. It's like wearing your team's jersey and yelling at the people wearing the other jersey. You would not care that Washington D.C, is presently overrun with Chi-Com intelligence operatives.

Mind how you go in these times. Mind what you are attracted to, and magnetized by. We are sailing in uncharted waters.

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