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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"It has Been a Long Time Arriving and it is Going to be a Long time Going.
By Les Visible
Jul 13, 2020 - 5:13:11 AM

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July 12th 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It's getting more and more violent and chaotic by the day. In the corridors and seats of power there is an obvious distress and bizarre acting out taking place, whether it be in the political world, entertainment world, religious, or quasi-spiritual world and... they are all worlds, prominent members are losing their minds. You could say they are losing their grip on reality but they never had a grip. They have all been faking it, doing what they were told they could get away with because that was how it got done. Now... now... something new has entered into all of these worlds and it is shaking up the dream fabric that had been woven to validate the impostors. Illusion is time-sensitive. It has a life-cycle and it decays after a period of time, which it is doing now.

For those... and that means most people, who have little idea of what is going on and were mostly operating from programming, whether that be karmic placement, or present tense and past impressing of appetite and desire... or atavistic impulsing, fear-driven or... some-such of somewhat, they've mostly been in a robotic mode, after whatever time it took the effect of puberty to become perfunctory. Are you following me? See... here's the problem; I can't talk directly about this and I certainly can't speak comprehensively, or else we would be here for a really long time. This is what compels me to STATE MY PERSPECTIVE and render you with the single option of TAKE IT or LEAVE IT.

Some of you have been coming here for decades and some are more recent. Of those who come here most often, you are either inline with what I present or you are seriously opposed, without realizing that you keep coming here for reasons you are unaware of. I couldn't tell you how it is that I have come to know what it is that I know, as well as to be viscerally aware of what I do not know. This facility of discrimination is critically important, though most people don't even think about it, even though it shapes both their life and their destiny, depending on whether they choose to exercise it or not.

I've been given certain abilities. Some of these are conferred (brought over from past visitations) and some of them are learned or earned during this recent passing through. I am like a plumber or an electrician. The only difference is that I work with the less visible aspects of tech. As a result, I have more often to work out of the intuitive capacity, rather than through empirical know-how.

There is a reason for my bringing this and sundry up today. In my mind, I can prove most all of what I say. I had to do so in order to believe it myself, to begin with. My belief in certain seemingly unprovable things is very strong at this point because I have had a long period of time in this go-round to see these things consistently prove out over time, again and again, and again and again to the nth power. I cannot prove what I can prove to those who are adamant in their resistance to what THEY DON'T WANT TO BE CONVINCED OF. There isn't a great deal I can do about that, nor does it trouble me much BECAUSE I KNOW that TRUTH proves itself to all, no matter how great their resistance may be. Sooner or later they crumble before it, often in extremely painful circumstances.

How is it that people can get so arrogant about the truth of their lies and the self-awarded importance of their thoughts and spurious accomplishments? For the Purpose of Demonstration, certain personalities are given a good long run of success at lying, cheating, stealing, killing, raping, and subjugating at will. There is a cosmic design behind all of this and it reaches into a future no one but God and those so empowered by God can see and it emerges out of a past just as opaque.

I cannot emphasize the importance of one encountering bonafide spiritual teachers and illumined entities, great-souled ones, and the like. It doesn't happen through luck. It seems that way to some only because they do not know from whence and through what those who seem spiritually fortunate have passed. One might say that even Grace, most of the time, has origins previous to and outside of the purview of most people.

This world is literally a madhouse. Just about everyone is crazy to some degree but the majority appear sane because they operate according to predictable patterns of behavior. One is not really sane, simply because they can fit in with whatever the doings of a particular time might be, especially if those doings are crazy, as they most certainly are at present.

The old world is crumbling away and not all the king's men or his horses can put it back together. As it crumbles, so does the stability and sanity of those depending on it. Some of us know better than to depend on external conditions and circumstances. Some of us have been reduced to utter extremity MORE THAN ONCE, to convince us NOT TO DEPEND ON THIS WORLD OF APPEARANCES. It is akin to building your house on sand or out of straw, or whatever your preferred metaphors or analogies might be.

Most of the time you can't tell people anything except what they want to hear and when what they need to hear is what they especially do not want to hear, well... yeah. Things are really ass-backward at these times. It seems like it is a wonderful event for one to become materially successful, or to be celebrated as a gifted artist when there is no gift present whatsoever, but which is presumed to be present because... well... you couldn't be successful otherwise, could you? There is presently a good amount of successful innovators and sports figures and people of many a stripe of accomplishment, given how many of us are here. The world is overrun by celebrity and celebrity worship. Actually... success in these times is more often a pending detriment as we shall see. It's really bad if you are in any sense an architect of present social conditions or cultural whatever...

I used to be very puzzled about why I was unable to succeed in various areas of endeavor. I knew I had the talent but my luck was atrocious. I had several people die just a short time before they were going to ferry me seriously upwards. I can't even remember how many times seeming misfortune struck. I thought I must be cursed. Au Contraire; I was being protected. It is only in recent times that I have come to see how truly fortunate I have been. I am not capable of describing it. I got the hard-handed massage from the cosmos, little realizing to what end I was being formed and shaped. I've come to find that MANY of the people who come here have experienced VERY SIMILAR events and for very similar reasons.

Some of us get depressed and downhearted because of so many things not going right in our lives. We become cynical and self-absorbed. That is the real misfortune. All that has been happening is our being patterned by Heaven to adjust to a higher calling and awareness. Just as soon as we catch on and become co-pilots, the whole process becomes much easier. I am speaking from direct experience here. I was about as hard-headed as they come and talk about indomitable and relentless in the pursuit of my ends, I was surely that. God makes us strong in some very interesting ways, putting us up against all manner of oppositions and odds and NEVER for reasons that are revealed to us, or have much at all to do with what we think it does. One day we find ourselves well up a road we had no idea we were traveling on and with a magic bag of qualities that are the product of our finally having gotten a small idea of what is really going on.

The whole thing is crumbling and those who will suffer the most are those most invested in it. In many cases, all of their survival skills are based on the things that are crumbling. See... we are at the turning of the age. This happens every time it happens but we don't remember any of that because it was a long time ago the last time it happened. It will all be better once the clutter is cleared and certain features are set into place. How long these better times will last, I couldn't tell you. What I can tell you is that comeuppance is about to go down on a massive scale and that no matter what anyone is saying, none of them knows what is coming.

GOD IS REAL. This is something you need to tattoo permanently upon your consciousness. You NEED to get a visceral certitude about this because everything depends on what you think is real when the real wakes up inside of you. Fate and destiny are going to be accorded everywhere on the planet in individual doses of awakening and revealing. In many cases what is being revealed is very much not desired by those it is being revealed to and in other cases, it is going to be the very essence of a breath of fresh, clean air and cosmic remembrance. In many instances this means crazy is going to go ballistic, while in others it is going to mean a whole new kind of stable and sane and wonderful past telling. Certain eternal truths have been hidden from us for a good long stretch. They are going to be manifesting and activating shortly.

I was told that there is a peculiar planetary alignment coming up around this Christmas and having much to do with Christ reappearing and also bringing all of what we thought was coming on 2012 and other dates that have proven premature. I don't know what to make of that and I don't think most anyone else does either but be it Christmas time, with a real serendipitous irony, or be it somewhat before or after that, IT IS COMING and it's going to be a little different, or exceedingly different for each of us and this is when our notions of what we previously considered misfortunes, or rousing successes are going to be stood on their heads and in some cases seriously rotated.

As has already been stated here, Take it or Leave it. I advise that the reader make every effort to get right with The Divine and to direct your every effort toward a greater degree of communication with the celestial forces. There is NO GREATER STABILITY that can be had than that eternal sanctuary that is found in the love for one's creator.

End Transmission.......

We have now recorded 12 new songs so we are about a 3rd done with this project. We will be featuring these songs in each new posting. Today's Song is;

♫ Give it Your Best Shot ♫

It's meant to be played loud!

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