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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Sep 17, 2021 - 7:08:55 AM

"It Has Been a Long, Bloody and Tormented Siege of Existence by Forces Inimical to Humanity."
By Les Visible
Sep 17, 2021 - 7:05:46 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are strange doings in the underbrush, where The Underlords lurk. Their season of grief and torment, which just kept on giving, is coming to an end. It has been a long run into darkness for them. They have conspired with their victims to create terrible suffering again, and again, and again. Those who dwell in the darkness of ignorance are natural (or is it unnatural?) conspirators with those who would destroy them. It is an ancient tale of impotent sound and fury, much akin to the wailing and gnashing of teeth mentioned in Biblical lore.

All death is suicide by those resistant to change. Those who resist change WILL die. It is the nature of the thing. Life forms come and go, from where and to where... they do not know. People don't read much of value these days. In the majority of cases, they never did. People do what they do, with the written and spoken word, and with films and their own daydreams, for entertainment. Therefore, they learn very little. If they studied history, which they do not, they would see the cycles within cycles of dreadful redundancy that come in regular routine.

When the heart and mind become wedded to material culture, there is no spirituality. None of the higher forms of true enjoyment are available. They cut themselves off from the wellsprings of life, and the emptiness stretches into Desolation. It is a barren field with only Saturn for company. They go without protest, into the composting leaves of an unremembered past. So it goes for long stretches of time. So it HAS gone. That period of zero-sum stalemate is coming to an end.

This is why you see such a frenzy of forced accommodation to something that is NO THREAT AT ALL. The perpetrators are unaware that their wits and abilities are being leached from them. They KNOW something is wrong but they do not know what that is. In former times they could misdirect humanity at will. Now... there is mass resistance from a core demographic. PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP. They did see this, and that accounts for all the Woke nonsense that has been the guideline for The Oppressors; The Underlords. They are even being exposed to public scrutiny. Sometimes they are exposing themselves.

I call this phenomenon of exposure, Mr. Apocalypse. I consider him (though anthropomorphic in some minds) a living being. The Earth is a living, breathing being, but there are few who know this as it is. The water is filled with invisible creatures who have to do with the ways that water expresses. It is the same with Fire, Earth, and Air. Occult scientists have known this for a long time. Clairvoyants like Charles Leadbeater, and others, have seen them. I have seen them in altered states. They are a part of The Invisible Kingdom. You can befriend them. You can also make enemies of them.

Everything in Nature is influenced and shaped by them and they serve a hierarchy that gives them their marching, and in some cases, flying, and in some cases, flowing or dancing in flames orders. They give shape to what you see. They are a subdivision of The Angelic Realm. They can be controlled by magicians of EITHER kind... and have been. With The Coming of the Avatar, all of this is now changing. So it is that The Underlords are finding contention and resistance in the ranks. The Elementals KNOW who their leaders are. However, for some time, they have been the shackled prisoners of Black Magicians; reversed Cabalists. I encountered this dynamic in a very real way when I was in Italy.

I almost bought it in Italy. A time came one evening when I was sitting in my studio and I heard a voice crying, "Help me! Help me" It was faint at first, but as I tuned my ears I could hear it better. It was puzzling, and slightly alarming because I did not know what to do. I suspect that I finally discovered who it was through The Intuition. That is the usual case when I have come to the limits of my own knowledge and understanding. It turns out that it was my body crying out to me. I had eaten very little for some time. I had not slept and I was in a twilight world of living creatures who had now become visible to me. I was driven in a way I had never known before. Many times I went running up the roads of the olive groves in which I lived. I put a lot of miles on the odometer.

There were other folks who were my neighbors. I knew very few of them. Strangely, unbelievably, no one ever saw me. It was as if my fugue state had created a cloak of invisibility around me. Given my antics, as I remember them, it seems impossible to me that no one ever noticed. Well... strange events were the order of the day for the six weeks that this state continued. Some of them I will not write about in these spaces. They would stretch the credulity of almost anyone. I will say that Mr. Apocalypse was a constant presence, as were the distant chimes of The Avatar, far within.

One of the reasons I posted that comment by bigloner a few posts ago was because he mentioned Chicago. Chicago came up not infrequently during this time, as did Israel and Moscow, Washington DC, and others. I encountered the astral bodies of quite a few household names. One thing I learned, and came up against, again and again, was the presence and effects of a cabal of ruthless black magicians who had mesmerized a good portion of humanity, and which directed their collective actions toward bad ends. What I have seen since has only further convinced me of what I saw during my time in Italy.

We would be in deep shit if not for the lightworkers outside the bandwidth of the physical senses. The Avatar is chief among them. As we have mentioned here many times before, when The Avatar begins his descent from the world of light, he comes down the planes. He comes from the highest plane, down through the Causal, the Mental, the upper and lower Astral and Etheric planes, sweeping out ALL of the entrenched nests of evil, which sprang up in the last two thousand odd years, since the last time he did this. He drives it all before him, down to the material plane for the purposes of sorting and Judgment.

Obviously, The Underlords and the whole of Nature, visible and invisible, are aware of his Advent. Certainly, the realms of light know of this and work in harmony with the divine fiat. Others, who have studied Occult History or read The Akasha Record, KNOW that this is all a part of The Cosmic Routine. There is no possibility of resistance to the forces of light. There NEVER has been. However, in Times of Material Darkness, the forces of darkness APPEAR to be greater, and conditions can, and have, become dismal indeed. The past two thousand years speak eloquently to this fact. It has been a long, bloody, and tormented siege of existence by forces inimical to humanity.

You cannot begin to know the level of hate that is directed at humanity from certain quarters. The Infernal Kingdom, The Kingdom of Darkness has many minions at work on this plane. As more and more of humanity are sucked into the carnal wind-tunnels of The World of Flesh, more minions are acquired. Most of them have no idea who or what is responsible for their mindsets and actions. There are those who DO KNOW. They are conscious workers of iniquity and are driven by the forces they have given themselves over to, in the hope of common appetite satisfaction and a more important position in the government of Hell-World.

They are not nearly as powerful as they appear to be. They are much like The Mighty Oz, but lacking in his humane temperament. They use similar devices and tech to subjugate humanity. Most of it is done with mirrors and perversions of occult force. They got away with it because they were given a season in which to prosper. If you are wondering 'why the Hell' this would be permitted in the first place, all I can say is that it is for The Purpose of Demonstration. I am as much in the dark as anyone about many things, but occasionally insights come to me.

As I said, they are not nearly as powerful as they appear to be. I would have been toast on many occasions already if they were. It seems there is only so much they can get away with, and they can do nothing to one whose inner lamp is lit; just as a little light will banish the darkness in automatic fashion. You need to know this, and to aspire to a greater light. Impersonal Love is a mighty force in this respect. It is good to have invisible friends. All of us do. Some of them ARE NOT your friends but you are engaged in a symbiosis. As long as you get what you want, they get what they want.

If you don't call on your invisible friends, they will drift away in search of someone who will pay attention to them. If you don't feed the negative aspects, they too will leave in search of greener grass. If you don't prime your pump, the water runs dirty, and not at all for a time. If you don't clean your mirror, eventually you will not be able to see your reflection. Meditation, prayer, selfless action with no thought of recompense, these are MIGHTY tools. In these times of instant shake n bake gratification, few of us are as consistent as we should be, and so we get mixed results and move on to other distractions, of which there are many, many.

People can't be bothered to seek within these days. There is too much contending for their attention. They don't have the discipline or inspiration to stick to formats that might involve a lifetime of application. This will not serve them well in times to come. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

End Transmission.......

And a few links=


More of Mr. Apocalypse=


could you do this??? Do scroll down and read what this man accomplished!

surprise... surprise!


There was a time I liked this actor. Now I will see NO MORE of his work, ever=



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