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"Instead of a Real Tidal Wave, There is a Tidal Wave of Bullshit Rolling Over The Land of the Stupids."
By Les Visible
Feb 26, 2022 - 4:26:50 AM

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What a toxic load of weasel shit is the Crass Media at this time. From what I can see, Putin recognized the two counties, republics, (or whatever they are) in the Donbas mining area as independent states. So far... according to everyone except The Zio-News, which is most of the news, that's all that has happened, except for staged propaganda moments, fireworks masquerading as rocket attacks, and old video clips that happened at another time and place... maybe. You'll see some examples in the links.

They're pumping up this new festivity under orders from The Fraternal Order of Blood-Sucking Vampires, looking for a good body count on their next high-holy day. Everywhere you look, this one-note cacophony plays out over the government-approved klaxons. Instead of an ocean tidal wave, there is a tidal wave of bullshit rolling over The Land of the Stupids.

There are sections of The Press that include Lies vs Truth percentages; 99% to 1%, 80% to 20%, and maybe 60% to 40%, but it NEVER gets to 50% - 50%. Then we might have a middle section of half-truths, where a person could make up their mind about which direction to go in. The bad news is that whatever truth you think you find... simply circles back and disappears up that portal into darkness where The Sun don't shine.

I, more or less, knew that I was being lied to nearly all of the time early on, but... you get lulled into a drowse and forget that you were being lied to all the time. Every day, they hammer on you with the lies. Maybe you gravitate from the 99% to 1% over into 80% to 20% territory and you rise from comatose to deeply asleep. You figure you are actually fully awake at this point and the hall monitors give you a badge that says, "Let him through." Later, in the cafeteria, they are giving out Kool-Aid rubdowns to help with the hot flashes of too much truth... trying to find its way into the wrong hole. "You may experience a period of slight discomfort in the beginning. Later... well, there won't be a later."

I've been aware of the level of deception... that is present in this world composed of deception... for a long time now. I must have gotten moderately comfortable with it. This is what they count on, I suppose. HOWEVER... however, what I have seen in the few days since they jumped ship from the U.S.S COVID... to the salvation zone of WAR in Porn-Central; also known as Ukraine, has given me a deep and abiding shudder that keeps returning like a palpable echo of what has never been.

Did someone hit a light switch somewhere? I don't remember ever seeing the manufactured deception so clearly before as I see it now. It's not just comical and ludicrous. It is redlining beyond ridiculous and absurd. It is whatever the more intensely descriptive words I do not possess would say it is... but... cannot say. I remember a few times, in altered states, where realization broke upon me and I could not stop laughing. I remember thinking, "Is this all there is?" Nothing was real. It was all waving ferns and flowers on a bright screen of living light, that was being obscured. Neither the ferns, nor the flowers, nor anything else was real. I could see this. I could see it clearly and at length. All too soon, I reintegrated back into Pretend World, the next day... or the day after that.

It's like going to the movies. Wherever you are, you are in a movie. You are also filming it. You are the cameraman, filming it with your eyes and recording it with your mind. It's not real. It's temporary, and the new temporary is waiting in the wings. The temporary after that is in the canteen or getting out of a car. The only eternal thing is the temporary endlessly replacing the temporary. Sometimes it jazzes you up and sometimes it puts you to sleep, and then you get another movie inside your head. What that movie is composed of are all the undigested bits of experience you did not process when you thought you were awake earlier.

Then there is the movie that is playing out in your head, all day, as you travel through the other unreal movie that is your life, going through, up, over, and around the scenery and the settings for your personal events; the markers for the memory of such and such a thing... happening in such and such a place. We really are right there at the bending end... now. It is eerie... uncanny... and Deja Vuistic (rhymes with casuistic... given the concentration of sophistry in the air, I thought it worthy of mention)

It's a make-believe world, so... people are very comfortable with making things up. It's all a lie, to begin with, right? What's wrong with having your own version of it? Here is the deal with lies, falsehoods... every permutation of deception that is there for the mix and matching, it is like after hours in a large theater wardrobe department, where a crowd of Nancy Boys and Fag Hags get all fabulous, and 'oh my god' about nothing at all... nothing but flash and glitter and getting old. I am guessing that getting old is a kind of Hell for those who lived so long in Never Neverland in their heads, only to find it Never Never was.

Now... they are rewriting History. They are reshaping Psychology. They are redefining Normal. They are like the orcs of Saruman, and they enjoy getting that man's flesh to eat. It is all a process of self-cannibalizing. Whatever it suits them to be, they make it up. They get you to believe it. They get the people around you to believe it, and you all come together over a commonly accepted lie, and... before you know it, it has become The Truth.

This is a small part of what I saw this morning (and yesterday), and the reactions it stirred up in me. These reactions are all just surface impressions dancing over the water. They don't have any effect on me anymore, but... The Mind does its own thing, whether you are fully engaged or not. The Mind is a Shake and Bake masterpiece. They think it up. They drum it up. (so to speak, given that everything is a matter of adapted vibrations) They stamp it out. They put it on the shelves and the airwaves, and everything hums in accord in The Hive until The Queen dies or they start making honey from poison Nightshade.

None of this is real. We are the dupes of The Masters of Illusion. There are some number of men behind the curtain. They don't want you to see what they are really up to; not that they actually know. They also don't want you watching their reversed Kundalini sex rites with each other.

Yeah... it's turned into a real shit show, but... that is good news. It means it can't go on much longer. The lies they have told are flammable, and pressure and fumes... combine to create the cleansing fire. Why is it that people do not see what a cycle is? If you spin a bicycle wheel it keeps returning over the same route in its motion. That is all it does. In other words, it's still YOU, no matter what new terrain and personality change you may get up to. It's like moving to a new town to solve a drinking problem. EVERYTHING has consequences and these are inescapable.

If you could find your, Fool on the Hill placement, you could see it all come round upon itself with incredible precision. You don't have to do anything. It all takes care of itself. What you have to do is free yourself from it through detachment. When you are fully detached, you no longer have to worry about your passions skewering your perspective. You see things as they are. Then there is no more attraction for any of it.

However, most people (and I mean most people) want a life, with the usual assortment of desires fulfilled (up until they are fulfilled), which in the imagination all come to perfect fruition... that NEVER happens. The ONLY time things work out anywhere near perfectly is when you leave them completely alone. If you are intent on watering and providing nutrients for your plants, you will get tomatoes or potatoes or artichokes, if that is what you plant, but you cannot have the stems and leaves all present as you might have originally imagined they would. You don't know how many tomatoes or potatoes or artichokes you will get. You don't know if the mites, the aphids, or assorted pests will let you have any of them.

I am now convinced that something really big (and unexpected) is about to happen. When I see the brow-beating, crowd-screaming, whore-moaning, heart-tugging elementary school efforts of The Media at this time, I KNOW that The Usual Suspects have misread their own scripts and subsequently lost the plot, AND the war... and their minds, as shall soon prove to be so.

I can literally feel people waking up, out there among The Great Unwashed Pod People. I can see them saying to themselves, "Oh, my God, they've gone and done it. That is too stupid for even me to believe." I wish I could put into words how it is all kaleidoscoping in front of me. Let me just say that The Divine Symmetry is truly divine. Lady Truth, who looks a little like the lady holding the torch in the opening of any Columbia Pictures movie is now doing The Dance of the Veils. Soon she will be revealed in all her naked beauty, and then? Some will be in a rapture, and some will see their worst imaginings given shape and... coming for them.

We create the monsters in our minds. We did not create ourselves. We did create the part of us that made itself separate from the whole, and we can go on reinventing ourselves forever if we so choose. For as long as we can stand the suffering, it will continue for us.

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