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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 23, 2021 - 5:27:54 AM

"In Our Intentional Anonymity, The Bust of Everyman Resides, and Shines in Heaven's Hall of Fame."
By Les Visible
Nov 23, 2021 - 5:25:00 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My God! And so... it goes up another level. Last night, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a chronic felon, supposedly fleeing from a knife fight, brought a car to a Christmas Parade and mowed down children, and Dancing Grannies, killing at least 5 and injuring dozens. The video is gruesome and telling. It was a conscious effort to cause maximum grievous harm. Well... We only have bits of The Story at the moment, BUT... The Crass Media has shut down the conversation, because they do not want to highlight the fact that the aggressor is a BLM-driven, wanna be rapper, with a rap sheet that looks like it might get confused with a laundry list, and... which took place only 50 miles from the scene of Kyle Rittenhouse's murky murder trial; following which many of the Crass Media talking heads are STILL saying his victims were Black.

Too much coincidence here.

I suspect... I do not know, but... I suspect that things were said during the interrogation that The Crass Media does not want to have to explain. The Crass Media, and Hollywood, CAUSED this to happen by railing about the injustice of Rittenhouse, defending himself, and coming out on top.

I don't want to get too deeply into this event. There will surely be more... and worse to come. We are sitting on a powder keg, designed by The Usual Suspects, and their catamite administration and World Wide Media Empire. EVERYWHERE you look, Mr. Apocalypse is at work. He is tearing down the curtains in the big, dark room of human ignorance and The Light is breaking on the human mind.

The Crass Media won't touch the massive anti-vax demonstrations around The World. No mention is made of the hordes, gathered from over 80 countries, marching through the lower Americas, with the intention of destroying America. This is ALL orchestrated and financed by The Usual Suspects. Who is feeding these people as they cross the thousands of miles? Who is printing the t-shirts? Who is handling the details of this ever-continuing nightmare??? Besides George Soros, I mean?

We were warned about what might happen to us by The Founding Fathers near 250 years ago. This has been a recurrent story across the span of recorded history. Who else has been thrown out of every country in The World, and in some cases... more than once? They are an anomaly and their tactics NEVER CHANGE.

I can see the light reflecting in the lens of Mr. Apocalypse's mirrored sunglasses, as his head swivels, ever so slowly round for that long-awaited denouement, where epiphany breaks upon the shores of human consciousness, and The Truth is made abundantly clear at a wider reach. What happens in the mind of Mr. Apocalypse ALSO happens in the human mind. That is the point of it, to begin with. The effect of Mr. Apocalypse on the human mind is called The Awakening. They are the advance guard of The Avatar.

Now we have The Vaccine Agenda, whose intent is to disable us, kill us, and turn us into Zombie-bots; not necessarily in that order. On the heels of this vicious assault on our humanity and our freedom, comes the pitter-patter of rat's feet over broken glass in a flooded cellar... rumors of war... rumors of famine... rumors of agitated race wars. The owners of the slave ships have built a number of Trojan Horses, pulled by the inhabitants into their cities and towns. Sexual Perversity, also widely disseminated via their media, dominates the conversation, and the schools? The schools with their Communist agenda, through CRT and 1619, with the aforementioned Sexual Perversity, tools relentlessly DOWN the highway, with drag queens bouncing little children on their laps.

I'm not overstating anything. It is much worse than what I am telling you.

Let's leave that tawdry litany of tales behind us. Talking endlessly about these distressing times helps not at all. Arguing, waving your hands in the air... falling to your knees with your hands covering your grief-stricken face, avails not at all. In stillness, we are illumined. In surrender, we are made victorious. In the crucifixion of The Personality, on the false-self-abdicating cross of The Individuality, we are made glorious. In our intentional anonymity, the bust of Everyman resides... and shines in Heaven's Hall of Fame, where we are honored in The Mind of God.

Let's segue to something else, has anyone wondered, as I occasionally do, about the irony of Princess Di becoming Princess Dead? Thoughts like these haunt me late at night, as I toss about on the waterbed, while images of Kon-Tiki pass through my dreaming subconscious. Okay... now we are in a kind of tabula-rasa land. I call this cleansing the palate.

How can I put this? Your existence... depends entirely upon the God-Spark within you. You have no life otherwise. God is The Life in you. You are an actor expressing your comprehension or lack of comprehension in relation to this. This is what defines your life; your level of awareness, and the Karma that brings together all the elements in the drama of your life. There is NO OTHER source of life or power. This is demonstrated by The Sun in the sky that is there every day, and without which this would be a dead planet. It sits there as living proof, while our little lives move like slot cars through the events predestined by our Karma.

EVENTUALLY... no one but God and his minions knows when... you are awakened. You are Quickened by The Spirit. You are lit up! I remember a story. I don't remember the details well, BUT... I remember the gist and intention of the story. God... or his legitimate representative was walking through a forest when he came upon a yogi who recognized him. The yogi asked him how many more lives he must endure before he was enlightened. God replied, "Three more lives." The yogi walked away dismayed at the news. Then God ran into another yogi who asked him the same question. God answered, "As many lives as there are leaves on that tree." He pointed to a tree with many thousands of leaves on it. The yogi jumped for joy and said, "Only that many? Yippee!!!" Because of his attitude, God enlightened him on the spot. There... there you see an example of The Grace of God.

Yes... Karma is the law of sequencing our coming events according to our previous acts, BUT!!! God can set it aside at will, should he wish to. He made it. He can break it. He USUALLY does not, BUT... he can!!! Oh yes, he can. Unfortunately... for most people, thoughts concerning such matters seldom enter their heads. Their thoughts are dancing with The Sugar Plum Fairies at an endless rave, hosted by the DJ crew of Appetite and Desire. One seldom reflects until their strength, and their health has abandoned them. Then... those who acted in haste can now repent at their leisure. Regret composes the majority of the late-night snacks in Death's Waiting Room. Once again, let me mention Grace. Grace... that elusive bird, always on the wing, out of mortal sight, but all-seeing.

God knows our hearts. God KNOWS what we are about, BUT... who thinks of this? There is just too much going on to pay attention to. If that is indeed so, it can't be found in our Art and Culture, because THERE IS NONE! Those least inspired, and lacking all talent other than Monkey-Mind mimicry, are now the headliners. Depravity is the fuel of inspiration. People who can now... hardly even write their own names, are penning misspelled nonsense and lies... while being heralded as genius intellects. It is absurd. It is embarrassing; which has no impact on those incapable of embarrassment. I NEVER thought we would sink so low, but such is the nature of The Swamp of Entropy and devolution.

It WILL NOT stay like this, nothing does, except the often unremarked Presence of God. I will tell you this... when you recognize The Indwelling, something happens, and you are recognized as well. Angels appear... to guide you onward, whether you see them or not, as most do not. The Media was the cause of what happened in Waukesha last night. The endless never-ending, unabating press of faux-outrage caused this to happen, and those who own and operate this media KNOW what they are doing, and what they intend.

The spark of God is in them too. This WILL BE their undoing. It will all prove to have been to no avail, despite the massive casualties and epic suffering they caused on their way, their doom is certain, and we shall see this come to pass in our time. The Awakening WILL NOT be stopped, and as it proceeds it will be opening up avenues of realization in the hive mind. People will see, instinctively within, what the truth of the matter is, and there will be no hiding place in the aftermath.

I recommend walking with The Living God, in The Garden at dawn and dusk... and all through the interim. Let The Deathless Master be your pilot. He KNOWS the beginning and ends of all things. He set the parameters. He set the oceans above and below. He measured out the light and the darkness. He did... and does... all of it. Enlightenment is basically composed of this awareness coming into a fixed state; sort of like fixation of the volatile... solve et coagula... and so forth.

End Transmission.......

Let's have a closing song from a seldom celebrated master of the form, both as a lyricist and a guitarist. I give you, Bruce Cockburn and... Tibetan Side of Town=

Bruce Cockburn - Tibetan Side of Town

Some relevant links=

Via National File
Alleged Wisconsin Christmas Parade Attacker Rapped About George Floyd, Black Power, Anti-Police Rhetoric

Darrell E. Brooks

Via Fox News
Just to show where things are at these days, I read more than half a dozen accounts of this event and NONE OF THEM had a description of the suspect.
If you read down through
the article, way down, you will see WHY there was no description=
Waukesha Christmas parade witnesses describe chaos, blood after SUV strikes nearly 2 dozen

Via RedState
More and more details emerge
No wonder the Crass Media is hiding the details
(How are we going to spin this?)g=

Waukesha Attack Suspect ID'd; Was Released on Cash Bail Two Days Ago

Darrell Brooks

Via RedState
and the they have a power outage???=
Waukesha Attack:
People Asked to 'Shelter in Place,' Power Outage in Area, Report on Suspect

Via What Finger
Mr.Apocalypse again!!!
LeBron James GETS EJECTED After Sucker Punching Isaiah Stewart

Via Fox5 New York
Security guard arrested after not wearing mask on bus dies in Santa Rita Jail

Via Fox News
This sounds like extremely good news in the last sentence,and i t is what we have been predicting will come to pass; not that we are any good at that, but so it is=
Jesse Watters:
Rittenhouse verdict a massive loss for corporate media

Via JD Washington @ The Liberty Loft
Wheels within wheels;
This fellow has a good mind=

Could a surprising change at the DOJ be on the way?

Via Neon Nettle
There is a total breakdown taking place=
Man Convicted of Raping 4 Children Spared Jail by Judge:
Prison 'Isn't Appropriate'

Christopher Belter

Via Fox News
Not so strange bedfellows=
Time's Up fires staff after its CEO, chair admitted advising Andrew Cuomo during sex scandal

Vanity and self-importance, artistic arrogance with little reason, ALWAYS get my attention, the way tin ducks do at a shooting gallery=
I will not be shuffled around by Spotify

Via @MechanicalMons2 on Twitter
Twitter link

Via @KyleHooten2 on Twitter
An actual case of Possession=
"Fuck America" a woman says...Oh dear

Via @DefnotDarth on Twitter
Mr. Apocalypse is EVERYWHERE!
Not only Gaige Grosskreutz' evidence that was shakey


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