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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

In Elysian Fields with Everything and Nothing
By Les Visible
May 13, 2017 - 4:26:38 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting....... May 11th 2017

Whenever one changes location... or, let me say, whenever I change locations, it takes a bit of time before the atmosphere of the muse takes up residence and makes it possible for the ideas to process into images that then change into words. 

Moving right along, James Comey got fired! I was looking for that to happen and ironically he got fired in front of the place where the Directors Guild of America was holding some kind of event where he was scheduled to speak. We know to what degree Hollywood supports President Trump. My feeling is that Comey was up to no good as far as the administration goes. So much is happening behind the scenes these days that one might suspect that EVERYTHING is happening behind the scenes. Also, meanwhile, it looks like Israel has a firm lock on the administration so... what are we to expect in coming months and years? As we have maintained here many times, whoever controls the money flow in times of material darkness, controls the state of the world and... since only psychopaths are obsessed with controlling the money flow we can look forward to every urban center in the United States and elsewhere being turned into Chicago which, interestingly enough is in the hands of Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel. If we look deeper into that locale, all sorts of disturbing truths begin to surface concerning Hollywood's first gay black president. 

Moving right along, the gender bending war on normality, in tandem with the war on Christmas and Christianity- and both of these financed and orchestrated by the ones who control the money flow- continues apace. Once again, behind the scenes is where all the action is taking place. The main war can be defined as spiritual but... the material form it takes is a war on your sexual nature and anyone who is not perceiving this as what it is, is either deeply rooted in the right perspective or unaware of the agenda at work. The sexual drive, along with the survival instinct are our strongest impetus and both the mating instinct and the 'flight or fight' syndrome are top dogs in what drives us; gaining transformative control over the one and creating threats against the other are what the dark side puts its attention on. Once we are confused enough and frightened enough, we are easily controlled. 

All over the world there are forces at work that want to reduce the larger portion of humanity into a state worse than death. Every successful culture is built around the family unit. Destroy that and you have destroyed civilization. It should come as no surprise that Hollywood and the political and religious realms have come together as one voice in support of all things antagonistic to human welfare. 

We would be screwed were it not for the Avatar- Mr Apocalypse and the true and enduring spiritual hierarchy. They are also working behind the scenes. They've got front folks out here, just like the bad guys but the orders come from within- in both cases. When the one can twist your sexual nature, they can also use the powerful forces of guilt, confusion, regret and all the attendant lords and ladies dancing in the shadow lights at the grand ballroom of The Overlook Hotel. When they can put you in fear of your welfare and your life, they can bring in the big guns of fear and all the little minions of expression that fear is heir to. 

Just as the leaders of contemporary suspect agencies and industries are titular heads... straw men and women... masks that conceal a common darkness beneath; the Avatar, Mr. Apocalypse and the true spiritual hierarchy are stained glass masks through which a common light shines. The same can be said of every spiritual founder and heavenly representative of every trinity and singularity that exists or has ever existed. These are all vehicles for the purpose of the demonstration of the light in these confines of manifest darkness... just as all the predators and human form occupied, demonic automatons are expressions of the darkness, as representatives of the particular archetype whose position they occupy for the time they occupy it... as well as the myriad that get their marching orders from those frequencies whether they ever know who and what. Far too many have no idea what is animating them over whatever winding road to perdition they may be on. 

During the time following the Israeli orchestrated attacks of 9/11 the Bush administration launched the Extraordinary Rendition program, no doubt put into operation by dual national neo-cons to apply the most brutal tortures to pretty much anyone caught up in their security sweeps and this went on for years and is still taking place. The intention was to gain information from these people which they did not have. The information sought was in the hands of those who set the program in motion so... these people were being tortured and killed for information possessed by the people torturing and killing them. Somewhere I hear Kafka laughing, or crying. Warlord's in Afghanistan were offered large sums of money to capture and turn over people who might be complicit in terrorist activities. These warlords grabbed anyone they didn't like, or anyone handy and sold them into torture and death for their personal profit. Somewhere in any number of bars around the world, some fool is telling some girl he wants to screw, that he works for an intelligence service. 

A few years ago, an Austrian cross-dresser with a beard won the Eurovision Song contest. The last time someone like this won was 1998 when a contestant from Israel won. In order for perversity to drag the world into a Hellish landscape of universal torment it has to first go mainstream. We're not going to go into all the strange agendas that are at work in this time. Anyone who chooses to be informed is aware of a good number of them. It can all seem overwhelming. Appearances rule perception, unless one is trained to see through them and... few are. If you are caught in the thrall of appearances, they are what you believe to be real. They are not real. They only seem to be. If you believe them then you can be shaped by them until you no longer recognize yourself. That is the point of the exercise. 

Throughout the course of the human experience here, ancient forces have been at work. Although, in these times, it seems that the evil forces are at the height of their powers, they are really in rapid decline. This is why they are engaged in a last desperate effort to drag as many of us with them as they can. Each day, the light grows stronger. Each day, the Avatar, Mr. Apocalypse, the Mahdi, Christ returning, however it manifests itself to you... each day that primary expression of the ineffable further expands in the hearts of those who await it and more directly engages in their destiny in the world. Without the influx of the divine and healing grace, all would be lost. In some cases it appears to be and in some cases it may be though... while there is life there is hope. 

For some, the shine and the glitter is everything. For others, with it always out of reach, the longing for it is everything. In almost every case these roles reverse themselves over and over, dancing in Elysian Fields when the meter is full and the music stops when the meter is empty. It is an endless cycle of suffering, with everything and with nothing... because of what is missing but... to have what is missing is to find yourself indifferent to everything and nothing. They are just stages of experience in which what is missing demonstrates how far it exceeds the value and lack that manifests in everything and nothing. There is only one pain that is meaningful and it expresses in one fashion or another in every pain that can be experienced. It is the pain of separation. Too many of us do not even realize what we are separated from and that is why life in most cases expresses itself as a dream. It is in dreams that we laugh and shed our tears. Upon awakening... upon awakening... well... I would be a liar if I tried to put into words and you will know that they are liars when they do. 

Though many of us have never met, I count you as my friends who read and grasp these words. They are a poor effort on my part to say, "I love you." I love you because I have no choice. Those who do not love at every opportunity know nothing about God. Those who do not give as a compulsion every time life presents the chance know nothing about God. Those who do not emulate the teachings of those who set the standards and codes for true conduct know nothing about God. 

There are a lot of people who are squeaky clean on paper but we need to understand who processed the paper. There are so many who live upright lives where they are being watched and do whatever they please when they think they are not but God is always watching. There is a reason that God hung out with publicans and sinners and it was not solely because they were lost, on paper. It is because God despises hypocrites and those who pretend more than he does those who do not hide their excesses. I am not favoring one over the other. I'm... just saying (grin). 

I hope this has registered somewhere with someone, the way it has registered with me. I've been a fool and fallen short more times than I can remember but I have always loved God and God has been my primary pursuit; given that is why I came here in the first place. Love God and love one another and everything else will take care of itself... it is something axiomatic. 

End Transmission.......


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©2005-2018 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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