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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"If You Think You Might Enjoy a Finer Life in a Brighter World, then We have Something in Common."
By Les Visible
Dec 18, 2021 - 5:11:46 AM

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A good portion of the NFL is down because some of the players caught The Common Cold. This is what happens with the tests they are giving. They do not test for what they say they test for. They test for everything remotely similar to what they say they are testing for. Meanwhile, they only tested 3 teams. They seem to feel that the idea of the luck of the draw is fine with them, even if your luck gets drawn and quartered.

It is amazing and insane that so many people, people you would assume possess a certain level of intelligence, can be so remarkably STUPID. Now they come out with a new metrosexual variant upon its previous fairy tale virus. It seems to only cause meaningful reactions among triggered snowflakes who sizzle on the solar griddle of reality. Lies have no meaning and no life force. Keep company with them and neither will you.

You can see that they have targeted certain places (mostly red states) for culling and some are given some saltwater placebo. This way they can disguise who they kill and also get valuable information in their efforts to turn The Earth into Hell Planet. Try to make yourself aware, people, they do not only intend to kill you once your usefulness to them has gone below a certain level. They ALSO intend to torture and enslave you. I suggest you look and see what The Usual Suspects did in Russia and the satellite countries after their Bolshevik Revolution.

We now have a combination of Communists AND Jacobins, aligned against Humanity. Looks bad, doesn't it? Don't worry about it. Worry won't do a damn bit of Good. It is the slow form of Panicking in an emergency. One is like a fatal heart attack. The other is like Cancer. They are like storm clouds. They are like the shadows that come to life after you took bad acid. They have no real substance, although... sometimes they can be a transport system for tragedy IF YOU BUY INTO IT.

If your Faith no longer even causes the needle to move when circumstances field test it, it is probably hard for you to believe in a Heavenly Hierarchy, in angels with flaming swords, in elemental forces that are ridden by wrathful deities. I am mixing the metaphors of different religions but... IT IS ALL HEAVEN!!! East or West. Up or down... Heaven and Hell are both a state of mind. The appearances of Heaven and Hell adjust to your temperament. If many have a common experience in Heaven, it is only because everyone possesses the required amount of Love necessary to even be present there.

The Kingdom of Hell ALWAYS serves the interests of The Kingdom of Heaven, however unintentionally. Think of it as like a chariot with six wild stallions and the arm strength and concentration needed to hold them on course. The Virtues of Heaven will ALWAYS control and intimidate the Vices of Hell. Trust the Science! Does not a strong man always compel the weaker man to do his bidding? The weaker man must use craft like a fox among wolves. Yes, they have some crafty entities in the worlds below, but can they possibly contend with those who wield the light of Heaven? Who wins in a contest of force, The Sun or the Moon? The Moon has no power but what The Sun gives it.

What is wrong with people's minds that they can't clearly see this? It is past obvious to me. How can the forces of darkness come against me with any success or ANYONE who carries their light into The Darkness? There is NOTHING in The Darkness to trouble you unless you bring it with you. It is your own darkness that you contend with. I KNOW this because I have been there... ALONE, only not alone, not ever.

Stop letting these carnival barkers, these schoolyard bullies intimidate you. Shine a light in their eyes and it will blind them. They do not come around where the strong man is. They go where there is the fearful and weak. They look for more certain prey. It is The God Within that makes us strong. Sometimes they think they have sufficient numbers to come after The Strong. Then it is that they find The Strong have many strong friends. Look! Either you believe God is all-powerful or you do not. In both cases you will have the truth proven on you sooner or later. Do NOT proceed in Fear.

Of all the virtues one can possess, the dearest of them all is not Love, it is Purity. Yes... Purity is a product of Love Sustained. It cleanses you until you are pure... if you allow it to. Fasting causes certain changes in one's state of health. However, initially, you can feel weak and confused, and uncomfortable. That is... until a certain level of resident pollutants have been discharged. This is ALL simple stuff and everyone should already know this.

I am going through certain processes and what I write is like a travelogue through them. So I have Certitude about the efficacy of certain conditions and experiences because I am in them and having them. So are you!!! It is our attitude and intentions that determine our results. Some of what I do not know is explained to me as I am able to hold my attention on it. Some of it comes to me following a sleep. Some of it arrives via The Intuition. I KNOW what I need to know when I need to know it. Otherwise, I do not know at all. There are acts I used to be able to do with ease that are not the same now, and they have nothing to do with aging. HOWEVER... I don't have the same motivation in that specific direction, so my abilities have receded back into the pool from which the energy comes in order to take shape.

Hopefully, that explains the "I Don't Know" dynamic. In some cases, nothing will, because some people are so sure they know. They will find out about that, I assure you. What kind of self-perpetuating ignorance permits people to hold forth as experts on things they know nothing about? It is a self-deception. It is the broken compass of a mind gone wrong. "I don't know" opens the door to Understanding, the passive reflector of Wisdom. So long as you think you know... you are wrong. How is it that some can still know when they need to? It all depends on WHO they think The Knower is. I am a mere passenger on this train. I am NOT the conductor. I do know who The Conductor is, by a very intimate association within. This possibility is a potential in every one of us. When you surrender to The Will of Heaven, when you are utterly reliant upon The Divine, The Divine is permitted to express THROUGH you! You are no longer hindering the passage of his light.

As a person Thinketh, so are they, for better or for worse. My personal approach is to empty the mind of everything except the resident Knower, and then to let The Knower furnish the room as it pleases him. He IS in command and control AT ALL TIMES!!! This is ALL one needs to know. Everything else is a test of Faith, and if your faith is well placed, the tests are walk-throughs. All of your struggles are with that part of yourself that is in rebellion to Heaven. Still the Reactive Mind and be at peace.

The Carnal Mind is broadcasting its objectives at all times and they are ALL Carnal. The horses need to be yoked into harness. The bear must be taught to dance, the dog to heel, the monkey to be still. You have the entire animal kingdom within you, and it must be restrained and directed. Can you do this? NO, you cannot. Can The Divine within accomplish this? There is NOTHING that The Divine cannot accomplish. What do you think this whole spectacle of life is about? It is God playing with himself and looking for himself in all of his creations. God is perpetual recess and overnight camping trips in the Devic Kingdom of The Mind. Make him your friend! Make him your playmate. Make everything in your life about him AND... Whoa! Words fail!

God does not will misfortune on people. They bring that on themselves. Events will assuredly get testy in places. In some places they already are. You will not ever find yourself in such a location if it does not first exist in your mind. The projector for all you see is in your head. The screen is your mind. How you feel about it drives your interest in whatever the direction is; toward it... or the other way (grin). It's not rocket surgery. People first deceive themselves. The Garden of Eden allegory is about this. People first deceive themselves and then they deceive each other and soon they live in a world of illusion. This does not have to be the case.

When you engage in self-deception you set yourself apart from God. When you are concealing nothing (becoming like a little child) you are back in The Garden. The Sun is the perfect expression of naked transparency. He funnels the light from its original source. The further up the mountain you go the cleaner and sweeter is the water. So it is in every sense. Cities are not good places for the expression of more fundamental qualities of the heart and mind. I don't mean to disparage them but... there is a reason that The Wise enjoy solitude and Nature. This must also be present within you before you see it without. In the end... to each their own.

If you think you might enjoy a finer life in a brighter world, then we have something in common.

End Transmission.......

What I will do, since I am always being asked to recommend movies, and to save you the trouble as well, I will now include (after today) in the links section certain web addresses like IMDB. And... so the links=

Via ripx4nutmeg@Twitter
All ass Babylon=

Via Information Liberation
Doesn't this prove the point that they have far too much influence?=
ADL Demands Fox News Censor Comic Casting Soros As A 'Puppet Master'; Fox News Dutifully Complies -THREAD:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
You could say that all of the words for this picture are profane=


Via The Real History Channel
From our resident political analyst=
NY Times: Inside the F.B.I. File of Trump's Feared Mentor, Roy Cohn:
A Rebuttal

Via Gateway Pundit
Smart doctor!
MIT Doctor in UK House of Commons:
"Not Safe for People Who Know the Origin of the Pandemic to Come Forward"

Via Fox News
Baker Mayfield and The Deep State NFL=
Baker Mayfield rips NFL amid Browns' COVID outbreak, calls for delaying Saturday's game

Via Fox News
Going down?= Still in denial-
Salvation Army 'Red Kettle' donations lagging after posting racism guide

Via Breitbart
This is how they destroy you. They come for your children. They KNOW that you will only be here for a few decades, give and take. By that time your children's generation will have had children. They know what they're doing.
Too bad for them that God is REAL=

UK Commissioner Asks Parents to Talk to Their Nine-Year-Olds About Porn

Via lporiginalg@Twitter
In some ways, you would have to say, it looks grim for the ones caught up in it=


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