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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

I'll Be in a Lounge Chair by the Pool at the Cornucopia Condominium Complex
By Les Visible
Sep 18, 2019 - 4:28:05 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......
There are days that come around and there is no immediate thing that comes to mind to be spoken about. Maybe that is a day not to say anything at all, or maybe it is a day to address the forces beneath the surface of appearances, those forces that account for the appearances, in tandem with the reactions to those appearances. Anyone paying attention, knows that there are forces at work that are inimical to the best interests of the human race. Anyone paying attention knows that in recent years there has been an EVER INCREASING press upon the culture to be transformed in unnatural ways, concerning public behavior and concerning sexual mores. Anyone who doesn't know what a 'more' is can be educated by this definition; the fixed morally binding customs of a particular group.
It is obvious that we are living in a time of the tyranny of minorities. I should point out that I and most all other sane and right thinking people, know that press of force on the culture and sexual mores have particular agendas in mind. At the heart of the agenda is the dissolution of the family unit (the basic building block of civilization), in fact, the destruction of the family unit, in order to create the Family Eunuch and to legitimize in the court of both public opinion and law, every perversity under the sun. This serves to both disparage NORMAL behavior and to place abnormal behavior above it. As a result of the evil and nefarious activities of these forces at work, we now have 119 genders. They are listed for you, if you have the time and patience to see them.
Any sane person, any person capable of objective thought and any person who still possesses the necessary integrity and courage KNOWS that all this gender bender chatter is toxic hyena shit; the sort of effluvia that is generated by the consumption of poisonous matter, from which poisonous nutrition is taken to feed a poisonous body and whatever poisons that were left were so poisonous they couldn't be assimilated into that poisonous body... that is the effluvia generated and of which gender bender chatter is composed. There are two genders. The ONLY variant is the occasional and rare hermaphroditic kind.
People who are surgical altered from one gender to another are still, according to their DNA, still the same sex they were before they underwent the change. It doesn't matter if they suddenly have breasts where there were no breasts previously, or if they now have facial hair where there was previously no facial hair. It doesn't matter how loud they scream and curse, the truth of the matter is not changed. It is the same scenario as AshkeNAZI Khazar's having not one iota of Semitic DNA and Palestinians having every iota of Semitic DNA. Every effort of obfuscation, every argument otherwise, is refuted by scientific inquiry. This is the case with nearly every permutation of the insidious forces presently engaging in a ruthless war against the well being of humanity.
Another complete lie is the lie of Global Warming. Global Warming is yet another variation of toxic hyena shit, composed of the effluvia that followed the ingestion of a different poisonous matter. Whether there are climactic changes taking place at this time is not the question. Climactic changes are ALWAYS taking place. Sometimes they are more intense than at other times. Global Warming and Global Cooling have been coming and going as long as the phases of existence have been coming and going. Filling the stratosphere with aluminum particles or whatever other ignorant efforts that have been the fruit of voodoo science, does no good and possibly does great harm.
It should be here recognized and established as true that there is a cabal of contrasting interests, whose collective goal is to manifest chaos and dissension throughout the ranks of humanity, to destroy civilization, to- in fact- create Hell on Earth. I call them 'contrasting' because they are in line to get a variety of 'different' benefits from accomplishing the destruction of civilization and creating Hell on Earth. Let me say that they think or imagine that they are in line to receive certain benefits. One might take a cue from Satan's alleged statement in Paradise Lost; "Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven." The entities generating the anti-human forces think that they are going to be rewarded by the Father of Lies. The Prince of Darkness is God as the wicked see him. What should this tell you about the outcome of existence and the meaning of life?
It should be here stated that the representatives of these anti-human and anti stable culture forces are de facto Satanists. They are Satanists by virtue of the Duck Rule; 'if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, it must be a duck'. Now, of course, a man can crouch down and and duck walk, while quacking, but a sane and objective person would note that it was a man doing this. Then again there is the tale of the Emperor's New Clothes and people who refuse to believe their lying eyes cause... it will make someone else angry OR... they stand to lose big if they admit the truth to themselves. If it were a common feature of genus homini ordinarius to see what they were looking at, as what they were actually looking at, or hearing what they were actually hearing, we wouldn't have aberrant groups like Antifa, or people like the Kardashians and other 'influencers' with many millions of social media followers, who rely on them for cosmetic tips and fashion accessory advice.
Obviously far too many people have never considered the cartoon aspect of putting lipstick on a pig. There are far more cases of it being a bad idea to use cosmetics and to wear certain clothing and adornments than there are cases where it works as an improvement but... what can you expect when women's clothing and shoes are designed by men who hate women and where all of the leaders and spokeswhatevers for women are women who hate men. There is no such thing as a cognitive disconnect that auto-corrects.
There is no shame in walking into any town on either coast of the United States and being scared shitless, after enough contact with the world around you; not if you are sane and not if you see things as they are, instead of the interpretations placed on it all by awareness influencers. In today's world, good musical composing and songwriting, inspired literature, poetry and painting are not only not promoted, they are censored. Those who have taken over every area of art, television, movies and media, did it for the sole purpose of controlling what you see and hear and appreciate. As to the last that is how it is because that is all there is.
The obvious intention of those manipulating the forces of cultural expression and human identity, is to dumb down the population, obsess them with banal and stupid entertainments (bread and circuses), promote promiscuity and degenerate behavior, coarsen human nature, eliminate all tendency toward nobility and refinement and set us against each other, while making our environments more and more dangerous, and making it harder and harder to survive economically, unless you are among the privileged, thus promoting class and race warfare. This SHOULD BE palpably evident.
What is a sane and caring and still capable of objective reasoning sort of person supposed to do? Here's a clue. If God (the indefinable and incomprehensible) is all powerful and the devil is only God the way the wicked see him; then we are in a movie that exists for the purpose of demonstration. Life is where we act out according to our desires, appetites and ambitions and where we learn the true cost of everything by both experiencing it and by the disappointment and loss connected to the experiencing. Right off the bat, it doesn't matter if you die. What matters is where you were headed when you did, because that will keep right on happening, until it turns into something else, either through losing interest, due to seeing it was pointless, or trauma opening one's eyes and it will continue in an endless spiraling of concentric rings, until one does, through serendipity, spiritual practice, mercy or the grace of one who has attained, discovers the one pursuit with any value that renders all other pursuits vain and meaningless.
Every generation is confronted with different challenges, all of them distractions. The eternal verities do not change. Global Warming is not burning the Amazon rain forest. It was burning worse a dozen years ago. It is always burning for certain reasons you can easily discover. The melting ice caps keep trapping people going to those zones to prove they are melting, in ice that keeps appearing.
Reality, as it appears to be, is always a projection of the belief system of the aggregate population, agreeing on the most commonly assumed delusion of the moment. The human mind generates the reactions of nature (as shall be shortly seen). Imbalance at the creating end produces it at the manifesting end. One's personal life is also an expression of what you thought into being, due to the Karma that directed the kind and quality of thought that precipitated through the four states; the idea, the blueprint, the construction and the finished product. There are those (the few) who can do this in an immediate fashion but ALL OF US DO IT through our every day. Eventually it shows up. We should not be surprised about that.
If you are a friend of the cosmos, by being in harmonic alliance with the will of the cosmos, everything works in your favor. You have a condo at the mouth of the cornucopia. Alternatively, you are at one stage or another of bringing forth your self appointed destiny, of character expressing fate. It doesn't matter what anyone or everyone else in the world does. What matters is what you do. Every single one of us can change the world by constant meditation on desired outcome and a little efficacy with the lever of Archimedes. It should go without saying that seeking to change the world to the ultimate benefit of everyone else, is going to be a lot more cosmically backed and streamlined than one personal issue or another. This is not to say they won't come true as well. This is just to say you would rather wish they hadn't when they do.
End Transmission.......
Today's Song is- ♫Who Do You Love?♫
Pocketnet; remember to bring your wetsuit.


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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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