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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"I can see the Neon DENOUEMENT Sign, Winking in the Event Horizon of Pending Dramatic Change."
By Les Visible
Oct 3, 2020 - 5:40:33 AM

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October 2nd 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What was the first thing I thought when I heard that President Trump and the First Lady had caught the- not nearly as bad as they make it out to be- COVID virus? It did not take a great deal of rumination and contemplation. The bells rang in my head, making a sound very much like a bird chirping, ♫Put-up-job... Put-up-job♫ Years ago, in Woodstock, I would take walks with my girlfriend, Svargo (friends called her Dr. Svargo- thankfully she did not look like Omar Sharif.) and she would point out to me when the ♫Drink-your-tea♫ bird was singing in Byrdcliffe, where I lived on occasion. It was kind of like that.

I get this deep and abiding suspicion that The President has something in mind here. There is something in the wind. I don't know what is going to be taking place in the next fourteen days, while, ostensibly, cloistered in quarantine... but it is probably of major importance.

I also suspect that support for The President is much greater than the Ho-Press says it is, with their designer polls. The loud and shrill Communist Left and their fellow travelers, compose a MUCH SMALLER number of people than the Ho-Press and other STD-ridden Media are claiming. Because they are loud and obnoxious, they SEEM to be a more robust contingent; THEY ARE NOT.

Even with the general public, dumbed down to a Short Bus level, the amount of decent, law-abiding, and humane citizens, VASTLY outnumber the knuckle-dragging troglodytes. They are also, en masse, much more likely to vote.

Here is what is going on behind the scenes of this national soap opera. The voter fraud rank and file are being WATCHED... CLOSELY. Antifa and assorted skells have been INFILTRATED and are being analyzed and identified. The money trails are ALL being traced and the black bag apparatus of the Black Bloc Barbarians is being autopsied by their counterparts. A great deal is going on out of sight. I can see the neon DENOUEMENT sign, winking in the Event Horizon.

Although it may not have seemed like it, the forces of stability have not been asleep at the switch. This is not to say that The President has consistently handled himself in a professional manner. Still... I can understand why he's not as polished as many of us might wish. They have been hounding him for near four years. It takes its toll. I do think there are more rabbits in the hat than is generally presumed and IT IS OCTOBER. I suspect that Lady Nature will be making a statement as well.

I have no interest in painting the administration as the white hats and the Thug-Life Jacobins as the black hats. It's always been shades of gray, but the choice for me is clear. If the Left gets in, you might as well call in the trumpet player and The Little Drummer Boy for a rendition of Taps and start preparing for the wake; that's as far as this country is concerned. Given this, I believe that the Hand of Heaven is inclined toward the present, in-situ players. This would be, in large part, because of the ill wind that blows out of the Democratic Party. When in my Marcel Proust mindset, I have often contemplated that it is an ill wind that blows no one. Don't quote me on that and my apologies for having, momentarily, traded my spiritual head-gear for something approximating a do-rag. I have heard The Divine use bad language before, for emphasis.

One of God's most enduring qualities, in my mind, is his sense of humor and it ranges from the sardonic to the sublime. I've long been familiar with the connection point between The Sacred and the Profane; things are not what they seem to be, in the common anthropomorphic realm of the Mortal Mind-Projection Dynamic. Most everyone talks as if they had some idea of what God is like and what he would do in any given situation. I am here to tell you that you are, assuredly, flat out wrong, and uninformed.

I will attend that observation with my trademark statement, 'I don't know'. Given that I don't know, there is this visceral sense that no one else does either and when people tell me how they believe IT IS, my unspoken posture is... that is only their version and no more valid than any other. There are SOME FEW whose commentaries I consider SACROSANCT. Everyone else, I add Tamari to.

Perhaps you have noticed the glaring evidence of Satanic Activity, the world over, in recent decades? You saw in the last episode this post by Vigilant Citizen? Surely you know about Pizza-Gate; Spirit Cooking and Marina Abramovic, Adrenachrome, Child Sacrifices , and the general elevation of Satanic philosophy, moving like an Eastern Brown Snake through the emoji-land of Social Media? Satanism and Materialism are the same mindset, with only the addition of ritual to distinguish between them.

Perhaps you are wondering how did the Satanists take control of certain aspects of government? They have ALWAYS been there. How did the Satanists, via the Pink Mafia, take control of the entertainment world and all of its aspects? They have ALWAYS been there. How did the Satanists take control of organized religion? They have ALWAYS been there. How did Satanists get into the minds of those financing all this radical social change at the street level? They have ALWAYS been there. How did the Satanists take control of the policies of multi-national corporations, who are now throwing their weight behind the most profane and depraved lifestyles? They have ALWAYS been there. How did a Satanic curriculum insidiously insinuate itself into the educational system? They've always been there. The only difference now is the VISIBILITY. They are overconfident to a fault BUT The Ineffable has arranged it so.

The forces of darkness, which cloud the human mind, are resident in the human mind, WHEREVER there is also resident a favorable environment of intentions, appetites, and desires of a certain order. As Materialism intensifies, that environment proliferates, more and more widely, and more and more intensely. A dirty kitchen, a dirty house, WILL attract vermin. What do you think takes place in a dirty mind? This is WHY you MUST stand guard at the Gateway of the Mind! The light working angels are harvesting the souls of the willing, so are the demonic agents of darkness. This is no joke. This is no fantasy of mine. This is not speculation. This is REALITY.

How does one go wrong? It starts with little departures. They seem insignificant, this expedience perspective and the cutting of corners. The little departures become routine. Naturally, this opens the door for bigger departures, ultimately resulting in the question, "How did I get here?" Bilbo once told Frodo that you have to be very careful when you walk out of your door because the road that runs past your house CAN take you ANYWHERE! "Even to Mordor!"

Changing your life is hard! It is never so hard as when you are trying to change. Think of all those New Year's resolutions. Everything is more difficult in the beginning; anything you are trying to learn, or accomplish. This is why there is a Chinese hexagram called Difficulty at the Beginning. What many people do not know and which costs them dearly, is that it takes ten days to two weeks to get past the initial stage of transformation, whether it is your taste buds or most bad habits, or if you are instituting a discipline. It's work, in the beginning, attended with this recurrent thought; 'I don't want to do this.' After a period of regular practice, it will get to where you can't NOT DO IT. I KNOW this from experience, again and again. It will even turn into a joyful expression, if it is a discipline that changes you for the better.

People have gotten lazy and self-indulgent. They have let down their guard and abandoned their vigilance. Often there is no one watching the store. TRULY; "Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty!" The negative side-effect of this is... just like when you leave your car unlocked at the wrong location, or at an inopportune moment, it gets stolen. This is how the mind gets hijacked as well and it is happening in a pandemic far worse than COVID. Because of self-interest, people have become more credulous, they WANT to believe what is not true cause MAYBE... just MAYBE it is. They say you can't cheat an honest man. This I firmly believe, with a tad of elaboration to that effect.

Why am I telling you this? Because it says in The Bible; "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:" This is true and most especially true in these times. This IS the time of The Harvesting. There is a serious competition afoot. I tell you this, not only due to the danger BUT... because of the GREAT opportunity that is present in these times for those who are steadfast and endure. There are INCREDIBLE possibilities for you. I goldarn guarantee it. If people ONLY KNEW...

You probably have noted that I quote Christ and the apostles MORE than anyone else over the course of time here, yet... I am not a Christian because I WILL NOT belong to a system that has corrupted the message of the one upon whose teachings the system is based. God is a LIVING REALITY and PRESENT. You don't need books, rituals, censers, and drag queen ensembles to be in the groove. You don't need pecking orders and you don't need priests or intermediaries. The eternal Bible is written on the walls of the secret chambers of the heart. All you need is The Presence and YOU HAVE THAT. You would not be alive without it. An effort has to be made to establish conscious contact and if I can do it, you can do it. How bad do you want it? GOD IS REAL! Rather than resisting God, which MOST people do, without even knowing it; why not channel God? Why not GET OUT OF THE WAY. It will change your life fundamentally and in ways that beggar your present imagination.

The world is filled with clumsy dancers, dancing to the music in their head and adamantly living THEIR OWN Truth. There is no such thing. When you can't see what is going on, you run into things. You trip over things. Give up and let Love be your guide.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is; ♫The Love♫

Well... let's see if Parler is still closing off my links. I'm still looking for another place as a failsafe for when Facebook inevitably shuts me down; if ANYONE out there has any ideas. Meanwhile, Piss-in-Boots Parler is still there for the disinterested.

As far as news gathering sites and social-political forums go, I've found NONE BETTER than Pocketnet. Just click on All Posts at the top of the page.


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