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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Feb 21, 2021 - 6:22:11 AM

"I Wish You the Spirit of Christmas in this Transforming Time."
By Les Visible
Dec 25, 2020 - 5:38:41 AM

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December 23rd 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Christmas. The celebration of the last Avatar's birth. There is a noticeable shift in kind this year. The advent of the coming avatar has merged with the previous cycle. It is a timeless thing, after all; God deciding to manifest in human form. It doesn't happen often, and he's never far away from an open heart even when he's not coming and going.

These days, those seeking the presidency of the United States, are beginning to start campaigning years before the next election. Presidential candidates are not on a par with an avatar. The Avatar begins his preparations and 'projected' details of occurrence centuries and centuries before his arrival. Let us compare a president of the most powerful country (at the moment) in the world and an avatar. Most of the time a president presents himself as a wielder of meaningless gestures. With an avatar, EVERY gesture is meaningful and life-changing. Occasionally, we get a relatively decent person. If you look back over the last few years here, you see what happens to them when mysterious fortune has, momentarily, prevailed over the Leviathans of the Swamp. You may have your own opinion on the matter. I know what has been revealed to me and no more.

There is something that has ALWAYS surprised me. It has surprised me for most of this life. I should preface this with a qualifier. I've NEVER had any trouble believing in God and by now, I can say authoritatively that it is unlikely to ever happen. I lack in so many areas, but this is not one of them, and my whole life, this life, has been about creating situations for God to prove his existence to me, OVER and OVER, and OVER. I've not had any trouble believing in miracles and ascended beings. I find it so hard to understand how people can have any doubt at all about God, BUT... they do, and nothing will crush a life so definitively and decisively as DOUBT.

Even with The Avatar coming, again and again, people... in the larger majority just toss their lot on to a sea of material troubles in an unkind world. The World is NOT kind. The World is a living being whose purpose is to guide you, inexorably, step by painful step to Liberation. This is what ALL Living Forces who serve The Divine do as vocation AND avocation. There is such a joy and delight in this, in selfless service that one loses themselves in it, like a dolphin surfing ocean waves. It is impossible to explain this to anyone who does not already know it, BUT... anyone who engages in it with any consistency soon sees why it is so. I'd like to recommend a film that touches on this. Somehow this film escaped the viper's nest that is Hollywood. It's titled, "Same Kind of Different as Me." I recommended it a couple of years (or so) ago. Great art is still being made if you know where to look for it.

Yeah... I don't get all this dancing with flaming thorns, not once you know what it's about. People tell themselves and each other that they are going to devote their lives to finding and serving God, just as soon as they can get all their problems solved. That NEVER happens. Life doesn't operate like that. Life is designed to trap you. Even this is a benefic if you can look at it the right way. Yes, it traps you and this causes you to struggle to be free (grin). Why does it take so long, though? I'm glad you asked that. It doesn't take so long if you don't take so long. What sort of pace have you set? Uh-huh, there you go. That, in fact, also answers all sorts of other questions that may have been coming and going in your head.

It's not supposed to happen for most people with any real speed. With all I've read and been told, lives follow lives like leaves falling from a tree. I don't know if it can be determined; when someone's heart experiences a fundamental change. Then, the passion and zeal grow by leaps and bounds and LARGE expanses of Karmic terrain can be traversed in short order. It requires a superhuman effort to switch tracks and get the engine humming. Maybe THE FACT that we aren't doing anything ourselves might help with the perspective. God is the source of all force and action. The separated human mind sets itself AGAINST the Indwelling and shuts it up. UNTIL one cuts all that nonsense loose, one is going to be a clumsy dancer. Once one does shut all that nonsense down, the timeless dance moves through them. Death is put aside. One CAN walk right out of this world and into the next. There are those living this right this moment.

We are told that The Kingdom of God is within. Right! Yeah... Let me get back to you about that. One of the biggest problems is that those who should do, do not walk the talk. People think their deceptions are not seen. Yes, they are. In fact, The Indwelling often points things and people out to us in our minds. Unfortunately, we often do not pay attention AND that hits our Faith and opens the door for Doubt later on.

God IS... Literally, right this minute, occupying a state within you and taking note of EVERYTHING that transpires with you. God has to be approached as a suitor. Your love HAS TO be at a certain level of force and consistency. God is waiting. Who knows what his inscrutable purpose is? The BEST we can do is to incline in his direction. Like Lao Tzu said, "Heaven prefers no man but the wise man prefers Heaven." If you want to understand God, as much as it is possible for a mortal, simply look at The Sun and observe what it is that The Sun does, and... do likewise. That will get the angels' attention.

They say Christmas is the season for giving. Of course, you remember those times when you were caught up in the spirit of it. It was all about The Giving. For those who are giving themselves away, every day is Christmas. Jesus the Christ taught us all one needs to know about that. However, The Avatar comes for SPECIFIC reasons each time he comes. There are always remarkable similarities because The Qualities of God are timeless and ever-present, BUT... the job to be done varies. As we mentioned here recently, he is coming this time as The Rewarder and The Punisher. The very planets heralding his coming indicate the nature of his appearance.

The Wind doesn't blow all day. The rain does stop. Night comes and the day follows. There is ALWAYS chaos and confusion at the turning of the age. In such times one should retreat to the still silent center. Once again; God is ALL POWERFUL. Everything is under control. Accept that and resonate with it, or resist and rebel. Those are the options and... how do you resist an irresistible force?

I wish you The Spirit of Christmas in these times. Put your mind on joyful things and not on the sad distractions being created by those who would enslave you. If they have power then you gave it to them. All power belongs to God, AND... most of the time, in the material sense, it is wielded, knowingly or unknowingly, for The Purpose of Demonstration. People THINK they are in charge, and God is inclined to let them think so, for The Purpose of Demonstration. THEY- are NOT in charge. For some reason, most people think that the people who think they are in charge, are in charge. All things are in flux on the wheels of eternal change. Change is the constant, and... change IS coming again.

I wish you all a VERY MERRY Christmas!!! I wish you the unshakable Faith in The Avatar, because he comes not just to work his miracles on the material conditions in which he arrives. He is also coming to work his miracles on you. ALL that is required of you is to be open to his coming, to be welcoming. Just as our four seasons repeat again and again; at much rarer intervals does this season arrive. We are no longer in The Season of the Witch. Maya is to be suspended, briefly. It is one of those conundrums that mystifies the human mind. The Avatar comes clothed in his own self generated Maya in order to appear. God frees us and God binds us. God does and does not lead us into temptation. Get 'right' with God.

End Transmission.......

We can forget the links today. Composing these posts is much more difficult on the laptop than in my usual format.



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