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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Aug 3, 2020 - 11:48:34 PM

"I Wish I could Convey to You, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the REALITY of a Divine Presence."
By Les Visible
Aug 3, 2020 - 11:44:57 PM

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August 2nd 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are different rules in an apocalypse than in ordinary times. In ordinary times, the predators and malefic life forms; the crocodile swine who sit at the table as our betters, snuffling, and snorffling, snout deep in the trough of human misery, drunk on the tears of their victims, s-e-e-m to get away with their psychopathic antics. What changes in an apocalypse is that a mass awakening REVEALS to humanity WHO IT IS that is responsible for their suffering. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! The ones suffering are the ones responsible, in a cosmic sense, for what they endure, BUT... there are 'the facilitators' who do evil for the sheer joy of doing it and... in an apocalypse, NOTES COME DUE. This is why there is such a frantic scurrying about by the ones who SEE WHO AND WHAT IS COMING FOR THEM.

It is in these times that the lies THEY have used to intimidate and enslave humanity are EXPOSED. The tissue paper fabrications, the ill-made origami-paper tigers begin to unravel (or catch fire) and even though they have set in motion safeguards, to protect them from being denuded, it is to no avail.

Try as they might, there is a surge of awakening and awareness that is working to the contrary of all of their feckless arguments.

Article accompanying the above video on the Fox News web site -
"Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Tech giants should stop letting bigots,
terrorists spread hatred online"

YOU CANNOT STOP what happens in the human mind, when it is coming into the human mind from an interior source. This is the same tactic they themselves have used, with subliminal programming and sensory deceptions.

One of the arguments used in the article, linked in the last paragraph, AND I WILL USE THE REFERENCES MADE BY THE AUTHOR is;

"One post claims 'Jewish supremacists actively calling for GLOBAL #whitegenocide.' Hashtags like #kalergiplan (a white nationalist hoax claiming a Jewish plan exists to breed Europe out of existence) also lead to materials related to QAnon and other conspiracy platforms." Tell me... is it not the Satanist, George Soros who is behind the forced immigrations into Europe who is doing JUST THAT!?!

Now... it is NOT ONLY a vicious cabal of Tribe centric malefactors who are responsible. It is a collective of dovetailing interests and useful idiots, who swell their numbers considerably. HOWEVER... they are the brains of the operation and the financiers of the efforts to topple Western Civilization. The Founding Fathers of THIS COUNTRY warned, in printed form, against allowing THEM to do what they are presently doing. You can EASILY find the evidence of these warnings, just as you can easily source who is financing the mindless automatons who are calling for the tearing down of the statues and memorials of The Founders in present time.

I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO SAY THE THINGS I SAY... BUT... I went looking for the truth and I found it and I can prove it past all possibilities of argument to the contrary. I possess such a wealth of FACTS that verify what I say that it is ludicrous to dispute them BUT... when you have ALL THE MONEY AND OWN ALL THE MEDIUMS ON THE INFORMATION HIGHWAY... well... yeah.

THEY KNOW that the forces of The Celestial Realm are coming for them. This is one of the main reasons for the COVID HOAX; to shut down the system and render America into a docile slave state. It's been coming for a long time, regardless. It has been coming since Adam Weishaupt and The Rothschilds and before.

Saying these things does me no Earthly Good BUT... my love of Truth COMPELS ME to this end. One of the great warriors for truth, Lasha Darkmoon, has had much to say on the subject and she is not alone BUT... our numbers are small indeed, by comparison with The Ranks of the Stupid and Frightened, marching to perdition, under the lash of the galley masters, as they row upon the toxic waters of the sea of The Great Unwashed. Each Stupid is like a drop of water in this Ocean of Stupidity.

Now The Stupids have yet another army forming; The Maskholes. This term was coined by one of our readers, Hereticdrummer.

This is Petri Dish so... some latitude is permissible in terms of language employed and the severity of commentary. The Truth is not always pretty. It is OFTEN not pretty and that is why people don't want to look at it. ANOTHER REASON PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT IT IS... with knowledge comes responsibility. They DON'T WANT TO KNOW. It compromises and endangers their material interests and attachments. It makes them feel vulnerable, AS IF THE TRUTH WERE NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH TO DEFEND ITSELF and them. It is, I assure you.

We are here TEMPORARILY. You WILL DIE. You will pass on and no matter what steps you take, you WILL NOT prevent it BUT... people prefer to deceive themselves. They do not want to think about it. They do not want to hear about it. They want to immerse themselves in the aura of their self-deception and MAYBE it will just go away. It WILL go away AND it WILL take you with it. One of the main tenets of a successful spiritual life is, DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF. I could go on and on about the reasons for why lying to yourself is a REALLY BAD IDEA and I have done so, many times here and elsewhere.

The Deep State, the International Organization of Pedophiles at Large and sundry offenders of all that is good and decent, are out to get the president of this country and EVERYTHING you see, from The COVID Scam to the rioting and mayhem is a direct result of this. Were it not for The Realm of the Invisible and of The Ineffable we would be in serious trouble here. It is difficult to believe in what you cannot see when the force of what you can see is so visible and in your face. What is really going on, is not what you think you see and not what you are told it is. This is not what the predators and manipulators think it is either. It is A TIME OF TESTING. Everything that is happening is designed to REVEAL who we are to ourselves and everyone else. This IS the Time of the Summing Up.

I have NO AGENDA against ANY group of people. I number among my friends, members of EVERY race, and color and creed. Of course, saying this will get you about as far as saying, "Some of my best friends are..." I don't have to defend myself. Heaven will do that and I leave my fate and all else in the hands of Heaven. HOWEVER... I cannot IN GOOD CONSCIENCE demur or evade my responsibilities as a Human Being. Given that what SHOULD BE SAID is being said by so few of us, ANYONE who is a Person of Conscience MUST Stand and Deliver OR be found wanting.

I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the presence of invisible forces, which are observing us... every one of us... at ALL TIMES. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM that invisible forces are responsible for ALL visible conditions. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the REALITY of a Divine Presence and the unmatched power and control being exercised AT ALL TIMES by said Presence. GOD IS REAL. It may be that nothing else is, given that ALL ELSE is of Temporary Nature and The Divine Presence is ETERNAL and unchanging. Yes... the Divine Presence ALSO has personas that give the appearance of Change for The Purpose of Demonstration.

ALL WILL BE well and ALL WILL NOT BE WELL, simultaneously. I've given similar imagery many times here. We are ALL OF US on a highway, this highway is unique for each of us and is headed in the direction of our intentions. It is a multi-dimensional construct and each highway ends at a portal into the direct reflection of your intentions. IF you are in possession of Faith, Certitude, and Determination YOU CANNOT FAIL to arrive at your 'intended' destination. You will find, upon arrival, that you will then be in the company of kindred spirits and in some cases, in a barren field, with no other company than Saturn (that is not a misspelling).

We are ALL in a labyrinth and there is a Minotaur, who is the personification of base passion and the personal deception engendered by it. You will have no problem if you DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF. Ariadne has gifted each of us with a golden thread. Yes, it is all symbolic, but no less true for that. The tales, the allegories, and analogies of the past are all teaching devices. It is a sad commentary upon the times that so few have learned the lessons implicit in them. However sweet you might imagine the voices of The Sirens may be, they intend to eat you, regardless.

God is not impressed by your church attendance. We are in church at all times, given that our body is an Adytum. It is the case, in many cases, that one can be in a place but yet... not be there. The one who so beautifully designed you is NOT UNAWARE OF HIS CREATIONS. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM of this. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is, to love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind and all others as yourself, BECAUSE THEY MOST CERTAINLY ARE. It is VERY difficult to grasp how it is that this is true, but it is.

DO NOT concern yourself with appearances, the opinions of the world, or with the fear of your vulnerability to what you do not understand, love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind and all others as yourself. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM that this is true.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

♫ Rhinestones of Your Love ♫

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