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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

"Human Nature Trends Toward the Dark Side. One MUST have a Minder."
By Les Visible
Mar 3, 2021 - 5:03:20 AM

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March 2nd 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

All the personas of madness are manifesting due to the pressure of The Awakening in a Time of Apocalypse. You either incline toward or within, or resist and react. BUT... against what do you react? You are reacting against yourself, your best interests and your higher nature and you see it everywhere around you as people wrestle with this invisible angel and the equation of The Weakest Link comes into play. Pressure MUST BE channeled or it will break through in unfortunate ways.

Tolerance is not acceptance. I tolerate many things that I do not accept. I watched the Golden Globes last night (sans commercials). I don't like these people much. I do love them because I am compelled to emulate and imitate God inasmuch as I understand God. I watch shit like this on occasion to see what the intentions are of those who think they rule our world. It was a horror to watch. All the jokes fell flat and the disingenuous preaching was obscene. Diversity is not a strength. It is setting several camps against one another for the purpose of divide and conquer and rule. You would have to have seen it to know how bad it was. They are falling apart and they are afraid.

The citadels of their illusions are crumbling. When an age changes, little is spared change. They seem, like their befuddled president to be losing track of where they are. It happens. It is going to be happening in a much more dramatic fashion shortly

They don't care about black or brown people. They care about the force that can be raised through manufactured outrage, the chaos and revolution it can engender. Those backing all of these actions are not black or brown, though they have tame, bought and paid for versions to speak for them, with their minds set on what it could get them.

You poor, sad creatures, dancing while the temporary world you worship disintegrates before you. I don't need to worry about INCLUSION here because you are well served by people of every race and creed as long as it's Satanic. People go and do according to the money. Behind all the banners and slogans, behind all the hoopla, the pretense, and the Woo Woo, is the money. Dragons and other fearsome entities are never far from the treasures that captivate the lower nature

The awards had nothing to do with merit whatsoever. It had to do with throwing a sop to their Communist ideology of everyone being equal, except for those running the show. Meanwhile, the dialogue was a constant reinforcement of the Covid Hoax and nasty asides in really bad comedy skits about those who don't believe it.

If life is permitted to continue, the secrets of electromagnetics and the possibilities of Hydrogen, including, of course, The Sun, are soon to be revealed and developed on. The World and technology will transform overnight. They won't have to be worried about collisions in the air so the air is going to be filled with vehicles. My guess is that either way, a great deal of the population will be gone. Maybe I am wrong, this sense I get of a great recycling. Since the power of God is limitless, anything could happen.

I know from direct personal experience that there are alien cultures and representatives of a universal Far and Wide dressed in human skin. One of the favorite things for aliens to do when they come here is to get into the entertainment business or any kind of business they can get to act out in. We also happen to be on what passes for TV screens in many other solar systems. Any metaphysical scientist knows that the invisible worlds are populated by countless creatures who do not appear in the USUAL bandwidth of the senses. Why should it be otherwise for extra-dimensional creatures, or those in a similar construction to ourselves?

This world conceals many mysteries which are not revealed to the eyes of the profane. It is the same with the beings that populate the different astral and mental regions. You can find horrors which, once looked upon, can leave a lasting impression in the mind. You can also find ethereal and angelic beings. We find what we carry with us. This is why PURITY is stressed by the Initiatic community. If you don't have the requisite purity to travel through certain planes you can be in for a terrifying time, or worse.

I come across people now and then who are deeply into The Occult. Deeply for them, but not very deep in any real sense. Because they know so little, and especially because they know so little about themselves, they gravitate toward the darker side of it. Human nature irresistibly does this anyway, which is why ONE MUST HAVE A MINDER. Traditions put together by people like Crowley and this recent Chaos Magik thing DO NOT lead anywhere good. Oh... they sell a convincing line about going beyond good and evil. However, I must point out that if you yourself are not beyond the blandishments and persuasions of good and evil, you will be toast.

People do not realize that they are dealing with sometimes very powerful entities, or even when it comes to the lesser ranks, who trade in annoyances and distractions; if you get too far into anything they are offering, you become enslaved to them and that is not good at all. If your eyes are open you can see the swaths of destruction that are cut across the landscape of (cough cough) civilization by those whose persona has been hijacked by negative invisible forces.

Let us consider those things that are universally desired by the mass of humanity; Money, Gold, Silver, precious jewels, and all those other pieces of paper that are writs of trust based on something. There is something that happens to the human psyche when the desire for material gain becomes preeminent. You take on lodgers. You wind up running an infernal B&B operation for The Dark Side. There are a lot of ways to amass a fortune and only one way to keep it through your comings and going and that is to give it away; to be generous, while at the same time, not be stupid. One has to act as The Wise Steward. God is well prepared and eager to lay blessing after blessing on you. In fact, he already does so and most of them go missing because they need to be recognized.

God also is not the sort to give a tank to a 3-year-old. God knows what he's doing and this is something that, for some reason, is hard for people to get. They can't seem to accept that God is present in the mind of every living thing that has a mind, and everything else as well. God is intimately connected to every single action, no matter how seemingly insignificant, in your life. God may not put you in a palace, but wherever he puts you will be a palace if the true king has been restored to his throne.

I know from personal experience that God WILL take care of every detail in your life if you let him. The more one permits this, the more present the ineffable becomes within. You may not even notice your physical environment much, but you are probably not doing badly, if you Love the Divine, and the more you do, the better off you will be. ♫It's Getting Better All the Time♫

Just because The World goes sideways, in times of major readjustment, does not mean you have to. I was at the Altamont rock concert in Livermore CA, somewhere near the turn of the '60s to the '70s. I was near the front. Tens of thousands of people had taken bad LSD. I saw what happens when certain calculating forces of destruction get a captive environment of living beings. I saw how quickly the veneer of civilization peels away. I wound up running a battlefield hospital for people who had lost their minds. It was on the grass there about a hundred feet from the stage. One thing I learned is that if you are stable and not to be shaken, then all those around you will come into harmony with that.

Faith is a funny thing. People have some amount of it and that amount can vary greatly. They tend to have as much faith in negative things as they do the positive. It seems to me that Faith can be greatly amplified when one has been in a certain amount of life and death situations. In this instance, tragedy can be a marvelous benefit, depending on how things turn out and a lot of what turns out is due to your degree of faith. As The New Testament says, "Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen."

Okay... that's what I got today (grin).


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