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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

How Christianity was Judaised
By Henry Makow
Feb 12, 2017 - 1:00:08 AM

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February 10, 2017

shrine.jpgleft, Anglican Church members honor panhandler with a memorial garden on their front step.

A local Anglican Church built a shrine to a panhandler,a woman essentially a nuisanceand an eyesore. To my mind, this exemplifies the Judaizing of Christianity.

Helping the unfortunate is a great way to avoid becoming a better person.

by Henry Makow Ph.D
Cabalists neutered Christianity by substituting a Jewish message of "helping the less fortunate"  for the essential message of Christianity which is to perfect oneself.  "Be ye therefore perfect, as your father who art in heaven is perfect." (Mathew 5: 48) 
This was brought home to me when a local Anglican church erected an elaborate memorial garden for a neighbourhood panhandler, Debbie Roberts, who died at age 61 a year ago. They scattered her ashes nearby.   The Winnipeg Free Press reported

"It is remembering a person who was significant, however humble, and who wouldn't have imagined she would ever be memorialized," says architect and parishioner Richard Derksen, who designed the $3,500 memorial. "She symbolized a sense of hospitality and generosity."
Affected by family tragedy and suffering from mental illness, Roberts walked along Westminster Avenue in all seasons for more than a decade, politely asking for a donation in exchange for a newspaper focused on issues about poverty. Although she had an income, she used the spare change she collected for extras like cat food, gifts and cigarettes, says Pinto Gfroerer.
After being encouraged by her family to connect to a church, she eventually reached out to Saint Margaret's, standing outside the century-old red brick building for weeks before she had the nerve to come in, says her sister.
Debbie.jpg(left, Debbie)
"The first service my sister attended at St Margaret's was the day Kirsten based her sermon on the verse from Isaiah," says Blair, referring to the excerpt from Isaiah 55, which reads: 'Come all you who are thirsty, come to the waters, and you who have no money, come and eat.'
"Debbie was so inspired by those words. She thought if God offered water to anyone who was thirsty she could believe in Him. She loved the verse, committed it to memory and it gave her comfort."
Derksen hopes the design of the 168-square-foot garden can pass on comfort and peace to others in the community. He says the garden is a place for parishioners and passersby to sit and chat on the stone benches, admire the flowers or just contemplate life.
"It becomes part of this other story of welcome," Derksen says of the memorial, only a step away from a well-travelled sidewalk.The garden also offers parishioners a place to scatter ashes of loved ones, with room for many names to be engraved on the benches.

"Debbie was important and she knew how to make community," adds Pinto Gfroerer of Roberts' impact."My desire is to recognize the people who seem poor in spirit, (and) that they actually make community."

I suppose it is easier to find a panhandler these days than someone who actually dedicated his or her life to God, but I'm old enough to remember when Christians honored people whose lives were a model of devotion.  This action screams "our devotion is to the less fortunate, not to God."  They are socialists, not Christians.
Helping the unfortunate is a great way to avoid becoming a better person. You can help the downtrodden and still be bastard. The Illuminati is full of "philanthropists." 
I don't want to preach a sermon here but devotion to God means aligning ones thoughts and actions with the Divine Will, i.e. the Design of Creation. We must tame the ape in which we are all trapped. We must use our soul connection to restrain our monkey lust and greed; overcome our natural laziness, venality and cowardice. We must worship God by remaking ourselves in His image. 
God is Consciousness, synonymous with spiritual absolutes like Love, Truth, Beauty and Justice.  We experience this spiritual Reality when we are one with God. Most of us die without ever having lived, i.e. knowing God. 
Panhandlers are fellow human beings with Divine souls. I feel compassion for them and often give them change. But this is a very small part of religion. 
Socialism and communism. are products of organized Jewry. They make the masses dependent on government, increase the debt, get their lackeys elected and provide comfy jobs for their followers. They provide a pretext for embezzling ("redistributing") wealth.
It's not just Christians who have fallen into this trap. A lot of idealistic Jews make excellent "useful idiots."  People out of touch with God can easily be manipulated.

Organized Jewry has always had a hidden agenda behind "helping the unfortunate." Fighting "racism", they really want to empower minorities and eliminate white racial competition. Fighting for "women's rights" they want to destroy femininity, marriage and family.  And fighting inequality, they want to destroy religion and culture. They have diverted Christians from their true path and made "culture" a celebration of dysfunction and failure.

This is not the only way Christians have been Judaized. They have also bought the "Chosen People" ruse and are fanatical supporters of the decidedly unChristian Israeli kleptocracy.  

In a satanic cult, which our godless society has become, values are inverted. Instead of models of health and strength, sickness is cherished and celebrated. We might as well get used to it.  If we believe the Talmud, the goyim are destined to be "unfortunate" i.e. enslaved or killed in war.
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