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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 14, 2020 - 5:08:02 AM

"Here be the Lying Cur Dogs of Infamy, Licking Themselves in Front of the Court of Public Opinion."
By Les Visible
Nov 14, 2020 - 5:04:45 AM

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November 13th 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

One (or several) of the hardest thing(s) to see is/are what is hidden in plain sight. It's not that they are hidden. It is that we tend to dismiss what is right in front of us, or even no longer see it, due to 'accommodation'. Sometimes we don't see it because we never saw it for what it was in the first place. We put a subjective definer on it because we weren't paying attention in the first place. There are OTHER REASONS for why we do not see what is right in front of us; denial certainly qualifies. Ignorance is OFTEN a factor, as well as allowing ourselves to be programmed about something, due to laziness and the ever-reliable, Ignorance again.

So it is that we have already become accustomed to radical social change. If it is not right in front of the house then... even if it is simply around the corner and up the street, it's too far away to be a concern, OR... maybe not. Before our very eyes, the media... already distrusted by many, has been NOW rendered TOTALLY bankrupt. Politicians, long recognized as being untrustworthy, and pathologically ambitious to the extreme, are now revealed as diabolically criminal; not all of them, but enough to be seriously disturbing... if we were paying attention, which sadly enough, many of us are not.

It is easier to deceive people when they are distracted. These days it is very easy to distract people and there are always those two guaranteed motivators, FEAR, and DESIRE. In the one case, you run FROM it. In the other case, you run TO it. These insidious twins are more prominent in these times than they have been in some time. It's said, in ancient scriptural texts that LUST, as a primal force, ALWAYS transforms into ANGER. The same could be said of FEAR. FEAR can make one very angry, as a sort of automatic reaction against the sense of impotence; itself generated by uncertainty. Certainly, even when one does not react, one does seethe and simmer with rage.

There is a lot of rage out there, as well as those who know how to manipulate it toward their desired ends. I pray passionately every morning for an intensification of The Awakening. I pray also that the nature and identity of The Predators be revealed to The World and to THEMSELVES. I KNOW that The Avatar is bringing the universal palliative with him. He will have a generous amount of his own Balm of Gilead. He is also bringing a form of Cosmic Fire that expresses as Divine Wrath. Here is a curious thing and it is what I believe. No one has told me this. It is one of those things I have presumed, based on no commentary from anyone else. It might not be true, BUT... it seems so to me. I often illustrate it by saying that the same fire the wicked burn in is the fire the saints rejoice and dance in. What I mean by this is that this Divine Wrath is only experienced as such by those to whom it applies as such. To others, it could be a healing and cleansing fire.

I am routinely shocked to see how few they are that viscerally know that God is ALL POWERFUL. You get a lot of bobblehead responses, sure. You get a lot of perfunctory acknowledgments, but at the deeper core, most are mostly in doubt. This has an extraordinary effect upon the power of one's Faith and Certitude, and goes a long way toward diminishing one's Determination. Yeah, whuttaya gonna do? Fuggeddaboutit! IF you let in the idea that maybe God isn't all-powerful, then God's ability to act unhindered, in every way in respect of you, is compromised. To what extent we are able to enjoy God's protection and advisement is VERY dependent on us. It bears thinking about. It commands some reflection, BUT... Yeah, whuttaya gonna do?

Now... either God is REAL, or God is... to a greater or lesser degree, not REAL. Whatever may be the case in this matter, it is wholly dependent on YOU. People look upon life as a struggle. They experience it as a struggle and ALL OF IT has to do with the inability to make up one's mind. Once one has firmly and convincingly made up their mind, there is NO FURTHER STRUGGLE. I have personally experienced this. I've fallen away from it and then experienced it again, so... I have some small amount of awareness concerning it.

The sad, sad truth of the matter is how unnecessary our struggles and suffering are. We spend our lives looking OUTWARD for solutions that will NEVER be found in outward locations. Who is it that we have to convince in order to put an end to our struggles? It is ourselves. The ONLY war we are relentlessly engaged in is a war against ourselves. There are those who know all about this and manipulate the common mind for the purpose of profit. Humanity is carrot and sticked to death, from the cradle to the grave. We are the can that gets kicked down the road. You can see it as evolution of a sort, as we are dragged kicking and screaming through the unavoidable changes, which bring us ever closer to realization. All of us are on that Road to Damascus. The Still Silent Voice calls from within and the greater voice of The World calls from without. Sometimes, such as in Times of Material Darkness, like NOW... it is much harder to hear the voice within.

We are being fed ruinous lies and we just swallow them whole without thinking. This virus is no more of a threat than any flu that came before and much less than some. Never before has the whole world been subjugated to such a crock of bullshit. We are waiting in line for it like it is a cup of gruel at the workhouse.

Yesterday I was at Costco again and this time, except for my friend and I, it was wall to wall Mask City. It is comical and tragic at once. No one said a word to us. A few weeks ago, my friend contracted the virus, was weakened, and spend a few days napping most of the time. Then it went away. It went right by me. I am not suggesting some superior state of being. This is only what did and did not happen. I haven't caught anything negative in a very, very long time. I have experienced injuries, as my Invisible Friends demonstrated to me that I am, in fact, no longer 18 and cannot run around acting like it.

These masks do NOTHING except create paranoia- fear- and hostility. Wait! They do also create a certain amount of related health problems, so... there is that. Now, this is something that is in PLAIN SIGHT. There is this MASSIVE HYSTERIA with no there, there. All the tests are DESIGNED to create whatever results serve the purpose of those who created them to a SPECIFIC END. Elon Musk took FOUR TESTS in one day a day or two ago and got two positive results and two negative results. Does that tell you anything??? ??? ???... Against ALL ODDS, the economy keeps improving. This must set their heads spinning because... DESTROYING THE ECONOMY, in order to get rid of The President was the WHOLE REASON for inventing and distributing it in the first place; that being, in part, FINANCED by Dr. Frankenstein Fauci, our resident Deep State Mengele who has operated as a dysfunctional weather vane of Confusion, "It went thataway, no, wait!!! It went thataway, no... wait a minute, oh there it is," says the self-esteemed troglodyte who reaches back and pulls it out of his ass.

Sorry about the imagery, I was only calling it as I see it.

Now... EVERY ARTICLE in the mainstream toxic-media, includes some variation on, "Well, whatever minor election fraud may have taken place, it WON'T AFFECT THE OUTCOME... jabber, jabber, jabber." Because there was this firm certainty, in the minds of those rigging the vote outcome, that it would be a landslide victory for them, they figured no one would care about the ILLEGAL changing of votes, BUT... Holy Shit! It looked like The President was going to win. He was way ahead. So they shut down the voting in every battleground state and then? Presto Profundo, the votes shifted dramatically, and because they were in a hurry, they made a WHOLE BUNCH of mistakes and left evidence tracks, similar to an elephant, when he smells the beer brewing in some rural East Indian village ambles on in, drinks the whole lot, and then goes on a drunken rampage.

What is happening, my friends is ASTOUNDING!!! The media, Big Tech, and ALL FELLOW TRAVELERS are... in broad daylight, right in front of our eyes, convicting themselves, in the Court of Public Opinion, in such obvious and irrefutable, lying cur dog fashion, that they WILL NEVER RECOVER from. You have got to love the Apocalypse and The Awakening. However... even though it is happening in plain sight, many people cannot, or refuse to, see...

Interestingly, this whole affair was ORCHESTRATED by those who saw it coming a long way off, and who placed their witnesses on the inside way ahead of time. Oh... there is ever so much more coming. You are about to be treated to one of the biggest GOTCHA capers of ALL TIME. I would wager to say it is the biggest. Unable to process it, the malefactors are by the day, digging ever deeper graves of ignominy for themselves. This is entertainment with cosmic implications.

Those who will not be awakened WILL BE AWAKENED. It is better to arise as God shakes your shoulder, rather than to have him pick up a two by four. LOOK! Mr. Apocalypse, just as he said he would, is exposing them in public, pulling their pants down in public, letting them hang themselves out to dry, and getting 8X10 glossies of the whole affair. This is as obvious as your hand in front of your face. Sadly... many people are using that hand to block what is 'visibly' dancing in front of them. The denial is strong in this one... heh heh. Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh my God. It is REALLY HAPPENING!!! Thank you!! Thank you, my precious Lord.

End Transmission.......

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Pocketnet has got to be shooting sparks 40 miles high off the cosmic grapevine these days



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