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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 22, 2021 - 6:22:03 AM

"God Likes to Play Hide and Seek. Some of Us Make it Difficult to be Found."
By Les Visible
Oct 22, 2021 - 6:19:16 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As most of us know (here anyway) The Mind can be like an ocean. Part of it is an ocean, submerged below your walking around consciousness. I'm like a guy who stands on the shore and watches it go by. If I am focused and low noise, I see and hear things. This world we are walking around in, in our walking around consciousness, is only one plane of enterprise. We actually operate on invisible planes of consciousness every day.

You see it in the world around you. Some people live almost exclusively in the world of appetite. Only what they see is real to them. Some live more on the plane of emotions. What they feel is real to them. Some are on the mental plane. That is, hopefully, ruled by the intellect, and so on in and up to the throne room itself. Ideally... anyway. Each of us exists in a compromise between these planes of being. You could call it an arrangement. When The World is in disorder, the arrangements get murky. The lower should never predominate over the higher. That is not what the media and entertainment world is selling.

The force of Depravity is running wild in The World. I do not want to pass judgment on anyone, but I know what I see. If you want to destroy people, amplify and vary the focus of their appetites. Make the unnatural natural. I do not expect a lot of what is coming, to work out in a positive fashion for certain enterprises, and schools of human behavior. Babylon... usually gets resolved in a certain fashion, also Sodom and Gomorrah; whatever they are calling them now. Two cities in Kalifornia answer to the description.

The stories and legends are timeless. Certain forms of living and behavior come to predictable ends. The names are changed, yes, but the message is eternal. That is why they call it Ageless Wisdom. You are living in a period of history that fits a specific template. You can see where anything is headed by watching it.

It's all going to come out. This is why people are suddenly revealing themselves as good guys and bad guys. It is all being done on the stage of World Opinion for The Purpose of Demonstration. We are deconstructing Mr. Apocalypse and we don't need any modernism's, post... past... or otherwise. An apocalypse is an unveiling of The Good, The Bad, and whatever happens to be your perspective. It's all happening right now. Very strange things are happening in the media and entertainment worlds. You hear about some of it. It's getting more and more extra crispy.

I'm trying to say something that cannot be said. The best I can do is something like... point... and say "it's over there somewhere."

The Gabby Petito thing looks to me like a staged event. No one saw anything except brief flashes, and all of them suspect. The Dead Girl is found. It is hyped into a nationwide fixation, via the programming media. Then weeks of coverage follow. Then a dead guy is found. Maybe it's The Guy, and maybe it isn't, but... they found his notebook, and some effects. Nobody saw anything. I would expect other dramas of distraction to continue to play out. It's like the way a pickpocket works, only they pick your mind instead. Something is VERY off about that whole thing. It could simply be a lover's quarrel gone wrong, but it is not passing my smell test. That they would orchestrate a network snuff film, I do not doubt. That they did... I don't know.

More and more it seems that the vaccines, as toxic as they probably are, are really about controlling the masses through certain pulses or frequencies. They are using every medium at their disposal to enforce compliance. The bad guys KNOW the game is up. A new world is coming. Everybody is going to have to adapt, one way or the other. Personally, I'm going with God Almighty. I don't know what new persona he's bringing. I'm also not waiting on his arrival cause he is already here. I suspect there are a number of us on this wavelength. It's a Divine Imperative that won't be impeded. People will go up against it, collectively and individually, but it won't make any difference; change... or be composted.

I'm not sure I should talk about The World anymore. I mean the false world, the contrived world, the magician's laboratory, Hocus-Pocus Land. It's like a valley filled with snakes, all writhing and twisting. I wade through it each morning, trying to get a sense of it. The only sense of it I get is from whoever is reporting it to me. I have to see what it is they are selling, even though I'm not in the market anyway.

I lived on Maui, back and forth to Woodstock, New York, over a 20 year period. I was not part of the surfing culture, though I was certainly aware of it. It's one of the constants of life on the islands. For decades certain beaches were surfed and some had been avoided also because the waves were so big. You could not get out. One of those beaches is on Maui, in Peahi, and it is called Jaws. Waves get up in the 70+ foot range. You can't swim out to the waves so as to catch them. You have to use a Jet-ski and get pulled out.

The conditions created another dynamic that surfers now had to deal with. When you tumble in a wave that size, you can be underwater for as much as 3 minutes, maybe more. I'm not a savant in that department. They also say that you don't know if you are swimming up or down for a while. These can be intimidating conditions. So... what did certain surfers start doing? They either found or brought a 20-pound rock out into the ocean at depths of 15-20 feet. Then they would run underwater with the rock for as long as they could manage, before rising to the surface for air. Then they went back and did it again.

I like determination. I admire grit. I like answering the call if call there be. I also like minding my own business. I was asked how I felt about there being so few comments in recent times. I notice it, but I don't think about it. There could be and probably are, many reasons in many cases. I think for the most part people just have nothing to say. They read it. They might reflect on it. I see the traffic numbers now and again. Sometimes weeks might go by and I don't check. Whenever I do, I see the same few thousands coming and going.

I made up my mind when I embarked on this venture, NEVER... EVER be about the money. Be dependent on no one. I confirmed that I had nothing to lose, so nothing could be taken from me. I determined to seek with all my heart to serve God, whom I identify as the love in my heart. Sometimes the moving stage goes this way, and sometimes it goes that way, but it is ALWAYS immersed in the beauties and splendors of God. I have no visible means of support. I owe no one. I am unattached to what I do and to this temporary persona as well. So... before you ask me those kinds of questions, though, mostly, no one ever does (grin). It is probably answered here since this will always be the answer.

Loving God is not a temporary affair like everything else in this world. Loving God is not accomplished unless you give it your all. It was clearly stated in the words of whomever it was that portrayed the actor playing Jesus; "thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind." He then added that you should love your brother as yourself. The reason for that is that your brother IS yourself. We are all shards of a mirror that God broke and cast in all directions. Then he goes about and gathers them all together again. God likes to play Hide and Seek. Some of us make it difficult to be found. I am like the guy on the desert island who has written out Help in big rocks and is waving at the sky. I wanted to be found, and I was.

It is hard to discuss the allurements of The World in an objective way because its effect is subjective. It is not ONLY the Kingdom of Heaven that is within you. Everything else is too. I set out without fear into the unknown and boy... did that really pay off because I brought nothing fearful with me. The World offers comfort. It offers doors that lock, and an endless meat rack of bodies, carouseling through time. In many cases, those on the meat rack are no different than painted ponies. Have you ever studied the costumes and manners of different ages? Fascinating stuff! Most all of fashion takes place within the dimension of Time, but there really is Timeless Fashion. You can find all manner of things in Timeless Space. Since you are not holding on to any of them, you get to remain in Timeless Space.

There are people in timeless space moving right by people in the Time-Space. They are not seen unless they want to be, and mostly... they look like everyone else. They could have come from anywhere. God... not infrequently, assumes different bodies for different reasons. He is sometimes the beggar on the street. Sometimes he is a shopkeeper. He can come and go in anyone's body for whatever time he needs. This has to do with "treating with angels unaware." and what you do against the least of us, you do against him. He is the True Self in everyone. He's coming in a new getup soon. He might already be here. We'll see.

End Transmission.......

And some links. Not so many this time=

Oh! I was just thinking last night how the present government turning on The Police, with defunding and vaccine imperatives, is truly bad judgment when their intention is to form a Police State. Think about it.


Step by step, Mr. Apocalypse unveils the dark places to the disinfecting sunlight=


It's non-stop now=


Well... they're working both sides of the aisle now=



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