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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 22, 2020 - 5:31:03 AM

"God Alone is Real and True and his Presence is Inside of You."
By Les Visible
Jul 22, 2020 - 5:27:26 AM

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July 21st 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We're going to need some heavy hitters help from the Celestial Realm; masked sheep are sheared and emasculated. Meanwhile, the troglodyte armies are massing and wearing masks of a different order. It is most convenient that this COVID-Masking Phenom has gone ubiquitous, while the Masked and Retarded Pirates of the Apocalypse are burning down the infrastructure, which they will replace with an attractive desolation, suitable for ♫ rape and pillage... rape and pillage... let's go out and burn down our own village ♫

They couldn't get the president with the orchestrated impeachment efforts, or the relentless slander and besmirchment, so they dressed up Paranoia in a Hazmat Halloween suit and put him up like replicating scarecrows in the GMO cornfields of our manipulated imaginations. They think this will do the trick and you can look for it all to disappear if they manage to get rid of him. That IS WHAT'S GOING ON.

The Ineffable; ALL PRAISES TO HIS GLORY AND EVERLASTING SPLENDOR AND MIGHT saw that humanity had devolved into a pot-bellied complacency, while narcotizing itself into dreams of cottage cheese asses, chemically welded into pleather couch cushions from IKEA and said... in reverse to the last day of creation, "This is not good." Therefore he instructed the kennel guardians to remove the protective fencing from the All you can Dismember and Eat Buffet and let them go crazy on it; anything to get them up off of those couches, before he had to call in the Creme Brulee, butane torch-wielding, Guy Fieri lookalikes to employ more extreme disengagement tactics.

The Marxist Berserkers had been waiting for a long time to find their opportune moment and the architects of BLM, Antifa, and assorted dark side finance guys, have been carefully and quietly plotting the overthrow of whatever it is that they don't know for quite a while too. If you feel you need to know who is behind the guys behind the guys that are tearing down the icons of the departing age... you ONLY have to find out who it was that created and applied Marxism, to begin with. This might inspire you to look into who controls the media that is promoting all of the ancillary conditions and events that dovetail into this present effort to 'getter done!' This might further inspire you to check into who the professors in the university and college systems are who are teaching those courses that also promote it. You may find that you did not want to find out and that will explain why it keeps escalating.

Let's go back to The Ineffable granting the necessary permissions for this all to be happening in the first place, BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENS UNLESS HEAVEN GIVES ASSENT!!! Your first thought is probably... "Why is God letting this happen?" Well... that is easy enough to explain, it is FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION! It gives everyone a chance to see what they are made of; what the courage of their convictions is, whether their integrity is based on anything stable and enduring and... and... to test the levels of Faith, Certitude and Determination across the board. If you have bothered to study history, even the fabricated versions, commissioned by those who think they are running things, you have probably noted that Peace and Social Stability are fleeting episodes in a litany of extended carnage.

You are only reading this in the first place because you have a clue. These spaces are not easy to find. You have to look for them or have them happen to you. Otherwise, you are awash in a sea of ever-increasing waste reclamation recycling, in the dirty waters of desperate times. The truth is that the obvious, first take culprit is Materialism. Some people have had it so easy for so long that they now think they can get away with anything. Meanwhile... one of the eternal verities is that Materialism gives birth to Insanity AND the more that Materialism intensifies, the more Insanity proliferates and escalates. Back in pioneer times, even though there was a lot of outlaw behavior, most folks were decent and God-fearing. I can tell you first hand that if you don't have the good sense to fear God... you will assuredly do so at the given moment. I learned this first hand by observation, not by having to experience it. Another equation is that if you love God to a specific degree, YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEAR GOD.

Now... you can call it what you want... Fate... Destiny... the product of Random Chance... the luck of the draw... Accident... wrong place at the wrong time... EVERYTHING that goes down here is monitored and controlled by Heaven. How does Heaven get to be incontrovertibly in charge? That is a simple thing. It is the difference between the power of light and the power of darkness. Those who live in the light do only those things that are acceptable to the forces of light. As soon as you depart from that you are in darkness, regardless of whether you are in a well-lit environment. In times of Material Darkness, the collective consciousness is more in darkness than in light. This is a consequence of Kali Yuga. I told myself some time ago that WHATEVER I did, I would do as if the whole world were watching and that I wouldn't do anything in private that I wouldn't do in front of the whole world. You need to understand what is intended here, otherwise, you wind up with a whole lot of, "Yeah but(s)" Of course, people who are inclined to argue and dispute, are going to do that no matter how stupid the effort may be.


Just because a significant portion of the world may be going crazy DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE TO. Fear is prominent in almost all wrong actions and states of being. The willfulness of the uniformed ego is triumphant against good sense in most cases. Often... in Times of Material Darkness, what might be, at other times, identified as really stupid behavior, does not appear to be stupid behavior when it is being engaged in by large numbers of people. The results of stupid behavior, in the long run, and often in the short term as well, are unchanged, NO MATTER WHEN IT HAPPENS. However... YOU CAN'T TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR. It falls on deaf ears and events have to be played out FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

A plane crash is a terrible thing. I haven't yet figured out the Karmic Implications of collective deaths. A plane crash is still a terrible thing but less so for you if you are not on the plane. World Wars are horrific. I could go into gory details about The Battle of the Somme, Verdun, Gallipoli and many others. Horrible events took place but they were significantly worse for those who were there than for those who were not. BUT... one thing you had better keep in mind is that YOUR KARMA WILL FIND YOU. I will tell you what I consider to be the height of insanity, it is when anyone... who doesn't know what is going on... and that includes just about everyone, doesn't IMMEDIATELY throw them themselves upon the mercy of God and cry out for his forgiveness and his Grace. You are going to figure it out and handle it on your own? Good luck with that because you will be allowed to make the effort.

These skells and disgruntled victims of their own entitlement think that they are not being seen. They think their brutal and barbaric behavior goes unseen in the confusion of these times, in the center of the mob, in some dark alley. Nothing is missed! Nothing... not ever. CAVE DEUS VIDET.

We are collectively being forced to wear masks due to a manufactured virus hoax, where the only endangered people are those who are very old or have compromised immune systems. As soon as it looked like things would go back to normal, an engineered hue and cry went up about thousands of new cases here and here and there. This isn't even flu season! I am not wearing a mask. For the moment there are still grocery stores that don't mandate it. If you do you won't see me. I don't worry about anything anyway... except one thing; displeasing God. Upon that is based my entire existence and NOTHING CAN HAPPEN TO ME THAT IS NOT PERMITTED BY GOD. PERIOD!!! I am truly fortunate that this is a visceral state for me.

WHY... is what seems absurd and outrageous being permitted and even encouraged to take place? I don't care how powerful any evildoer or collection of evildoers may appear to be, or think they are. ALL POWER COMES FROM ONE SOURCE and is allowed to be exercised by ONE SOURCE until it is not permitted by ONE SOURCE. You can argue against this in your impotent obstinacy. You can allow fear to manipulate you into genuflecting before shadows. You can think you know and eventually have it proven to you that you do not. I've been all round the wherever about all of this, again and again and again. Depending on the landing you are presently on, on the endless spiral staircase, that emerges from utter, utter darkness to utter darkness, to darkness, to incremental degrees of light, and then into ever more dense and more brilliant concentrations of light, on that depends what you think you know and what you have convinced yourself is real.

Pay no attention to the fear-mongering distractions whose intention is to compel your attention. KNOW that the All-Powerful abides in you and is present and in director mode to the extent that you rely upon it. It will operate on your behalf to the ambit that you allow it. This does not mean that something awful might not happen, in some exceptional case, for whatever the reason. It does mean that God will be right there with you in the process and also on the other end, which is the most important factor of all. Don't buy into the gratuitous products of the merchants of fear. Do not put yourself at their mercy of which there is none. God Alone is Real and True and his Presence is Inside of You.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

♫ When Darkness Falls ♫

I am now to be found on Parler and would appreciate if you sign up to follow, comment, or be informed; however that works. It is a simple matter and I think it's located here (we'll find out).

And... the always newsworthy and decentralized Pocketnet.

les visible at pocketnet


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