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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

From the Land of the Law of the Last Jot and Tittle on Our Way to the Kingdom of Light.
By Les Visible
Feb 28, 2019 - 4:10:10 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is visibly evident (and not because my name is 'visible') that the world is going haywire. It 'should be' also evident that there are vested interests behind the promotion of all kinds of tiny minority practices and concerns and also the promotion of those practices and concerns as being more important as well as more valid than the practices and concerns of the much larger majorities of the public, who do not practice what these minorities practice and do not have the concerns that these tiny minorities have.

When I say practices and concerns, perhaps I should list them. There are so many, however, that I think it will just confuse my point so... I'm just going to pick one where the examples have come to our attention, increasingly more and more in these times. Let us use sexual practices and concerns. I believe the arguments would be very similar across different platforms because the ones making the most noise are the radical voices from these tiny minorities, or social justice warriors, who may not be practitioners of the particular sexual practices but who have made the issues their own. To say that the examples of certain insanities, generated by blind materialism, are as amusing as they are sad would be to vastly understate the case. There are many thousands of perverse diversities such as that; some even more insane than that. All this we get under the disingenuous banners of Diversity, Inclusiveness and Living One's Own Truth!!!

The most important feature of the sexual revolution; and it is a revolution is... who is financing all of these organizations and individuals? Who is intimidating the boards of directors of large corporations to the degree that they are influencing the policies and politics of those corporations? Who is financing the multitudes of organizations that are lobbying for social change, on behalf of really tiny minorities, to the degree that they are forcing society to change the common parlance and creating language police that threaten people with the loss of their jobs and making people into social pariahs, when they don't conform to forced changes in the language and who are working tirelessly to criminalize and weaponize these transitory and superficial trends of a terminally ill culture.

The most prominent hot button, social issue is transsexualism and the slippery eel of gender fluidism. These two have emerged on college campuses as a new form of protected elitism; powerful enough to bend all other forms of behavior into a genuflecting subservience, akin to a kind of shuddering awe. From the college campuses it has matriculated down to kindergartens, where the minds of the impressionable young are being twisted and misshapen beyond human recognition. The true hellish absurdity of this is that it is being promoted and cultivated in prepubescent minds. No decisions about sexual changing should be considered prior to puberty and this is what defines the movement and those moving and being moved as Satanists.

There are the truly possessed who are living their truth, of course. There's the traditional position that, more or less, sees what's taking place. What is true cannot be articulated but it can be intuited. It can be possessed as an alternative to being possessed. Jesus Christ was clear about a great many things and had teachings for the masses and teachings for the disciples and no doubt teachings for initiates of the 4th degree as well. When I want to know the truth about anything, or at least what direction to look in (within) I refer to 'timeless wisdom. Ages change. Cultures change. They rise and fall, They appear and disappear, timeless wisdom does not. As usual, there will be a crowd around the block at the latest cellphone appearance and hardly anyone at all at the Halls of Enduring Wisdom.

Once again we will make a prima facie claim that Materialism is a sickness of the soul; easily observable by anyone still retaining the capacity for objective viewing. The offspring of Materialism is Insanity, which progresses and intensifies by degrees, until those so affected are reduced to a state of incurable and suicidal chaos. Some of the most powerful elements of Materialism are 'glamour' and 'illusion' and you can see the shape-shifting, low magic workers, manifesting shake 'n bake, death pastries, into countless forms of materialized nothingness. These are all offspring. These are all progeny of madness born of the worst sexual perversities. All of this is progressing toward a real life movie of The Omen. If you can pervert natural sexual behavior, you can pervert society and you can destroy its basic building block; the family unit. More egregious it is when you can have perversions defined as normal. Even more egregious yet... is when you can have Normal redefined as perverse and abnormal set in its place.

People are free to play all the word games they like. They WILL NOT intimidate me into bending out of shape to accommodate them. As far as the sexual trends and fads of recent times go; they are ALL a product of Materialism. These are the ways that sex is practiced in the ever more advanced stages of Materialism Carcinoma. This is a pathology of self cannibalizing that begins with eating each other. In the initial stage it is metaphorical before it turns literal.

Oh so subtly it comes and we see the new arguments; new expressions of what did not previously work. These agendas are initiated by those employed at confining us in the penitentiary of the mind. You must first be incarcerated there before they can move on to ever more 'or less' refined torments. If one's sexual nature can be perverted prior to puberty, the gates of Hell can be opened in any affected life. The gates of Hell open inwardly, in the same way as the Kingdom of God.

Within... and concealed by the false self, is the real self. The real self presses on the false self, when the false self is seduced into behaviors that are offensive to the real self. This generates ANGER. There is plenty of that, which is easily manifested from Frustration of which there is an ample supply. When we are deceived into acting against our own nature, we become angry at ourselves. It is no mean feat to create an external adversary as a target for the rage and that is what is being generated by those working behind the scenes toward the construction of a prison planet. You only become a slave when you cease to be your own master.

How are we influenced and convinced by what is not real? Who controls the information generating media? Who controls the entertainment industry? Who controls the art world? Who is it that works at shaping public opinion and who is behind changes being implemented in the educational system? It is a simple matter to discover who it is that controls the lanes of the information highway and who it is that defines human behavior, as it is presented to us through the entertainment industry... as trends are acted and validated out on the performance stages. Points are made by self appointed arbiters of social mores, by people who are practitioners of the life styles they demand be celebrated.

Will the world, as it presently misrepresents itself, auto correct? Is that in its nature? Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriors have come and gone on the world's stage a time or two before. We saw it in The French Revolution. We saw it in the Bolshevik Revolution. We saw it in Mao's Cultural Revolution. We saw it in Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge. We are seeing it in America now. Who is it that authored the Marxist Philosophy and who were the minds employed in the creation and implementing of Communism? Have the times when this flourished proven to be positive periods in history? Were the residents under that system happy with their lot? Did Communism ever actually occur in the ways it was advertised to do or... did it serve as a rigid and confining system where THE FEW were free to commit horrible crimes upon the rest? Presently the adherents of Communism are arguing that we are all the victims of 'the haves' who have come to control an obscene percentage of the available wealth. In both cases it is THE SAME PEOPLE who are profiting from the activities of lawyers who work the process to the advantage of those who pay them to do so. Life isn't fair but... it is! We just don't see the karmic outworking, as it takes place over the course of millennia.

Everything is adjusted by the scales of fate. The Queen awakes to find herself a scullery maid. The oil baron awakes to find himself a galley slave. Those imprisoning others in one go round, find themselves imprisoned in one or many go rounds to follow. Those who were pimps awaken to find that they are whores. Everything and everyone is subject to the Law of the Last Jot and Tittle unless... unless they are the beneficiaries of Grace.

I am no maker of laws and no enforcer either. I serve a higher law that is written on the human heart in a living, vibrating, flame alphabet. I am a common worker for an invisible hierarchy. My options were to serve a temporal master, to be a servant of a visible hierarchy, to serve myself, or some variant otherwise, including being a temporal master. None of those options are attractive in the least. Of course, refusing to be an employee of a visible hierarchy and my refusal to obey laws that infringe on my God given freedom, brought me into conflict with these powers but... only for the time it took to establish that negotiation was not possible. Supernatural forces and events served to make my point that there are greater powers than those exercised by the walking blind and... since they cannot see the true and invisible hierarchy, they are impotent before the will of it and in no position to meddle with those who serve it. The point was made. They can only detain and delay you through that period of permitted testing where they play a part they are not even aware of. Following that they don't seem to be aware of you any longer. Every time they are just about to see you, something distracts them.

In this world of kaleidoscoping hallucinations, spinning on a Rolodex of reflecting delusions, acted out by those so desperate to fit in to what is not even there... those of us who seem to have little or nothing but who live by the grace of the everlasting Love of the Ineffable, are... in truth, perpetually more rich than the richest fool who ever lived; are more powerful than the most temporally powerful man or woman who ever lived and are more eternally fortunate than those historically claimed to be fortunate in this murky world, transformed by lights and mirrors, into a glittering ballroom that is actually a graveyard; filled with smiling, ambulatory corpses, draped in cobwebs and whose bones rattle and tremble in an invisible wind. It can be a shock, initially, when your eyes are opened and you see things as they really are. It can take a moment or two to become aware of the shining light within and to realize that, indeed... you carry an unspeakably beautiful world of Love with you wherever you go and that you can leave the seeds of its creation in every place you pass through. We are so much more than we imagine ourselves to be.

Never has there been a time of greater spiritual opportunity as there is right now and anything close was a very long time ago. Turn into the light of the ineffable and be led to what was constructed with you in mind from the inception. It shouldn't have to take such a long time to realize that there is nothing of any value for you here... while... at the same time... yeah... you got to start somewhere.

End Transmission.......

♫ Shining Light ♫


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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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