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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"Fame does not Bring Happiness. It Brings a Hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes AND Regret."
By Les Visible
Oct 21, 2020 - 6:47:47 AM

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October 19th 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I used to lay in my bed in that condo on Maui and listen to "The River". I listened to that double album over and over. Sometimes I was on mushrooms. Sometimes... it was this, that, or the other thing, BUT... I laid there in that evocative darkness, as the poignancy of the lyrics rolled through my mind. Bruce wrote some good songs in the long ago. He wrote one of my all-time favorites, "Thunder Road" He inspired my parody song; "Born to Drink", which I have never released. I have this large body of work that contains some of the most profane but 'laugh out loud' funny songs with graphic phrases and images (if I do say so myself) BUT... they will, most likely, NEVER be released. The titles alone, of some of them, are enough to get one left in an alley, in a painful state.

Anyway... here comes Bruce; geriatric Bruce (yes, he's chronologically younger than me but I haven't had all that work done), who hasn't written anything worth hearing in a long time. I saw this CRINGE WORTHY video called, "Western Stars" that came out last year. I could not believe he was that self enamored that he could be deceived into believing the songs were worth hearing. They were, uniformly, TERRIBLE. I've seen this happen to a lot of world-famous types when THE WELL RUNS DRY. The angels of The Lord removes the inspiration when you stray from The Way, or the meter runs out.

A few decades ago, I remember hearing that Bruce had bought a home in Beverly Hills. It shocked me. Yes... it is none of my business, but it shocked me all the same. Why is it that all these short guys, De Niro comes to mind, have to put lifts in their shoes? Do they think there is all that much difference between 5'6" and 5'8"? So... there is this picture of BRUCE!!! and I will leave you to ponder it; I hope I can get it into the post, otherwise, I will link it.

Here is the aftermath of the boy from New Jersey who anthropomorphized cars into deity, by way of deus ex machina and also confused freedom with the vehicles that won't take you there. He's had a lot of plastic surgery. I guess he would call it, "torquing the head gasket.". The hair has been 're-engineered' and dyed to match the metaphorical midnight sky in Western Stars AND he's got that stereo, dueling diamond ear studs look of a full-blown metrosexual. You've come a long way, cowboy.

Here is a guy who was (possibly still is) one of the biggest rock stars of the century (that century). He's a legend. He should exude confidence and certainty, YET... YET... the whole picture reeks of INSECURITY. How can this guy be insecure??? See... my friends... this is how it is in showbiz and ALL THAT MONEY and ALL THAT FAME, it don't make you FREE; no way and not hardly.

If Trump wins, Bruce (The Boss) says, like ALL THOSE BEFORE HIM, that he is leaving the country. In his case it would be Australia, where they are clamping down on human freedom like you might neither know nor believe. NONE... NOT ONE of these people have left yet. They are like Richard with the crack pipe. I've seen that crack pipe thing. Thankfully, free basing and the like had zero impact on me, BUT... I remember my girlfriend (at the time), and others... getting up from the floor to go into the other room, getting about 2 or 3 steps, and I could LITERALLY SEE the cord tied to their head, which pulled them right back to their seat. I watched it happen OVER and OVER and OVER. It used to crack (pun intended) me up. It is sad now, that I would laugh at this, but I did, AND I NEVER told them why I was laughing. They REALLY would not have understood.

Fame is that crack pipe. I have seen these people, basking in it like they were sunbathing. Ah... the thrill of the crowd. I once played in front of 30,000 people and I've been back stage at some big events and witnessed and experienced this. Thank god, this also had no effect on me. I got the self-importance beaten out of me at an early age. I was pounded, pummeled, shaped like dough on a cutting board, and then popped into the ovens of shame and humiliation until I was baked and browned. For some time, I thought I was one of the most cursed of human beings. It took a long time for me to realize HOW PROFOUNDLY God loved me. It was REALLY true. Those whom The Lord loves, He chastens.

I feel bad for Bruce. He CAN'T be HAPPY. I can look into a person's eyes and see if this is true or not and I can also look in the mirror and see it too. I'm not after Happy. It comes with its rap partner, Sorrow, ♫you can't have one. You can't have one. You can't have one without the other♫ Happy and Sad are star-crossed lovers. Give me Sat Chit Ananda; Existence Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, Bliss Absolute. Beyond the duality of the relative world lies an ocean of tranquility and 'streaming' joy. Netflix and Amazon do NOT have this.

As much as we are told, OVER and OVER and OVER again; Fame does not bring happiness. It brings a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes. Money cannot buy happiness. It comes with False Friends, thieves, paranoia, uncertainty, and a whole crowd of undesirables. THEY... the famous and the rich, WILL NOT tell you this! The one thing they have is the illusion that they are better off than you. They ARE NOT!!! Imagine, if you will, the sorts of people drawn to those with fame and wealth! I've been right up close with this. The FACT of the matter is that ALL THOSE THINGS that the uninformed and ignorant lust after are NOT WORTH HAVING.

You like eating rich food? You won't for very long. Have any idea how painful gout is? Know how serious and seriously painful Heartburn can be? Like wild, gratuitous casual sex? There's a big downside and it's not just the ailments and loss of Immortality Juice. It is the spiritual loss and sense of profound emptiness that attends it. Obsessed with your appearance? Why not time-lapse your face? I marvel at Jane Fonda. I guess she's 80, or thereabouts. Cher? Same thing. Imagine how much is required to look like that.

The rich? One house isn't enough. Two houses are not enough. Ten houses are not enough and they ALL have to be staffed and cared for, and insured, and utilities paid, and ever so much more. Nick Cage bought castles until it bankrupted him AND... he lost the castles. They say a boat is a hole in the ocean that you pour money into. Most have NO IDEA of the NOT SO incidental costs of owning a boat. Look at the size of the boats of the rich, which require a larger crew than the guests they will hold. Every summer, Magic Johnson rents a boat to party with his friends for a few weeks, in the Mediterranean, or wherever, it costs $500,000 a week. It is so hard for these people not to be a showoff. They look like and THEY ARE... Fools.

The money ROLLS in and then... the money stops, as it routinely does for many when their shelf life ends, or they have a round of bad investments, and you CAN BE SURE that there are entities who arrange for this, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Mick Jagger and others, routinely attend the fashion shows in Milan because of the heroin-addicted waifs that are there TO BE HAD. He's in his late 70's, pumped full of monkey glands (♫I'm a monkey!♫) or whatever the cutting edge stuff is. Nelson Rockefeller died between Meagan Marshalk's legs, laying back on that expensive desk. He had a steel rod in his penis, so it would always be hard. That's what they did back in those days.

When you are rich and famous, there are demons employed to make you crazy. As someone astutely noted, "Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad." Count on it. None of the things people ruin themselves over are worth having and you LOSE the one thing that is most valuable; Peace of Mind. Knowing what is and is not worth having is PRICELESS!!! Of course... their health goes too and none of those expensive doctors can help them. There is some good news and that is the marvels of pain medication, which the rich have no trouble getting. Only the poor and middle class are put through the wringer over their pain.

People who pursue material gain and all the trapping, at the cost of their humanity, OFFEND HEAVEN. This is something YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you need to experience material well being or some degree of opulence, that can be arranged. Pretty much ANYTHING can be arranged. Read Chapter 43 of The Autobiography of a Yogi again (or for the first time). That is a single snapshot. There are many tales by realized masters; bonafide illuminated entities who bear witness to what those trapped in material delusion refuse to believe and cannot imagine. Being here is NOTHING but... the opportunity to move upward. Being famous HERE is almost always a curse BUT... being famous in certain other places... words fail.

Many who are relatively, or entirely unknown here are famous on other worlds and planes and have friends and fortunes FAR BEYOND the pitiable displays that can be had or experienced here. Even all of the wonders of the inward beyond are NOTHING compared to the freedom from all of it. Little of this can be spoken of here BUT... what awaits for the dedicated and intrepid is past imagining from this plane; not that any of that should be the goal. A beautiful illusion is still an illusion and they are ALL Time Sensitive.

End Transmission.......

I mean no ill upon Bruce Springsteen. He is simply caught up in the thrall of the importance of a passing phase of being, something he may have paid dearly for or will pay for.

I will try to get that video done today.

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And Pocketnet can be found at this location.


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