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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 12, 2019 - 5:35:35 PM

Fake News, False Lives and the Ever Fading Duplicities of Make Believe Fortune or The Everlasting Indwelling Love.
By Les Visible with comments by Ron
Jan 12, 2019 - 4:02:10 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You have, of course, heard about Fake News. All of the critical news, which has to do with political information, religions, social and cultural issues, certainly this applies to metaphysics and all speculations that deal with, 'what lies beyond' or the unseen within. Fake News is that which is generated intentionally to deceive, in order that those with particular material ambitions for obscene wealth and power, can perpetuate in their criminal behavior. There is also another form of fanciful truth and those are generated by scientists and academics and have to do with theories generated by 'informed and educated' observations, based on presumptions about how things are and how things work in the natural world; long since rendered unnatural.

Those promoting and disseminating Fake and False news at a wider reach, are nearly exclusively members of a small demographic of life forms and their deluded sycophants, who also control and regulate world finances, the various theaters (is that some kind of double entendre?) of entertainment; of course that would include mass media, which might be called entertainment, if it were entertaining and there is also the control of the type of messages, generated in the arts, where actual muses might be involved. The only messages permitted these days are either petroleum based, cotton candy derivatives, or vile commentary on the feminine aspect, with an unhealthy dose of violence and general depravity. This is ALL intentional. Basically the ineffable wants to see if you have what it takes to rise out of the murk and soar, like you have never done before. This is why the darkness is permitted to proliferate; or you could demonstrate whether you have what it takes to be cannon fodder for Today's Army.

No doubt you are 'somewhat aware' of fake foods but not with the detail you might wish for if you cared more about how you will wind up, once your youth is spent. In this industry there is also far more petroleum as an ingredient than you might have thought(Wow!!!). Petroleum has as many uses as the coconut and Bamboo.

What we can surmise, with little research required, is that the nature of both life and Nature, have been twisted into states beyond recognition, have become criminally diluted and transformed as they are to cater to the whims and demands of the senses; "if it feels good, do it." or... "go with the flow"- (Boom! Right into the abyss.)

There is a reason why information about cultures and civilizations from the long ago; Atlantis, Lemuria and the grocery list and speculations from the Urantia Book and Scientology... not to mention, the Gurdjieff magnum opus; "Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson" or Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine". Our relationship to speculative and forgotten history is not unlike the premise of the book, "A Canticle for Leibowitz". I'm not suggesting one read any of these books. In at least one case I would recommend against it but... there's no accounting for taste.

[Ron: Contrary to Les' lack of recommendation, I DO recomend a reading of the Urantia Book. It will give a new and positive perspective to anyone fed up with living in the sea of Talmudic lies in which our world is drowning. After all, not everyone has open, conscious communication with the divine. ].

Historical revisionism is a dark and dangerous thing. Many of the uninformed (and they significantly outnumber us; the slightly informed) might think it's no big deal... unless they wind up in a Khmer Rouge reeducation camp (usually they just shot you, which, considering the alternative, was probably a blessing... like the choice between a trip to the gulags or a bullet in the back of the head), or have the misfortune of being born in Germany, after the biggest lie of all time was being cemented into a kind of metaphorical Berlin Wall... but which was no less substantial for that. Life is often enough like the search for Anne Frank's ballpoint pen.

The internet feels like it has been around since the day before forever sometimes. Most people don't use it for its greatest asset; being able to research anything, depending on your skills at that. Did you ever imagine that there were so many versions of The Bible? It can be disturbing when you find that a scriptural phrase has been so changed over recent decades that there is now no longer any reference (in any of those bibles) to it in its original form, which I KNOW I once read with my own lying eyes.

Let's move on to the point we were hoping to make and for which the preceding was merely a preface. In legitimate spiritual texts there are three states of awareness in which the meaning of whatever is being said can be interpreted. First there is the pedestrian understanding and that can also be defined as what is generally understood in the common parlance. Then there is the deeper understanding, where a chord of resonance is struck and one is able to trace the thought being expressed to the mind of the thinker who manifested the thought. Then there is the revelatory experience of the words that transforms the mind of the reader and where the truth of the words are imprinted upon the mind of the reader, so as to become a living part of the one experiencing the revelation. Visions may attend this last experience. Time and space can be also set aside. There are a number of phenomena that can occur.

There is a problem that attends everyone who reads scripture, within which eternal truth has been written and that is 'accommodation', where the meaning and awareness of anything is lost. A good example would be having a window open in an urban setting. Imagine that the street is being torn up in order for improvements to be made on the surface, or perhaps some aspect of a utility that is beneath the surface that is to be worked on. Let us say that a jackhammer is in use. After a period of time, one no longer hears it. Or we might use car horns as an example. These can also fade from ones awareness.

There are many things we become used to so that they no longer have the impact on us that was there in our first experience of it. This can include the environment we live in and familiar landmarks we no longer see that are a part of it. This can include people with whom we interact every day. We no longer might notice their characteristics. They are just there and we are no longer curious about them.

We look at something. We hear what is being said, or it is something we have read a hundred times, we gloss right over it and never capture the thought behind the words and the thinker behind the thought but the tracks are there to follow, outwardly and inwardly at the same time.

Civilization is humanities reaction to pain and discomfort... houses for shelter, heat for comfort, soft chairs... an icebox. One of the main byproducts of the search for comfort is convenience... what is the most important vehicle that you possess? Your body, perhaps. Your mind? It is kept in shape by exercise and a proper utilization... We don't want to make any effort because that is not comfy, so we eventually wind up with a lot of perpetually ill, mentally and physically lazy shmooswho are constantly in pain. So it comes full circle... civilization, as it continues, in pursuit of comfort and freedom from pain, due to our indulgent and indifferent lifestyle results in pain and we have come full circle, more unhappy than we were in the beginning.

We become addicted to chemicals taken to relieve pain but the pain we are really trying to relieve is not always physical pain. My personal observations are that an alarming amount of people drink alcohol every day and especially at night. The reason that most people drink or drug themselves into states of alienation are a sought after forgetfulness, or because life is losing its meaning, because of unbearable loss, because of loneliness, because of fear and because of pain and depression and there are many reasons and justifications. Materialism invariably creates an emptiness that cannot be filled by a surfeit of objects and distractions. Because people no longer have a viable sense of who they are, they hope that altering their consciousness will free them up to express themselves and regret afterwards that it happened, as often as not.

People are losing touch with themselves and with each other. They are being made uncaring. Everything seems pointless and it might well be.

On the other hand, some of us are free of these unfortunate states because we have found something that solves every problem and provides us with an enduring promise of discovery and an awareness of possibilities of existence which cannot be spoken of here because they are beyond the reach of description.

There is something deep and profound and wonderful within each of us, though few have discovered it because a certain sacrifice is required. It is no sacrifice actually. It only seems that way to some people. It involves taking all of our worries and concerns and tossing them off into some real or metaphorical ocean and never looking back again. We throw all of our regrets and disappointments and every sense of loss there too. There is within us the very living spirit of liberation and freedom that is like eternity before us beckoning us into worlds of light where no darkness can penetrate. I know this to be true but it is something each person must discover for themselves, should they be motivated to do so. All it takes is to rid yourself of everything that will most certainly turn into disappointment anyway and rest your life and all your hopes and dreams upon the certitude of the conscious and aware, everlasting, who is the source of every truly desirable thing and condition and whose deepest and most prevailing urge is to make sure that all of it finds its way to you.

End Transmission.......

Next time we will seek to articulate a more comprehensive view of that which cannot be seen, except indirectly through the results of ones constancy of contact with that which cannot be described.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

♫ Hare Christos ♫


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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