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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"Everything You Could Possibly be Looking For Can be Found In... or Had From... The Sun.
By Les Visible
Mar 11, 2022 - 5:05:28 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

People caught up in the dance of life are... seldom objective about it. You can't step outside of something if you are totally caught up in it. It is harder to see what is going on around you or where it is headed. All of the modern-day, soap-opera routines take place in captive environments. You are going to find different conditions in a Ukrainian cabaret than you will in a Korean spa in LA or a daycare center in Phoenix. Each of them has a self-contained atmosphere. There is some kind of core reality in each of these locations... which falls away when you exit the place. Each place has a spell it casts over you. In many cases, the whole point is to suck you in.

I keep thinking of all the locations one finds on this planet as being like bubbles set up against one another and completely porous. I think of them as dream capsules. The bubble is formed by the nature of the dream, rising up out of the machine shops of the subconscious. There, you will find huge foundries, smelting operations, stamping machines, and conveyor belts rolling out to hither and yon. They send their products up and out into the mind projections of all the sleeping players, who believe The World is real, and not just an endless transforming of the same matter... refashioned and furbished each time a new passion sends its message of expression into the foundries and stamping machines. To think it is to create it.

A realized master has such control over The Process of Precipitation that they can near-instantly bring into manifestation whatever it is that they are thinking about. Mehmet Karagoz, the Albanian magician, once lifted the top off of a mountain before the eyes of one who doubted him. This is not the case for the rest of us who have not perfected our understanding as yet. It might take us days, months, years to bring such a manifestation about, BUT... we still do so. In fact, ALL of us do so every minute of the day... we are engaged in bringing something into materialization. It might be a drive-thru at a fast-food emporium. It might be a camping trip to Tahoe. It might be a romantic assignation or an act of revenge, BUT... we are ALWAYS up to something.

It is a rare mind that is stilled for more than a moment. It takes abilities like that to perform real magic, BUT... you have to be a fool to attempt to perform any of it without guidance. There are many stories like The Sorcerer's Apprentice. They are based on real occurrences. When the pupil is ready, the master is waiting.

I can't remember when it first started. It was definitely more than a year ago. It is probably closer to 2 years ago, I think. I have been through more dramatic changes in this life than I can remember. I mean life-shaking changes, and there have been a great many. Oh yeah, I was asking for it. We usually do... or did. I used to push it until I could hear him cry, "Don't make me come down there!" in my head. "Oh PLEASE come down here!," I would reply.

This was one of the most powerful changes to take place in this life, and I didn't even see it when it happened. I was well into it, by the time I stepped back and wondered... "what the Hell is going on?" It might have been weeks. It was certainly a number of days in which I was performing rituals that came to me out of nowhere that I could see.

In the last year(s)... whatever it has been, whenever I go to the toilet, I say audibly, "Divine Mother, all negative personality traits, all personal shortcomings, all sources of pain and suffering, in and around me, are now permanently eliminated from my being by your most holy grace, and replaced by your divine qualities in me. Archangel Gabriel is completing The Operation of The Sun in me, and making me into a fit habitation for angels to dwell in." This is non-stop, without respite... even when I get up in the middle of the night... it goes into motion.

Before I eat anything... even if it is a single pistachio nut, which I consume, now and again... because it is a hard thing to do... (I set tests like this all this time. You do not want to lose your edge. Consistency will give you something sharp enough to cut The Wind.) I speak into the present but invisible, "Lord God, Almighty... Beloved Divine Mother, and my dear friends from the Angelic and Devic Realm, please join us if it would please you. We pray that you will bless and transform these sacraments into your Divine Substance... that it may transform me into a reflection of you."

The words are constantly changing because I do not care for cant and dogma. I believe that you go to God fresh at each encounter, and... he/she likes the personal touch.

Then... as I am eating, I usually close my eyes and remind myself that I am ingesting SUNLIGHT in a material form-expression. I visualize it transforming every particle of my being into Living Conscious Sunlight. The image of The Man on the Beach is present in my mind as I see myself being shaped and formed as he was and... no doubt, still is. When I drink, I visualize liquid sunlight going down my throat. That is the location of The Imagination... chakra-wise. This is as real as real can be for me. I am absolutely, inflexibly committed to this. If whatever my objective is... if it were a thousand or ten thousand years from now or ANY length of time... I would continue as if it might happen tomorrow, which it most certainly can.

I go into the backyard every morning and I sit in The Sun and commune with the living presence of Lord Vivasvan in Lord Surya's seat. Later, I will come out and remove as much of my clothing as custom allows and I will LITERALLY bathe in Sunlight for half an hour or so. The first link after this posting is about what UV light does to the human body. This is just the physical side. There is a metaphysical side as well. Everything you could possibly be looking for can be found in or had from The Sun.

People talk all kinds of unhappy horseshit about Magic, Alchemy, Spiritual paths; you name it and you will find a gaggle of gabbling gooses who are experts on the matters and who don't know a damn thing that is PRACTICAL. I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that if you knew how to interact with The Sun, there is nothing you could not accomplish or realize. Everything worth knowing is written in the Living Book of Nature. Let those with eyes to see, behold its wonders, and the gifts of The Spirit freely given.

Every morning upon awakening, I go outside and take deep inhalations of The Sun's rays in which dawn prana can sometimes be found, if... you are an early bird. Then, I offer my crystals to The Sun for an infusion and programming... when I lay down to rest. Then I read The Gita and then I take a look at The World, and then I write the post.

At night I go outside and visit with The Divine Mother. Although their particular influences are deeply nuanced and beyond the province of words, the day belongs to The Sun and the night belongs to The Moon, otherwise known as The Heavenly Father and The Divine Mother, two aspects of the same thing. They each have to do with different aspects of you. They are your real parents for which the mortal vehicles were simply representations you required for the outworking of your Karma. They were part of the particularization and specifics of this go-round.

Everything you might ever wish to learn or understand can be found in the simple dynamics discussed in this posting. Whether it has to do with a pedestrian concern or something like Immortality or the favor of Heaven, it can be located and understood through the interplay of these dynamics; the endless dance of The Singularity... as it subdivides for The Purpose of Demonstration. How could we know it unless it differentiates into everything else? What does that sentence even mean?

There is a central core consciousness, whose tentacles of probing awareness, run like threads through the fabric of existence, ♫I'm gonna love you, forever and ever, forever and ever, amen♫

I have illustrated the manner in which I celebrate my days, on a bare-bones skeleton of a general outline, for whatever usefulness it might provide for any searching hearts. It is not necessary to practice the same forms as I do. It ALL has to do with an effort on the part of any soul to make contact with its origins. All God asks for is Love and Sincerity and he/she will come and help you out. You can count on this. You can bank it. I am directly experiencing it. We all are... whether we know it or not. We are all getting a return on our investments.

End Transmission.......

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