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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"Eventually, One Develops an Allergy to Aspects of The World and can't Enter into Them Without a Reaction."
By Les Visible
Jan 8, 2022 - 5:21:23 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My week in words comes to an end. I do not understand why, for so many people, The Divine is not the centerpiece of their life. It is... as if... on a cold night, there is a roaring fire on The Plains. The warmth is unmistakable. Love is to heat and warmth... as Truth is to light. Those cowboys, freebooters, settlers, and such, who congregate around the fire have no reason to move on. Everything comes to them if they remain there. I am, of course using allegory here. Perhaps... on the Plains, in real life, this would not be the case, ALTHOUGH... the powers of The Heart and the Mind are very real. I have seen the effects of them on material life, and... indeed! One can call up or down... anything to themselves if you know how. People do it all the time without realizing it... when good or ill enter into their life.

I, of course, do not know how... even though I have studied it at length, BUT... I do know someone who does, and my single chore in the mix is to PERMIT HIM TO KNOW and act... in me. You might be amazed to discover that everything you do is done by borrowed power, and the whole of your life can be defined and summed up by the degree to which you aligned to or resisted The Divine from free expression through you. That... actually is your Destiny, woven from whatever relationship you do, or do not have with Heaven.

"If you do not look for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter."

That is not meant to be taken as a hard and fast rule. It speaks to one's disposition. Perhaps I could say, if you don't think of God earlier in life, you are unlikely to think of him at the end. Sometimes, he will intrude into life, via crisis or loss, because he wants your attention. Even then, people often do not give it any attention. Materialism is a self-contained atmosphere. It is a world of magnets going haywire. It is most especially one of the birthplaces of Insanity, which worsens as the materialism intensifies. It is also an old story. There is NOTHING new here whatsoever, simply different permutations of the same thing.

I never know, when I sit down to write one of these, what it is that will get said. Since it is Smoking Mirrors, I thought I would set out with something topical and bring it round to The Divine. I seem to have bypassed the topical. Like I said, there's nothing new going on here. The same deluded power junkies are back for another round. There is no unity among them, except for the enemy of their enemy being their friend. It always destroys itself. Unfortunately (for them) a large number of people have shown up to be collateral damage. They have chosen to believe what is not real, and they move further and further away from that campfire on The Plains.

Those with the fire of Divine Love burning in their hearts can generate a campfire anywhere they choose to. The candle in the window is not only a metaphor. People stay in the sewers of existence until they can't take it anymore. Until that happens, there is not much that anyone can say to change their minds. They haven't had their fill of The Swill yet. Eventually... one develops an allergy to aspects of The World and can't enter in there without a reaction.

A few years after my initial Kundalini period, I remember being in clubs, bars, shopping areas; pretty much anywhere that people congregate, and seeing that I could not fit in with any of it. There was always that part of myself watching myself and I could not get swept away by The Dream River because it was always there as a continuous interference in the day-to-day.

I remember seeing people embrace and feeling the degree of the warmth between them; not wanting any of that myself, but enjoying them enjoying one another. Sometimes, I felt like I was that intimacy that moved from heart to heart, though it seldom stayed in those hearts. I was free in a way that I could never explain. It didn't last. The level of intrigue at work to subvert me was astounding. I could see it happening and do nothing about it. Such are the ways of Karma, AND obligations one has taken on, even if you don't know what they are.

There is a salvation card and a get-out-of-jail-free card; a divine caveat of which I knew nothing, that attended the relentless, tumble-dry washing cycles that were life. First, there was a clarity that was present at all times, then there was that long procession of existence, seemingly without purpose, with trial and trauma, routinely attendant... then, suddenly, and without warning, that ended and I was back outside it again.

The reason I am mentioning this is that God is watching you ALL THE TIME. He has eyes everywhere, and eyes within you as well. There is NO TELLING what he will put you through. I am living witness to that, BUT... if the investment was solid and the effort was made; which I might add... can span decades, well... even lifetimes, then God shows back up as if he had never been anywhere else, and he hadn't.

There is no upside to putting your faith in the things of this world, especially if that is all you get; the things of The World. If you have loved God from The Beginning, and through all of your tribulations, he WILL NOT abandon you. He's been there all along. Self-interest blinds us to this fact. He's like Santa Claus, well... yes, he is Santa Claus too; ♫he knows when you've been sleeping and he knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been good or bad, so be good for goodness sake♫ A little attention to the lyrics, a little reflection will repay the time handsomely. For instance, ♫be good for goodness sake♫. I might as well give you a couple of sources.

What's Santa got to do with any of this? What's St. John of Patmos got to do with it for that matter? Your true home and sanctuary are hidden behind the veils of The World. When you desire the things of The World, that desire creates smoke. The more impure the desire, the more smoke. You will attract these things, these Things of The World; Karma permitting, and they will disappoint you and leave you sad. This should be its own form of crypto-currency. Some conditions can part the veils for a time. Trauma can do this. Intense spiritual aspiration can do this. Epiphany can do this. Psychedelics can do this, but you are still left with what you are in the aftermath.

I knew this painter. He considered himself an artist. I did not think he was an artist. He had a lovely wife. He lived in the disorder of his profession, and he was disordered to begin with. I often thought him to be crazy. He took LSD and all he got out of it was SEX. Sex was the big reveal for him. He proceeded to drive his wife crazy and she left him. He went on to be... for the time that I knew him... an insatiable sex-freak. That was as far as he ever got, to my knowledge. It turned out that he was from a seriously wealthy enclave of Connecticut and his parents were multi-multi millionaires. I never knew that until someone told me. I knew a lot of people like that, people with no sense of purpose, who were heir to enormous sums of money. They were no fun to be around, though... I guess the predators and scavengers took note of them and became their friends.

Money attracts a very undesirable element, just like Celebrity and the other spotlights that come out of the sky and isolate you before the eyes of The World. In all honesty, I feel bad for these people. I feel bad for The Rich and those who live off of them. Sooner or later the party ends and there is no more money... nor celebrity. You don't stay well-off from life to life unless you are a good steward. If you are a good steward you can stay well-off for as often as you come and go.

Anyone who wants to be rich can be, for periods of time. It only requires focus and effort. You can LITERALLY think it into being. Once you get past the point of having too much, the desire for more increases beyond your control. KARMA... always has a hand in what you experience. Dancing with it in a state of continuous surrender is the best I could come up with.

Things are meant to turn bad for The Haves at some point. Judgment is coming on a grand scale. It is in the order of things. Our individual destinies are dependent on our relationship to Heaven. Certain behavior trends to Heavenly Estate. Other behaviors trend downward. Look to what you do to see what will become of you. It should be a simple matter. If it is not, you definitely should labor to see that it becomes so. Detach BEFORE you get detached. It makes a world of difference.

End Transmission.......

It may be difficult to find the theme that runs through that post, but... it is there.

Some links, perhaps=

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This is like a prophetic article that slips through. I thought it was bad and dangerous already when I was there decades ago. Materialism leads to theft and crime. People want what they want and increasingly... they want what is bad for them=


Oh well=



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