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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"EVERYTHING is Woven Together in a Tapestry of Inevitability, Directed to the Ends of the Inviolable Will of God."
By Les Visible
Oct 6, 2020 - 5:41:50 AM

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October 5th 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings my friends! Before we get into whatever is going to be written about today, I'd like to include the link to last night's video interview with myself and the host, James Jancik of Feet2theFire.

There were audio problems on his end in the beginning portion of the program. A software update caused his broadcast to be muted, while it appeared to him that it was being heard. You can only hear me, initially. He fixes it later on. Hopefully, it is not too much of a distraction. I trust you will be able to cope with the periods of silence, where James was supposed to be speaking, was actually speaking (because I could hear him) and cannot be heard by the audience. It fleshes out after 15 minutes or so. I just do an extemporaneous thing in the interim, while waiting for James to solve the problem on his end, which he does and then it doesn't happen again.

Some force is nearly always interfering with anything associated with me. It is an effort to compromise my credibility and put an atmosphere of incompetence on my efforts. I am perfectly capable of doing that all by myself, but... they feel the need to contribute; bless their LITTLE hearts~! Yes... technical glitches do happen from time to time BUT NOT ALL THE TIME. I just imagined a corollary to this, concerning a different subject so... let's make that the topic of today's posting.

There is this fellow, dutchsinse, he's an Earthquakologist, or whatever they are called. He's got a theory about directed energy beam weapons and the idea that they are contributing to the earthquakes in the fault line of the Pacific Northwest, with the intention of causing a major tremblor at some point. I have not watched this video, only been told about it.

The Chinese and the Russians (AND US) have these weapons, no doubt others as well. I wouldn't consider the Russians for this, and mention of them is routinely fabricated by the Zionist Propaganda Mill. They object to losing their grip on the biggest mass murder site the world has ever known and for which they were responsible. They manufactured their Holocaust fantasy to distract from this exercise, during which they killed as many as 60 million Christians, (high estimate) or 20 million (low estimate). The one happened. The other did not.

With the Chinese owning so much of Kalifornia and having complex financial concerns with America, it is possible, as with the fires, that there is some there- there. I wouldn't know, unlike so many of my colleagues, who have it all figured out. I am truly fortunate that I VISCERALLY, DO NOT KNOW.

The power of technology has impressed itself upon the subconscious of the collective human psyche, to the extent that God is not considered as a factor in human events, as far as most are concerned. To my mind, God is THE ONLY FACTOR, in numerous permutations of the many variations of Good and Evil, as they are identified by us, according to our understanding, or lack of it.

It is a consistent and timeless verity that when the larger portion of humanity departs from God, a painful lesson is required. Our poorly recollected understanding of History provides us with many examples of such; the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria, the plagues of Egypt, the destruction of The Tower of Babel, The Flood in Noah's time. It goes on and on. There have been far more of them than we have any record of. As I said, it's a timeless ritual, a perpetual routine for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I don't know if SOMEONE is meddling with the Ring of Fire. I do know that it is the Nature of those in strategic positions of Temporal Power to become corrupted by vain ambitions and poisoned imaginations, as well as any number of perversions, tailored to the tastes of the individual, by demons empowered for that purpose. We are tested and shaped by our mentors, regardless of the path we are on, or who we follow, and there is a destiny that awaits, should the candidate fulfill his... or her commission. Most don't and are shuttled through the exit door that is placed near to each test that occurs and they are deposited at a level commensurate with whatever tests they did master, up to that point. I should tell you that EVERYTHING ON THE WAY of whichever way you are on, is precise and based on impeccable mathematical formulae.

I know this sounds strange, almost like the plotlines to a science fiction movie. There's plenty of fiction in the science of these times. A little known fact is that science and religion, in their true and uncorrupted state, agree on everything that can be agreed on that is not beyond the scope of the mind. A great deal lies beyond the reach of the mind and that is unfortunate for the ultimate destiny of those who depend on the mind for understanding. There are worlds of being beyond the reach of the mind, probably why 'a little child shall lead them.'

Everyone thinks they know what Love is. In the usual carnal and pedestrian forms, perhaps they are informed, but Love goes beyond the understanding of the mortal mind. Love is the reservoir of Divine Luminous Wisdom. Its powers of protection are unassailable. It winks from the sideboard of life's buffet table and says, "Come with me, I have wonders to show you that will never enter this room." Love contains immortality and eternal youth, as well as so very much more. It is the repository of divinity and confers the same upon the worthy. To reach that place, all thought of ephemeral affections, all memory of life's transitory allurements must be erased. That is the price of it and few there are that will pay the fee.

So... are the earthquakes natural, or are they designed? Is there an international ring of powerful men who engage in pedophilia and all of its darkest possibilities? Are David Icke's reptile men real? Are the recovered memories of sexual excess by presidents and billionaires as real as those selling books about it and going on lecture tours say that they are? I don't know anything about any of this. I don't know if aliens are circling Mount Shasta, or have underground bases. I don't know what is going on in the subterranean locations beneath the Denver airport and to that and all the rest, I DON'T CARE. People argue to their wits' end about it. For me, there is ONE CONSTANT and that is that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. I don't just think this is true. I KNOW it is and it is either entirely true or it is not. If it is... if it is, then none of these things matter at all, because EVERYTHING is woven together in a tapestry of inevitability, directed to the ends of the inviolable Will of God.

If you don't believe this, it will EVENTUALLY be proven to you. Each of us, at some point, encounter The Truth and what the result of that is depends on the degree of Truth we possess. It is the difference between being warmed by a fire or incinerated by it. The very fires that torment the sinner are the fires the saints dance in. LOVE... Real Love, cannot be deceived. To possess Real Love is to possess the ONLY priceless asset in existence and everything else of real value is contained in Love. Think of Love as an indefinable singularity that refracts into everything there is that is worth having. It is ONLY the love in anything that makes it worth having.

So... I do not trouble my heart and mind about evanescent concerns. I do not sit in apprehension of catastrophe or revolution. Fear cannot be present where Love is present. They displace one another automatically and it has ALWAYS been so. So much that is precious and irreplaceable has been thrown from the window of the carriage on its way to perdition. Each of these are measuring devices that exist to compute the dimensions of Love and each of them reports that it is immeasurable. They exist only to show that Love is of a magnitude of value beyond all else.

Why... am I going to such lengths here with flowery language about something that seems to have nothing to do with earthquakes, or energy weapons, or the Chinese government, or aliens or reptiles in human form? It is because ONLY Love is empowered to negotiate these with absolute confidence and I care not what other challenges, conundrums, or disasters you may add to the mix. There is a reason that Love is the primary expression of The Divine, as well as the essential force that holds the universe together. There is nothing else like it and rather than troubling myself with concerns about any and all of life's uncertainties, I would rather concern myself with Love and how to expand my portion of it so that I will have more to give away. Love is the one thing that increases in volume the more you dispense it. You will always have more than you had before you gave it away.

We waste our time and we waste our lives thinking about everything else, all of which has no consequence in any greater sense. When you REALLY KNOW this, then what you see occurring in the world around you every day makes absolutely no sense at all. There is nothing you can face in life that Love is not the answer for; NOTHING.

The way you attract God's attention and the attention of his angels is through Love. It causes their phones to ring. It sends an immediate wire the moment you express it. It puts you on God's TV screen. All the other pursuits necessitate your going off-camera. I CANNOT even come close to what I am trying to say and that is the supreme frustration of all the mediums in which I work. They ALL fall short. It is why the truly wise are silent. There is simply nothing you can say.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

♫ Walk Thru the Fire or Burn ♫



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