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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Dec 30, 2018 - 3:39:30 AM

Come and Taste the Living Waters of the Eternal and Conscious Light.
By Les Visible
Dec 30, 2018 - 3:36:27 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......
Never have I seen an American President under fire like I see Donald Trump, in the cross-hairs of The Deep State. Given the cartoon-buffoon caricature of George W. Bush and his clown faced and smirking mass murder persona and depleted uranium, birth defect pandemic, across the Middle East; his gratuitous mocking of Karla Faye Tucker, on the eve of her execution... Trump comes nowhere near the psychopathic horror of George W. Bush.
I'll grant that Trump has become an over the top satire of himself but... much of what he wants to do is all on the right side of what is good for The Republic and is also much more similar to the will of the people than is the Liberty is License Left. On that side is the committed Satanic cabal that is dedicated to the destruction of the country, economically and morally. This last part they need like they need the perfume wafting from Satan's bowels (it has a narcotic effect on them) because they are mostly engaged in the most depraved behavior imaginable and unimaginable.
One could point to many different sources and points of origin for the spreading darkness of the time; bad people in powerful positions because of their philosophical proximity to International Bankers. One could say it is all a part of the Fall of the Culture, due to Materialism, sexual depravity and a near religious fixation on comfort to the exclusion of compassion for all other lives and a fatal collective blindness to the fixed results of cause and effect.
Let us consider the Kingdom of God, where all is as it should be forever and ever; regardless of that 'as above so below' maxim. Once one has had a glimpse of the hidden gears behind the activities of the world, they know that the conscious light of divine luminous wisdom rules all things.
The world has gone haywire and off its axis due to unbridled appetite and ignorant desire and these states of being are manipulated by Satan and his lieutenants; Mammon, Baal and others. This does not take place because of some greater power of darkness usurping divine rule, this is permitted so that the ineffable and his righteous angels can measure the status of the human soul. If you don't show up on God's mirror there is no reflection.
There is no need for endless links to illustrate what is taking place and one does not have to be in possession of high intellect or piercing vision to see what the likely end of present behavior is going to conclude in.
No matter what composted darkness the world may organically burn in, each soul has the potential, the right and the certainty of Self Realization and the inherent destiny of soaring to the heavens, should they possess the necessary amount of Faith, Certitude and Determination. Seek these as absolute necessities ...and ask the divine for the loan of his qualities! Demand these qualities! They are your birthright! Come and taste the living waters of the eternal light.
You KNOW that God is real! You know that Love can conquer and endure all things. Your faith may waver. Seemingly excruciating tests may come your way but if you hold to the awareness of the indwelling deity, you will be carried home. This is a promise from before the suns and planets were set in space.
I hear from many readers about the challenges which come upon them and the occasional overwhelming sense of despair, as they trudge up the slippery slope of the literal Sisyphean hill of these desperate hours. Be done with obscure yoga's and, alternatively... all the New Age fix it quick scams of the present crop of false prophets. First off; none of this is something you do yourself. You surrender to the primal self within and you are led to the one who resides at the beginning and end of the course at all times. God is everywhere at once, according to the singular and peculiar nature of God in any place at any time.
When life is not going right, you are going wrong. You believe you know better than the one who has been there and done that.. You presume that you can read a blueprint better than the Supreme Architect. You can't. You are permitted this error in judgment so that you can learn this. You are given the opportunity to make mistakes so that the following wisdom in the aftermath can manifest in your consciousness. Here is a maxim that must be true; every master had a secret life of shame. We all climbed up out of or descended from somewhere. We may have all been perfect before the fall of desire into the sensitive life. For some reason, all that happened was meant to be. We may not like it but we need not come to our wits end arguing about it and getting angry with it. Believe me, if that worked I would have been in much higher realms much earlier than now.
It seems that I am supposed to be doing what I am doing and that would be okay were I not Charlie Brown and were not God; Lucy with the Football. The one thing I don't like to do here is to complain, or get off on some rant about my being God's personal punching bag. It always occurs to me that I'm simply blind, concerning certain critical issues about my life. I grant that. If I know next to nothing and God knows everything then that doesn't leave me with any kind of a leg to stand on.
I added that previous paragraph because I know there are many readers who feel the same way sometimes.
The interesting thing about expressing your thoughts in a public way and attempting to do it in the clearest and most concise fashion (as in the Charlie Brown paragraph above); even when you follow up on, possibly troubling statements, with simple explanations and even when it should be apparent that the statements are for the purpose of illustrating states of being, common to us all, at one time or another, there are people who like to argue, or don't like your style of presentation, or are prone to create a competitive atmosphere because, through insecurity, they have to keep reminding themselves that they are better than you are, or... they are sure they can do it better, even though they never attempt anything as an example.
Sure... there are people who can do what I do better than me. That has zero impact on my doing it, or my place, in my own mind, on the grand staircase of achievement. It never crosses my mind to think about it because; "that way lies madness." I don't think about being better or worse than anyone at anything because I am already fundamentally convinced that God AND some number of his reflections and servants are far better than I and especially so where God is concerned and- in my opinion- anyone who is not humbly allowing the inspiration of the ineffable to pass through them is not someone I am going to give any more time to than it takes for me to establish that being the case.
I am completely immune to anonymous attacks on me or my work because... as I said, compared to the original artist, I am less than an ant in the afterbirth.
There are people who will object to what you say for philosophical reasons (which kind of defeats the meaning of 'philosophical' in the first place). There are people whose hackles go up like they would on a rabid wolverine, the moment you mention the word, God.
People who object to the mention of God have a problem with religion, which only incidentally has any connection to God and which is often simply a mechanism to set off a cash register reflex in the public mind. Then there are those who object to the use of the word because it goes counter to an agenda they have about creating a more easily manipulated culture, which is what Communism had in mind and that was so effectively demonstrated in the last century and best represented by Stalin-Mao and Pol Pot. These are the same people that want to outlaw the use of "Merry Christmas!" These are also the people who fund things like Isis, the White Helmets, Antifa, The Southern Poverty Law Scam and much of the vast umbrella of increasingly strange sexual behaviors, which have a political and social aspect, designed to diminish the perception of normality in heterosexual behavior and the importance of The Family Unit as the cornerstone of civilization.
The antics of the Anti-Christ acolytes and their shell game organizations, as well as their deluded wind-up foot-soldiers are a Keystone Cop, comedy of errors that... unfortunately... lead to inhuman behavior and often to wide devastation and a creeping terror that dances outside your window at the forest's edge, like Halloween caricatures. They are no more than the false fronts on a Hollywood House and are as materialized as your Fear can make them. Laugh at the Devil and he will flee from you. He can't abide scorn, nor ridicule and it is the devil within us that reacts to scorn and ridicule when they are visited upon us. Otherwise there would be no reaction.
If God- the ineffable- the divine- the Lord of Hosts- whatever you want to title it, is the primary inspiration and guidance system in and of your life, you and your life, will eventually reflect this. If The Devil (which happens to be God as he appears to the wicked), or any of the expressions of material darkness, manifested in consciousness and then in thought, word and deed is your inspiration, your life will eventually come to reflect this. However you might think you understand the former, if you are sincere, dedicated and teachable, you will be informed by visible and invisible means as you progress through the events and experiences designed for you according to your faith; due to which it is being done unto you, because it is the inspiration and guidance system in and of your life.
And I see I've been going on a bit here and exceeded my usual size of post so... on to other things for me. May God richly bless you in the interim.
End Transmission.......
I have to Walk in the SunlightBEAMED FROM THE SAUCER POD BY VISIBLE AT 19:27

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