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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 20, 2020 - 4:46:05 AM

"Becoming Free of the Bad Clock Dynamic that Doesn't Know what Time It Is."
By Les Visible
Jul 20, 2020 - 4:43:08 AM

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July 19th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well now... Petri Dish eh? We're all about reporting on the more than metaphorical ooze, which slides across the surface of the Petri Dish. This is the one place we are most certainly practicing social distancing. I'm going to list a litany of facts; provable to ANYONE who cares to take the trouble to prove them. If you do... so much the better for you. If you don't, it can only be for a few, clear and obvious reasons; you don't want to know. You object to the truth because it conflicts with your own version of things, which has been constructed to justify your pursuit of whatever it is you are after. You are not smart enough to understand what is going on, or... you are either a willing or unknowing collaborator with those forces seeking to enslave humanity.

Over the course of many decades in the last century and in this century, a collective of individuals, internationally linked, and with specific material agendas, have been on a relentless course to take control of The World. Yes... it goes back much further than that but I want to focus on The Modern World, or let us say, 'that world we are familiar with as having manifested in the times following The Industrial Revolution', which began, give or take a few decades, right around the start of the 19th Century so... I guess we're talking about around two centuries, give or take a few decades.
Evil has been with us for as long as we have been keeping records and... probably well before that. I should mention at this point that this brief period of recorded history that encompasses all we have 'badly' kept track of in this particular go-around, is... just a small burp in the passage of time. Directly prior to this was the time of Atlantis and Lemuria and before that was something else and before that was something else and before that was something else. How far back it goes is anyone's guess BUT... I assure you... it goes way, way back. Under the sea, which was once terra firma AND beneath the present (not so) terra firma, which was once a sea bottom, is the residue of culture after culture, one piled on top of the other and now long forgotten.

Within ourselves is a similar state of affairs. Think of yourself as a house that has a basement, a ground floor, and an attic. These are the three separations of your mind, called successively, The Subconscious, The Self Conscious and The Superconscious. The Subconscious can be likened in construction to the cultural strata of this world; the aforementioned 'piled on top of the other'. Within your Subconscious is many a treasure chest, half-submerged, or deeply submerged and which contain the data and resources of all that you were in the long ago and not so long ago. I call them treasure chests because that is what they are.

In the western mystery tradition, we possess a remarkable tool called The Tarot. It is a pictorial garden of images that depict various archetypes. I call them that but you don't have to. I'm going to present a single example of the use to which these images can be put AND I HAVE POSTED THIS SAME EXAMPLE SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE; Mem is one of the 3 mother letters and it is symbolized by The Hanged Man. Tzaddi is personified by a fishhook and symbolized by The Star. Nun is personified by a fish and is symbolized by the Death card. One of the qualities of Tzaddi - The Star, is Meditation. You take the fishhook of Tzaddi and you drop it into the great subconscious sea of Mem and you catch the fish Nun and draw it up. Immortality awaits upon the successful performance of this act. I delineated this in a very brief and simple way but let me say that there is many and many another similar and not so similar result that can be effected by the proper placement and correct use of the placement of these cards.

The evildoers that I referred to earlier, have taken the system that brought us The Tarot and reversed it in order to practice a foul magic upon the rest of us. The ones we know of that control large industries, devoted to the deception and subjugation of humanity, are the front line workers in the efforts of evil to bring chaos and confusion upon the planet. They have accomplished this in smaller ways in the past, creating world wars, fostering the Bolshevik Revolution, and many another similar outrage. Now they are trying to do, what they have done successfully in limited theaters, to the entire world. There is a shadow cabal of linked individuals who operate out of sight and who inform and control the front line personnel. Many who are so controlled are unaware of it. Evil masquerades as Good OFTEN and the reverse is true as well. This is where Discrimination 'should' come into play.

They are quite prescient, these evildoers. They knew what conditions would be coming well ahead of time because they have access to occult powers and also... information hidden from MOST of the rest of us. This is why they took control of nearly all MEDIA early on. They also took control of most of the financial instruments in the world. They took control of everything that gave them the control needed to shape human perspective and to force and compel human behavior to achieve their ends. You can see it happening in front of you right now. All the crazy shit in the streets is their doing and it is all about bringing Marxist rule to Western Culture. Most of the manipulated puppets, who are dancing to their tune know very little, if anything, about what is actually happening and they won't find out until it is too late and they become the victims of what they brought into being.
In this physical world, the single-core from which evil comes, is an immaterial source and some element of it is at work in every country and culture. These different locations are all in a rivalry with one another and this is one reason why Evil hasn't been able to take over the whole planet. They are contending with their rivals, each of whom wants control of their own fiefdom, and however much more they can add to it. There are wheels within wheels at work in the Bad Clock Dynamic that doesn't know what time it is. They can never succeed because their entire schematic is based on fabrications and lies, with no connection to any integrity of being. This is why the forces of light ALWAYS win, once The Demonstration has concluded. Evil eventually ALWAYS destroys itself. It is not a workable model and can never continue for very long, in cosmic timelines.

These rudderless children that you see rioting in the streets are all the programmed offspring of school teachers, who have indoctrinated them with lies, under the guise of creating fairness and parity. They are the finished work of Marxist professors and Gender Studies wackjobs. They have been fairly successful at this and now... anyone who argues against Gender insanities being practiced by an infinitesimal segment of the population can be CANCELLED and left for dead, literally and metaphorically speaking. These rudderless children gone rogue have learned almost nothing useful, as one finds if you question them on what they know. They haven't learned basic geography, math, and even the proper use of their own language. They are The Stupids being massed together as cannon fodder, in a concerted war upon intelligence, social harmony, decency, and pretty much anything that makes a society function.

You can't make everyone equal because they are not and as Jesus, the Christ said, "For ye have the poor with you always." If all the wealth in the world were equally distributed so that everyone had the same amount, it would all be back in the hands it was previously taken from in a couple of months. That is just how it is. Everyone can't be a movie star or a millionaire, or a trapeze artist or even a skilled dancer or musician in THIS LIFE. It isn't happening BUT it can if that is what you think you want.

The kicker to all of this is that both Evil and Good come from the same source. Or you could better say that the force that controls everything and itself produces ONLY good, permits Evil to flourish to whatever extent it chooses, in whatever time-frame it is permitting it. Things would not hold together without a balance of opposites and over the course of time, life can and does veer more in one direction than the other, only to come back and do it in reverse. It looks like a snake slithering across the ground. You could call it cosmic bio-rhythms, or whatever definitions work for you or... you could just say, "That's the way it is." cause that is the way it is DOWN HERE but it IS NOT LIKE THAT EVERYWHERE and it is up to you and the good graces of the force that controls everything, whether you stay here and keep coming back here again and again. Is what you want to be found here? Well... there you go and there you keep going, until you have had it with the suffering and disappointment which, for some, can take a very long time BUT THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop mourning the seeming lack of Justice here. Even though Justice most surely comes every single day, one often cannot identify the origins it is responding to. This is a world of constant deception, ruled by appearances that are not understood by the one using a compromised mind to understand the reports of the senses. Set your ambitions upon something higher and YOU WILL GET THERE if you are consistent in your efforts to do so AND... ASK FOR HELP! You cannot do this on your own. No matter what the author of Invictus is telling you, it doesn't work like that. Alexander learned the lesson in his fashion the same as Napoleon learned in his. Socrates, Galileo, Copernicus, and my good friend, Giordano Bruno were all object lessons for The Purpose of Demonstration. Socrates didn't mind what happened. It didn't have to happen but he MADE his statement. Of course, he knew things too.

Find your hero, your mentor, whose life's story stands as the greatest inspiration to you AND WALK IN HIS/HER FOOTSTEPS. If the one you follow is a legitimate example with the imprimatur of Heaven upon him/her, then representative guides WILL APPEAR after preliminary testing.
It's all falling apart in these times. You can get a classic look at the spiritual end Here and also Here. I'm not providing these links because I support their viewpoints but I will say there is truth to be found there. The reason I am telling you all of this about evil and good coming out of the same source, or permitting Evil to operate, is to give you comfort, faith, and hope in times to come. ONE FORCE controls the whole of it all. PERIOD! Make acquaintance with it and all will be well... sooner or later. This is what I have found to be true. This is what I have proven out to my satisfaction.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is; ♫From These Eyes♫ (this is the most recent recording from me of which, so far there are 12. All of them can be found at this website and there will be more on a regular basis. Once again, I apologize for not being able to sing as well as I once was able to and which accounts for the use of harmonies to a greater degree than was once the case.)

And then there is Pocketnet.


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