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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 22, 2020 - 4:38:21 AM

"BECAUSE... It Can Lead to the Most Important Thing You Will EVER Discover."
By Les Visible
Nov 22, 2020 - 4:34:54 AM

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November 21st 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You see these postings nearly every day now. Why? These are critically important times. We are ALL going to be judged according to our fitness for the spiritual possibilities that will SOON present themselves. Think of Planet Earth as a launching site. People are ALWAYS coming and going here. They are appearing out of nowhere and going... all sorts of places; determined by their behavior, qualified by INTENTION. As you intend, so you go... "as a man thinketh" and so forth. Our entire world, hard as it may be to believe, is a construction of our minds. Yes... there is a world OUT THERE and sometimes we share remarkable similarities in it, now and then, with someone, BUT... it is all taking place 'in here' (visible taps the side of his head). Even your eyes don't see OUT THERE. Your eyes see in here (again visible taps the side of his head.) We ALL live in a world of our own creation.

This world, this personal creation of ours, gets its general atmosphere from how we feel and what we feel, is processed in here... (yet again, visible taps the side of his head) by the Limbic System. Yes... it feels like it is taking place in your heart, or your gut, BUT... there is more to it than we think. Getting an awareness of HOW THINGS REALLY ARE is the most important thing you will ever accomplish, BECAUSE... it can lead to the most important thing you will EVER discover.

How you feel about life has a great deal to do with how life feels about and responds to you. WHY... is it so hard for people to get this into their heads? Especially since it is already there. If you are angry, you WILL find counterparts. If you are frightened, you will find counterparts AND attract predators. Even massive jungle cats are wary of us initially because they know that we are the REAL King of the Jungle, ( once) BUT... since we do not behave as such in a convincing manner... Yeah. Animals are extraordinarily sensitive to the way we feel. In any case, IT IS ALL A MIRROR (even this blog-grin).

As the world changes, new vistas are opening up that were not accessible before. Yes... some of us have been there. Even thousands of years ago, unique individuals were there. Now, however, certain long-buried features in our being are becoming available; telepathy... intuition, and other gifts are there for the DEVELOPING. I have personal experience of this. These are all qualities of The Divine Feminine, who is now in the ascendant for this coming age. That they are feminine qualities should be a key to how one DEVELOPS them.

Yes... this world is a launching pad. It is also Basic Training for a successful residence here, during your brief visit, and for getting that visa onward. Let me tell you that there are more places one can go from here than there are places here to go to. What I am telling you is true. Everything I have said here, so far, is true, BUT... there is something that happens in people's heads; not everyone's head, BUT... most people's heads. Their mind begins to drift, or they hear something and it goes right thru, or past them or they look right at it and do not see it, or they see it and do not recognize it, or how it might apply to them, or... they read it and nod their heads, and... and... something happens, or does not happen. I've seen it far more times than I can remember.

When I was younger, I was very passionate about God and the wonders of his kingdom, which includes where you are sitting right now, but... which may not look like it because it is under a Magical Enchantment that conceals it from mortal eyes. I am listening to Pavarotti's 50 Greatest Hits, and I KNOW that at this very moment, far, far more people are listening to vile, female demeaning, hate-driven, RAP. I hear that and I walk out the door and far away. They hear this and the same thing happens. We are ALL under some kind of enchantment. It depends on the state of our appetites and desires, which dictate our behavior and intentions, and which ALSO depends on the density and thickness of the Karmic veils that cover our eyes; our physical eyes, and our spiritual eyes.

The nature and quality of our desires and appetites, shape our emotional body, and CREATE the life situations that come upon us. This accounts for the wars we engage in; actual weaponized conflicts, engineered and orchestrated by BANKERS, personal wars with society, and each other, near and far and most importantly... our war with ourselves. This is the one that wears us down from day to day, until we are a burned-out shell. Oh... the other wars have their levels of attrition as well, and some of them account for our immediate departure to further points; "NOW BOARDING for wherever, with stops at this point and that point, the 7:00 AM, local outbound, WILL BE departing in 15 minutes."

As I sit here, it comes into my mind... all of the things I could say about the matters under discussion, and I realize that I will NEVER be able to get to more than a small portion of what there is to say and no matter what I say, it will never be 'THE' Truth because that cannot be spoken or written. It is at right angles to everything else. It can be communed on and transmitted, from mind to mind, and from heart to heart. It happens far more rarely than the discussions about what to eat and where to go, what to copulate with and what to avoid; all the shallow and pretentious gossip that makes up the conversations of pedestrian life.

I tried to fit in with all of this and I failed miserably. I was MEANT to fail. I did not know that at the time. It must have been amusing to watch me if you were one of those illumined beings, who look at us from invisible locations. I must thank the immeasurable grace and mercy of God for making it impossible for me to fit in. There are progressions that go on in the lives of everyone. If you are in business, you might start out stocking shelves, and then you become assistant manager, and then manager, and then regional manager. That is... if you are ambitious and hard-working and Smart. Smart is important, not so much these days, but it used to be. In another life choice, say... if you started out as a poet, you could... if you were SPIRITUALLY driven, then become a mystic, and then a sage, and then a prophet. I think that is the progression.

If you were political... you might start out in a campaign office. Then you might run for local government. Then you might run for regional or state office. Then you might run for national office. There are more steps than I have mentioned in each of these examples and there are also exit lines of departure, hiatus-sabbatical, career change, death, or imprisonment (grin). I chose my route and I am happy with it. I am content with it and I think that is the key, which comes back again to LOVE, because YOU MUST love what you do, or you should not bother. REALLY.

Some of us came here because we had dreams that could not be filled the last time we were here. Conditions could not be arranged in time, or the time wasn't right. Some of us came here to pay for what we had done before. Some of us came to collect. Some of us came here because our appetites and desires had not been satiated. The wood we threw on the fire, proved to not be too much for the fire. Some of us came here to help, and ALL OF US, are shaped in the crucible of experience, over a very, very long reach of time. When you have eternity to play with, well...

Now we find ourselves INVOLVED, directly, peripherally, up close, or at a distance, with world transformation. We are in a period of time that does not come around very often. This is WHY so many of us are here. Of course, 99% of us forgot all about that once we got here, BECAUSE the distractions are so varied and so fascinating, SO COMPELLING and that, of course, depends on the enchantment.

Going on, right alongside of this spectacle, are emerging portals into more places than there is space here to describe. These portals are ONLY visible to those on the same harmonic wavelength, even when the portal leads to definitely disharmonious locations. Most people are not looking out for their portals and this is sad indeed.

The opportunity exists to make an incredible leap into states of being that are rarely on offer. The opportunity exists to leapfrog lifetimes and lifetimes. Nothing is off the table, AND... if you fail, you are sent to the wardrobe department on The Moon, to be suited up with a series of personas, one following the other, until this opportunity comes round again. "Oh, Holy Night" came on a moment ago, in Italian (grin). That was another opportunity.

It could be that this apocalypse is not like the usual apocalypse. I get the sense that this is a Grand Apocalypse, that only comes round once in every complete turning of the cosmic clock. That makes it significant indeed. I CANNOT tell you about all of the wonders that are available for the determined and intrepid in this remarkable period. I don't know them all, BUT... I know some of them, and I know that I am here, for the purpose of bringing this up again, and again, and again. We all have our duties and this one is mine. I'm glad for the chance to do so. But for fortune, I could be selling or making women's shoes, or running a restaurant, or... the list is endless. I've done a fair amount of OTHER THINGS in this and other lives; no more... no mas...

I seriously advise one and all, to pay more attention to the spiritual side of the street. There is NO TELLING what might occur. There is no telling what might present itself and... go unseen... because one was not FULL TIME looking for it.

End Transmission.......

I recommend checking out the links at the bottom of the page today. They are riveting AND revealing, in some cases.

I am DEFINITELY (grin) going to get to that video tonight. Here is the most recent one.

Here is Visible's free to listen Music Site.

GAB is to be found in this location

And Parler is to be found in that location.

Pocketnet is to be found in the same place it was found last time and that is here.




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