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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 23, 2020 - 5:03:36 AM

"As the Evidence of Electoral Fraud becomes OVERWHELMING, is another 9-11 Caper in the Event Horizon?"
By Les Visible
Nov 23, 2020 - 5:00:18 AM

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November 22nd 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was not going to write a post today, focusing instead on the First Church of the Presence of God discourse, BUT... something has begun to trouble me and it won't go away. I am going with the idea that when you say something, it won't happen. Sometimes speaking out about a potential incident on The Event Horizon serves, in some mysterious and magical fashion to derail it.

There is now SO MUCH EVIDENCE of election fraud that when the president's lawyers get to the Supreme Court it will be a slam dunk. The corruption of the Democrat machine and most especially, the Satanic worker bees; George Soros (employee of the Rothschild Cartel). Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, and others is as deep and depraved as ANYTHING I have ever seen. They will STOP at NOTHING to have their way. What this means is that another 9/11 style distraction disaster is ON THE MENU. I can FEEL it in the invisible as it vibrates across the ether.

I am calling attention to this in the hopes that doing so, might... militate against it happening. I realize that I am only a tiny particle of life force in a great sea of humanity. I am not even an Ant-Man, I am a mite or even less. This is not an attempt to present myself as humble. I already know that I am humble because of the brief glimmers I have captured of the splendor and majesty of God. I am simply putting it in perspective. In the ordinary sense, I would... if you do the math, amount to just a little more than nothing. HOWEVER... the power of prayer is beyond remarkable and when joined in tandem with LIVING Faith and Certitude, it can cast mountains into the sea. I KNOW this to be true AND... when joined in conscious union with others who share my faith and certitude, tell me; what can we not accomplish.

I mention that BECAUSE... if we have a collective concern about the matter and bring it to the attention of the angel messenger(s) that transmit prayers to the Throne of God AND we offer it with sincere conviction, God WILL hear it. The same applies to our prayers for this nation and its defense against enemies FOREIGN AND... DOMESTIC.

God is WELL AWARE of everything presently taking place. He KNOWS what every one of the players are up to. He KNOWS about the plots and contrivances, presently at work in the minds of the conspirators, who are seeking to hijack the presidency.

The array of armies of darkness is breathtaking. It is near Armageddon-like. What the armies of darkness do not know, because they can never know it, is the nature and power of the Lord of Light. At the mere approach of him, the darkness fades to nothing, which is what, in fact, the darkness is composed of= NOTHING. Shadows have NO POWER except what we give them. The power that we give them is generated by our fear. Fear is the offspring of doubt. Everything is connected in respect to the actions of any one part. Love manifests union because it is the ultimate attractive force. Alternatively, where Love is absent, Fear generates separation. It divides us against ourselves.

They will be looking for a 9/11 type event to cover themselves. President Trump is not going along with the plans of The Globalists. He is withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan and this is one of the main sources of income for the Globalist cabal. They want the war in Afghanistan to continue because MAJOR MONEY INTERESTS are deeply involved in the poppy business. You have seen the photos of American soldiers protecting the poppy fields. What did the Taliban do when they came into power? They shut down the opium trade.

Attempted assassination is also a possibility, whether it be the Commander in Chief OR his lawyers.

The globalists want to control and PERVERT US without limit. What is happening in present time is nothing less than an Orwellian and Kafkaesque drama whose objective is genocide and enslavement of the world. In EVERY country, there are forces at work to erase the idea of Freedom from the human mind. They intend to enslave us with Draconian laws and by legitimizing depravity in every form you can imagine and some you cannot. This enslaves us from without and within. God help us!!!

Once again, let me state that the evidence of election fraud is OVERWHELMING. A most curious event took place a few days ago, as justices were reshuffled following the death of Baader-Meinhof Ginsburg, and here is the result of that. NOW... 'conservative justices hold emergency jurisdiction over 4 of the 5 states key to President Trump's victory.' That means that when this OVERWHELMING evidence is presented to them, the president will be continued in office.

This is intolerable for the opposition, many of which are going to be facing serious jail time. Now we know why the president left Gina Haspel and Christopher Wray in charge of their respective agencies. It is all a Mr. Apocalypse end run to expose the traitors in the midst. You can be sure, as desperation leads to panic that they HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE   !!!

I'm going to sign off now. I've done what I intended. PLEASE READ THAT ARTICLE~!!!

My love to you one and all !

End Transmission.......

TODAY... I WILL record the next discourse from the First Church of the Presence of God... heh heh. At least I hope so. Here is the link to the last one.

Here is the link to Visible's Music Site

Here is the GAB link

Here is the Parler link and...

Here is the Pocketnet link.



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