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Always in the Moment of Perfection
By Pleidlank videos
Nov 22, 2011 - 11:21:41 PM

These are from Pleiadlank's channel.  Whoever is behind this and I sense more than one to make these, they are wonderful and useful to some of you who are depressed in particular.  I would suggest subscribing to this channel (which is how I found the newest one in my mail.)  I suggest sending these links to your christian and or ther religious friends, there is great teaching in a few short minutes in each one, some might actually FEEL the Glory of God in these.  Thank God for the Internet. Put on your headphones, there is gorgeous music with these pearls-C

Guardians of Light:

You Will NOT be Broken:

The Box

Come Into Your Godhood

The Omniscient One:

Always in the Moment of Perfection.


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