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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 21, 2021 - 6:18:45 AM

"All of One's Suffering can be Alleviated by Resolving the Condition of The Separated and Reactive Mind."
By Les Visible
Oct 21, 2021 - 6:15:43 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The vaccine putsch is not working as they wish it would. They are working a lot of angles. Meanwhile, The Human Spirit keeps breaking through the shield walls of fear. Stadiums are ringing with, "Let's go Brandon", and "Fuck Joe Biden." Joe Biden is NOT a romantic figure unless you think a combination of Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam stokes your passions. He's surrounded himself with other cartoon incompetents, not the least of which is his backup; The Wiffenpoof of Color, hereafter referred to as The WC. That's got a nice double entendre feel to it.

Lao Tzu said that a country is well ruled when the people barely know the leader exists. It gets worse when they praise and honor him. It gets even worse when they fear and despise him, but when they mock and make fun of him... it's as bad as it gets. That is where we are.

I have given some study to the phenomenon where public figures permit themselves to say and do things that would cause any normal person to feel shame and embarrassment. They don't seem to have that feature anymore. It is some form of cluelessness that shields them from seeing how preposterous and ignorant they seem to the fast vanishing species of Normal. Paris Hilton comes to mind. Her entire being is aflame with the desire for notoriety. She's come up with a new scam, since the entertainment thing has gone South, due to her having no talent whatsoever.

Her rich parents sent her to some cutting-edge rehabs when she was young because her demands and her vanity were out of control. To hear her tell it... they... why they... gave her mean looks and did not treat her with the respect she did not deserve. Egyptian cotton was nowhere to be found. The bidets were common porcelain, and the food wasn't even catered. Now, she has refashioned herself as a spokestard for the young who are subjected to similar restrictions, just cause they did a lot of Meth and pulled a few trains. Hey!!! They're young! Where's the understanding? Today, she was in some congressional parking lot. I saw a dozen or so reporters on this slow news day. They were milling about and trying not to look like they were posing for the camera. Half of them were wearing masks.

Paris had not shown up yet; always keep them waiting. In a time of epidemic wastes of space, Paris and the Kardashians, along with all the others trying to break into name recognition-land, are a new breed of light bulb moths. Even so, Paris is unique in her relentless struggle to remain relevant, when she was never relevant in the first place. When you have to make sex tapes to get recognition, it indicates you have as much natural, crowd-drawing charisma as a barfly with Herpes sores.

We have arrived at the time of the Self-Evident, Peter Principle. One of our noteworthy examples is a Peter to begin with. It is our beloved Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg. Here's a good Cliff Notes summary on The Peter Principle. If you note Buttigieg's upward rise, you can see that he failed at everything on his way. He was groomed early on by deep pocket Satanists, in the hope that he would serve as a role model for the sexually confused, especially those who got emasculated by Mommy. They even gave him a husband and a Pop-Tart Family; talk about bad cradle-Karma.

Joe Biden, train conductor K-Y Harris, of The Monica Lewinsky Tradition, Blinken (Winken and Nod), Mayorkas... probably everyone in that administration meets the criteria for Failing Upwards. There is no clearer way to put it than to say, "They are a joke." I KNOW that I could do better, and so, probably, could you. The point is not to do better in the first place. The point is to be incompetent until they have destroyed the education system and social order to the point that only The Stupid survive. There's an Elvis Presley song I could rework for the occasion.

This winter should prove to be Interesting Times. They intend to hit America where it lives, right in The Appetite Zone. With Buttigieg as the Transportation Secretary, I think you can count on the worst-case scenario. As I said, the vaccine putsch has not worked out as they might have wished. At some point very soon, the amount of people going down through Gene Therapy Poisoning can no longer be swept under the rug. That's going to set off a ruckus, I can tell you.

The Critical Race Theory programming, as a precursor to Communism, has also not gone well, but they are nothing if not stalwart and determined in their pushing the envelope. The wheels are grinding to a halt. What's a collective of trans-humanists to do when they run afoul of bedrock humanity? They turned the entertainment industry into a cesspool of depravity. Talent is now a disqualifier in the arena. There is no more inspired songwriting. There is little good writing of any kind. The schools do not teach objective reasoning skills or how to think. Dumbing Down IS the curriculum. Add in designer drugs and alcohol. Add in the ever twisting and ratcheting torsion of Human Sexuality. Add in suicidal despair and unfocused RAGE, and you've got a script written by Cronenberg.

You see the RAGE at sporting events EVERY WEEKEND now, and other times as well. Something is fueling this. Is it the vaccine-5G conversion? Is it the rising of The Subconscious against the frightening aspect of appearances in The Event Horizon? Is it the application of mind-altering energy beams? Is it simply the reaction to the uncertainty of The Coming Age? Most of us have little information in that regard. They just want to hit Popeye's or that Chinese takeout on the way home to watch Netflix. What are they going to do when there is no more chicken? They got viruses for that too.

Now they are transplanting pig kidneys into people. 12 people die every day waiting for a new kidney. They've been using pigs for burn victims and other recreations. The people sciencing the endlessly recurring problems are kindred spirits of the ones who caused the conditions leading to kidney failure. It is an infinite looping of ever-intensifying mind-fuck. They have actually regressed from bleeding those suffering from conditions they cannot heal.

Were it not for The Avatar, we would be in deep shit. We are substantially out-gunned, but not nearly so much as the European countries. They have all the money and illusion of POWER. They are convinced of this, even though the best-laid plans most certainly go gang aft agley. Yes... if you want to make God laugh, make plans. A few events that they did not strategize for ARE going to happen. They also haven't considered the potential of newly arriving generations. Oh... they're doing what they can from cradle to grave, but there is something in The Human Spirit, whose primary impetus is to Freedom, which they are unaware of. Also... keep in mind, Evil ALWAYS destroys itself.

I'm not here to rah-rah-shish-boom-bah, with over-the-top positivity where EVERYTHING material is Temporary, certainly not so far as the material plane goes. Every time The Divine wants a new presentation, he sends in the wrecking crew who dismantle the stages, and the infrastructure formerly in place. Following that, he sends in the builders who construct what will replace it. As often as not, there are periods of unpredictable chaos which engulf the land. Sometimes that is not the case, and I am informed that this time... this time... there will be both chaos and order simultaneously, but apart from one another. You can already see this shaking out between that area inland of the coasts, and the coasts themselves... and the heartland (cue George Strait). Florida is the sole anomaly.

It is a common mistake to see The Avatar as someone apart from us. The Separated Mind-The Reactive Mind is the greatest difficulty anyone faces in coming to a true understanding of what is. The Avatar is not just arriving in a specific personage. He is also going to be appearing in the human heart WHEN PERMITTED TO. Once you have that experience, you will no longer have questions where the answer does not immediately rise in counterpoint.

All of one's suffering can be alleviated by resolving the condition of The Separated and Reactive Mind. We seldom look within for the solutions to our problems. In Times of Material Darkness, we immediately seek out professionals who do not know their ass from a hole in the ground. This is effective if you are dealing with a plumbing issue or need a wall spackled; any problem with external tech, BUT... what about internal tech? What about problems with our own internal nature, seeking to adapt to untenable circumstances? Aye... there's the rub.

I have no concerns whatsoever about what may or may not be coming. If it karmically involves me, well... there I jolly well am. If it doesn't it is not a concern of mine, except where help might be offered. Everything is under control. I DON'T CARE what it looks like to you, everything IS under control. It might make sense for you to integrate with that so that you can be under control as well. Panic and desperation can well drive one mad. How does that USUALLY work out? Uh-huh.

What is the point of Prayer if you don't believe? What is the point of Doubt if you do? You carry the resolution to any and every problem that might ever come before you, within you. This is a difficult concept to pass on to another when they are continuously assaulted by external appearances. There is less to worry about than you might think unless your time has been spent causing worry for others. The World CAN BE transformed in an instant. Even The Adversary can be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Cease the internal war and there will be no war.

End Transmission.......

Once again, we have relevant links to illustrate what's been said here=

Via Gateway Pundit
Good luck trying to shut down a crowd of intoxicated youth=
Virginia Tech to Restrict ‘Selfish, Inappropriate, and Embarrassing Student Behavior' at Football Games after "F*ck Joe Biden" Chants Break Out Across the Country

Web page capture from

Paul McCartney on his lyrics:
‘Eroticism was a driving force behind everything I wrote'

Via Breitbart
This is the new and improved acronym= 2SLGBTQQIA+
Netflix CEO Now Says He ‘Screwed Up' Defending Dave Chappelle Calling Out the 2SLGBTQQIA+ Agenda

Ted Sarandos and Chappelle

Via Gateway Pundit
Hunting the bovine sociopath in its natural feeding grounds=
"What Else Are You Hiding From the Public?"
Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research RUNS From Project Veritas Journalist

Via Fox News
This very Special Case Person just has to be in the limelight.
I cannot imagine what must go through the wind tunnels of her mind in the deeper night=

Paris Hilton participates in a press conference to discuss protecting 'Children placed in congregate care facilities'

Via Fox News
Trust the science;
Pig kidney transplant successfully tested on deceased woman


Via Fox News
What a big stinking pile of shit=
Rachel Levine sworn in as first openly transgender four-star admiral

Via MailOnline
Cellphones and addicts=
Shocking moment woman carrying a baby falls into an open manhole as she chats on her phone in India

Via Breitbart
So... if you read the article all the way to the end you see that it was the vaccine that killed Powell=
Trump Surgeon General Adams Blames Unvaccinated for Colin Powell Death
‘Didn't Take the Proper Measures to Lower Spread'

Via Chicago Tribune
Art Institute of Chicago fires docents because there are too many white women in their ranks


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