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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 28, 2020 - 6:32:39 AM

"According to the Voice of the Darkness, we are No More than Ambulatory Appetites in Search of a Feeding Trough."
By Les Visible
Jul 28, 2020 - 6:29:08 AM

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July 26th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

She is known as Kannon-Bosatsu in one tradition, as Harmonia in another and in other icons, this quality is part of the portfolio of several goddesses, known for other virtues as well. In whomever it appears, I imagine it is considered to be the more powerful weapon in their arsenal. Now... why did I refer to it as a weapon? (Compassion, ((according to Lao Tzu)) is considered to be a weapon from the sky against being dead). So... Harmony, which in my estimation is disarming, to say the least, could well qualify as a weapon, if it causes others to put their own weapons down.

I tend to see life in terms of the Bhagavad Gita and I think of myself as a warrior. Harmony is one of my weapons of choice. There are no greater weapons or shields than the qualities of God, which in the aggregate sense, amount to The Full Armor of God. Due to the tsunami of false information AND the press of appearances; never greater than in Time of Material Darkness, when technology is in the ascendant, the hoi poloi, salt of the Earth (with lost savor) is in a state of perpetual befuddlement. Given the force of ATTRACTION on the one side and FEAR on the other, as the carrot and stick archetypes of the age, there isn't much anyone can say that will get heard through the noise. You have to really want to hear it and most people don't... YET. They will, however, they will.

The Avatar is able to make himself heard BECAUSE he is speaking inside the minds of everyone when the time comes for him to speak. One of my regular prayers, EVERY DAY- to The Avatar is;

"Lord, PLEASE awaken Humanity! Lord... please appear in the collective minds of the populace and reveal to them the nature of their perilous state. Show them what the certain outcome of their folly is and show them the alternative."

I don't have to think about it. The prayer just surfaces every single day without fail.

The prayer that follows, also to The Avatar is-

"Lord... PLEASE appear in those hearts that have prepared a place for you. Send some portion of yourself ahead and into our waiting hearts. Awaken us to the Spirit of Brotherhood that is the hallmark of the coming age. Let us be the heralds of your coming, Lord. Let us resonate with you and radiate your presence from within."

We are the footsoldiers of the light of God, in advance of his coming; if we wish to be.

You have heard the statement, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he" This is truth. See yourself as a representative of The Avatar, behave properly, and 'poof!' it is so. The message of the world at this time is that we are no more than ambulatory appetites in search of a table. We are demeaned and diminished in our own minds by those radiating the subliminal messages of the Infernal Realm. It is WITHIN US that everything takes place and is given whatever meaning we acknowledge as being so. WE ARE BEING PROGRAMMED EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY and NIGHT. How do we successfully resist this? We control the focus of our attention. What mediums exist for this? Prayer, manifesting the qualities of God, and those righteous austerities and a discipline of Restraint that are the tenets of Ageless Wisdom.

In this world, we assess our circumstances and our mindset acts in response to the manner in which the world presents itself. It is what we see. It is the eye that identifies appearances and responds accordingly. This is why The Devil in Tarot has Ayin as its associated letter. Ayin is The Eye. It is through the eyes that we are deceived in our minds; not to mention the relentless assaults coming at us through the subconscious, which is a mechanism employed by the agents of darkness in their war against our well being.

If you want to see the power of deception, simply observe the assailants in the streets who are programmed by deception. Ask yourself WHY Black Lives Matter is a Marxist operation. WHY is there such an all-out press for Socialism by The Liberal Agenda? It is not Socialism at all. It is Communism masquerading as Socialism. WHY... is Communism so attractive to the people manipulating the people crusading for it? In Communism, ALL POWER is in the hands of the ruling junta. There are none of the individual freedoms that exist in a Democracy or a Republic. YOU CAN'T VOTE THEM OUT! I agree that what we presently have as a Democracy or Republic is a sham, where The Rich controls the system because of runaway Capitalism.

The deluded fools in the streets and in the legislative and administrative governmental bodies who support them think that through Communism, masquerading as Socialism, everyone will get a fair shake. That is a lie. In every case where Communism became the operating system of a country, was there ever a time when the common citizen got a fair shake? The answer is, emphatically, "No!" Capitalism eventually cannibalizes itself. Look at the reactions of the corporations to the demands of the militant protesters. THEY THINK they can control the narrative in the aftermath because it has always previously been... that when the tables are turned, the same people were still sitting there. This is not always the case and if you think that those taking over are going to be a kinder and gentler form of those presently running things (or thinking that they do), you are MISINFORMED. When these people (in their minds) throw off the shackles of those presently in control, they turn out to be ten times more vicious than their oppressors ever thought of being. Can you imagine the merciless courts that would be constructed by these present-day Jacobins? AOC and her squad would be sitting front and center at Madame La Guillotine, knitting like Madame Dufarge, as the heads roll in the New Age of (Un)Reason.

The good news is that IT is not going to turn out as any of us imagine. There is something else in play here this time and in the majority of perspectives, it is not even a consideration. This is not to say that a lot of damage will not get done. It already is BUT it is not going to turn out, in the end, the way that the perpetrators and backstage blood-drinking weasels and the feckless and clueless and all the rest imagine that it will. As Lao Tzu once said, "weapons often turn upon the wielder."

If you consider yourself to be sane. If, in fact, you are sane, it is past time to appeal to Harmonia, Kannon-Bosatsu and any of the other permutations, for some measure of the virtue of Harmony as an interior protection against the ravages of the moment. When Harmony is present, as the Heavenly Virtue, that it is, Discordia has to look elsewhere for a place to do her business and that would be in those theaters of existence where Harmony is absent. Harmony, being a Heavenly Virtue, is ALWAYS more powerful than the perverted reflection of it, which has been pulled and tortured out of its essential nature, by those twisting it to their ends. It is the same as it is with Angels and Devils, Orcs and Elves, Virtue and Vice. The one is ALWAYS more powerful, due to the imprimatur of Heaven.

"Thy will be done on Earth, as IT IS IN HEAVEN." Whatever goes on down here is permitted to go on down here, for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION... but there is NEVER a time when the Will of Heaven is not completely in control, REGARDLESS OF APPEARANCES!

As is the case in every environment where 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' is operating, you wind up with a whole lot of blind people gumming each other to death. Certain forms of behavior ALWAYS wind up the same way, as the evidence of all previous demonstrations proves. Once the changes that are intended to result by Heavenly Fiat come about, those in the vanguard of the violence that is often a part of any revolution, are pushed aside, or dealt with, depending on the tenor of the times. They do not come into power. In backward societies, this is how dictators come into power but in more enlightened circumstances, it just doesn't happen and it won't happen.

One reason it isn't going to happen the way The Dark Side wants it to happen is... The Awakening, Mr. Apocalypse and The Avatar, who is going to be appearing in a human heart, in a theater of life, near you, soon.

I look at the entirety of what is presently taking place, as theater, as a movie, as a series of changes brought about for reasons other than the reasons being given and resulting in a conclusion other than the conclusion being anticipated. This too shall pass. I know people are going to get hurt. People have already gotten hurt. This is, like it or not, the outworking of Karma AND... if your Karma does not include such a fate, you could be right in the middle of it, and not a hair on your head would be touched. There is nothing random about any of it and there NEVER WILL BE.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

♫ Cloven Hoof (on Main Street) ♫

I just redid the song in a much simpler format. It has problems, whether it is because of the compression app or my de-esser app being faulty, there are occasional problems with sibilance. I'm not an engineer so I have to hunt and peck for solutions. I apologize for my incompetence but it is the perfect song for today's posting. Bear with me. I'll get it right. I almost always do... eventually (grin).

You will be able to find a link to this posting at Parler shortly (not that you will need one if you are already here- duh!) but I need you to; if you are willing, to go by there and vote and become a follower if you don't mind. Keep in mind I am not a leader. I am also following. Here is the link to Parler.

And here is the link to Pocketnet. I REALLY want to thank those of you who come to Pocketnet and support me there. It helps to offset the efforts of Marijit who keeps creating new identities to vote me down. It is impressive to see how fixated he is... heh heh. The poor fellow has lost his mind.

les visible at pocketnet


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