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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

A Light went on In My Head; Insight... Inspiration... or Revelation?
By Les Visible
Aug 10, 2019 - 5:33:26 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

For some length of a while now, I have been pondering over the level of intensity, of the feigned outrage, of the Liberal- political and social leadership. Why are their reactions out of all proportion to the imagined offenses they are reacting to? It made no sense when considered through the lens of Reason and Rational Logic. Well... I knew but I didn't know. Yesterday it came to me in a blinding flash and I had to wonder for a time, given the simplicity of it, why it took me such a stretch to get it.

President Trump and whatever we can't see that is driving the Trump Engine, is going after the wet work snakes and deep swamp monsters, that have been shaping the political and cultural life of this country for a really long time. Of course, Greed has always been a factor and is most evidenced in free wheeling cultures, that allow for one to steal everything that isn't nailed down ...and then go back and get crowbars.

It's worked as long as it has because allowances have always been made for hard work and intelligence to make anyone who isn't lazy or stupid, rich. Heck, these days even the lazy and stupid can become rich, especially by being famous for being famous, or famous by association. Look at Kylie Jenner and Eminem's daughter. There is a really large number of 'influencers' (DO NOT WATCH THAT VIDEO IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH! Or easily offended) and perversion pimps that are doing real well.

There are a large number of perversity icons who are literally sucking the normal out of the room. Here is a graphic listing of some of the top names. You can find list after list, if you go looking- for research purposes only, of course. Key to understanding what is happening to your world, is having the ability to look into and through things ...and not just at them. It is the people (if you can call them that), behind the scenes, who are responsible for the global push into degeneracy. What they get up to is worse than you can imagine and include forms of vampirism, cannibalism, extended confinements and torture of the unlucky or karmically locked in. All of those behind the scenes are affiliated with Satanic cabals ...or what are not roses by some other name.

First we must set the stage in which the analysis and depiction will take place. Pardon me if I repeat myself, referencing statements already made in previous offerings; in Times of Material Darkness, as the focus on Materialism intensifies, the public insanity increases exponentially and accordingly. Faith in both religions and institutions, diminishes or goes fundamentalist, which is another kind of insanity, which predominantly affects the uninformed, also know as clueless. Atheism becomes prevalent, as belief grows stronger in all the things you can eat, fondle or fuck. This leads to Lemming Lockstep Syndrome; cliffs appear like they had eyes. Satanism, which is the religious angle of Materialism, flourishes. Because a very large number of people believe in material reality, entities arise and become like Gods; Mammon and sundry. These 'conscious' entities, created by the hive mind, come to rule the mind and orchestrate behavior.

Never forget- The Devil is God as the wicked see him.

In order to progress upwards on the food chain, certain acts of fealty are required of the ambitious, most of whom are already so corrupt that they have no hesitation about committing these acts. The Age of the Psychopath is a predictable time frame in material culture. The chief act demanded by those seeking a more favorable place in the pecking order is... the Ravaging and Despoliation of Innocence. Hence? Hence, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice. These entities, who have been around a long time, Like Baal and others, feed on these things and also participate in the acts from within the minds of those so engaged and possessed.

Regardless of what anyone may believe, there is a Supreme Being. This supreme being, appears at regular intervals, when the majority of us have lost our way and when Virtue has been driven out of the building. When those who possess it are mocked and scorned, marginalized and abused, the Cosmic Mack Daddy, takes human form and comes around and sets it all aright again. Punishing and rewarding as each case may demand. It is impossible for the human mind to imagine the appearance of the wrathful deity, whether in the male or female aspect. In the female aspect you have beings like Smashan Tara. Anyone curious about the Aghori who seek out communion with this entity, should read "Aghora: At the Left Hand of God". I have read all three of his books on the subject. Here you will find literal proof of that phrase from Hamlet; "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

I used to take large amounts of LSD (when there was still the clean item to be had) and wander in the graveyards at night. It is said that if one who is unprepared encounters Smashan Tara, he will be driven completely mad. I believe that if you do not conquer your fear, your fear will conquer you. That was many years ago.

In NO WAY am I proselytizing for any religion whatsoever. I am simply saying that no matter what creed you may follow, they all have a supernal and infernal realm.

This Supreme Being (since we are in an apocalypse) is presently engaged in some degree of revelation and epiphany as it relates to all and sundry. Some will realize and some won't but... EXPOSURE is now coming for all of the highly ranked vermin, in the backrooms and in the shadows, pulling the strings and now, in panic mode, jerking the strings, on all of the politicians, religious leaders, entertainers and public spokesbots for The Dark Side; their underlings. All the servants of the swamp are being egregiously harassed, by the chief agents of the Horned One. This is why they are screeching and howling as they are. Also... there are all those embarrassing video recordings and audio tapes.

This is why there has been such an epidemic of sexual depravity far and wide. It perverts one's sexual nature and corrupts you spiritually. It makes it easy for you to be led further and further down into The Inferno. This is why the teaching of sexual deviance, as normal, is being force fed into the curriculum of every grade from Kindergarten up. There is an all out spiritual war for the souls of humanity and this is one of the widest and most certain highways upon which souls can be hijacked. Think of it as a pandemic of stolen cars; metaphorically speaking. This is also why pornography is everywhere accessible and all things of that order are being normalized, one after the other, each one following, being more debauched than the last. This is why the fashion industry is all about blurred lines and why gender is being confused because, ♫what's puzzlin you is the nature of my game♫There is no sane or legitimate reason for any of this. The orders are coming from below and no one compromised is in a position to refuse to cooperate. It's one of those, "or else!" things.

They KNOW that time is short and that the hour is late. They KNOW this; the ones doing the fearmongering and terrifying of the minions. If EVER there were a time to get straight with The Lord, that time is upon you. There is a reason for the coming food crisis and the coming uproars from Nature, as well as the religious fanaticism, where you ain't seen nothing yet. There is a reason for enforced migrations and the wars created to provoke them and the economic fears and lures to drive it. One thing to keep in mind NO MATTER WHAT appearances may say; GOD ALWAYS WINS and is always in charge and precision itself, right down to the last jot and tittle. Trust me; no sparrow falls, nor leaf trembles, where the attention of the ineffable is not present.

All the democrat, liberal outrage is being fueled by the incredibly powerful Satanic pedophiles in the back room. All the corporations are bending the knee to the Prince of Darkness. Every political system and religion is under assault from within. You DO NOT have to go down with the ship, if you are not on the ship to begin with.

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there ...and just because you can see it, doesn't mean it is there.

Why is heart disease the number one killer in the country in a Time of Material Darkness and ♫What's♫ (the absence of) ♫Love got to do with it, got to do with it?♫

I've said my piece, however clumsy and brief it may have been; I've said what I had to say, for the moment. May God find a hearth and home in your heart. Do not fear the darkness. There is a candle in the window and you will see it as you come closer. NO ONE gets there under their own steam BUT there is a guide who has been there and back. Let him take your hand. You must become like a little child.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song;

♫ The Tangled Woods (are bleeding) ♫(first time online or published)


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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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