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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"A Conspiracy of Suffering, Engaged in by our Divided Self, against Ourselves,, Without letting Ourselves Know."
By Les Visible
Oct 5, 2020 - 5:59:13 AM

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October 4th 2020

I'm going to be on the feet2thefire radio show tonight with James Jancik at 7:00PM Central Time. the direct link to the show (for people with a youtube account is=
Then- if that doesn't work there is his general youtube page that should automatically show it once we go live=
Then there is his Facebook page with Live Chat=
This should cover all of the bases. Posting this should possibly keep some people from seeing the latest post directly below but no longer, given that I JUST MENTIONED IT (grin).
Okay, I've done my bit.


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am going to share some personal details with you today. I know they happen by themselves now and again but it is my personal intention to not interpose myself any more than accidentally (not that there are any such) in my communications here. Coincidence is how God remains anonymous. It wasn't always so; before I realized how irrelevant I am, I fancied myself as a fellow of some importance. I'm guessing in moments like that I hadn't been paying enough attention to The Sun. I don't make that mistake anymore. We'll be getting a bit anecdotal, then.

My changes move more slowly than they used to, until very recently. In former times, I could fly to other worlds in the wink of an eye, metaphorically AND LITERALLY speaking BUT... it was back to Earth at some point on the same day. Now... it's the difference between driving and walking, but the changes are permanent. It took some getting used to. I closed down the chemical laboratory, almost two years ago now and it was a rough go in the beginning. It has smoothed out and now... now there are regular events of synchronicity such as used to happen at only rare intervals.

I had contracted with a fellow to do an installation for me. I had been emailing him about details on the matter for ten days or more and received no answers. It was two days before the arranged date for the installation. I also had a delivery coming that was delayed two days past what had been agreed upon and which I needed to inform this fellow about so that he did not arrive with nothing to do. Finally, I asked my friend to text the man. Moments later, my friend came to me and said he was on the phone. He apologized for not contacting me. I told him the new date for delivery, which was the afternoon of the day coming. He said he would arrive in the morning and perhaps we would get lucky and it might arrive before he left that day.

Deliveries consistently arrive, round here, at the latest possible moment, so I had little hope of serendipity. On the day of arrival, I got a phone call asking if they could deliver the item in the morning instead and it came, promptly as the installer finished his prep work. From what followed, it was truly fortunate to have occurred when it did. I'll spare the details, or this could turn into a relative of Joyce's "Ulysses", which I fortuitously stopped reading after only a few pages.

After the phone call, I asked my friend about the call, wondering about the timing and asking if he had called right after the text. I was told the installer called in the middle of the text BEFORE it was sent. That's amazing... after ten days of no response; and the delivery? The call to arrive early? That doesn't happen. These are only two events of similar character among MANY of recent times. It is as if some strange magic has come into play and it remains constant. Life has become effortless and anything that can go right does go right, in a wonderful reversal of Murphy's Law.

I've been given to understand that this is the fruit of my dedication over the last two years, which has taken me to a level where this kind of process becomes a part of my every day and night and boy... has it ever. I have to think about what I can and cannot say and write; at least I thought I did, until I was just informed that I can't say what I shouldn't say and don't have to worry about it. How's that for efficiency? I am now promptly informed about EVERYTHING that could possibly be important for me to know, when I need to know it

I was plagued by various mental assaults and emotional torments over the years. They seemed impossible to shake BUT... right around the same time that I closed the chemical laboratory, ALL of these problems just went away. What is even stranger is that I didn't notice for some time that this had happened. My whole life got taken over. I was told that this was all a part of the transformation, whose time had come. It all got washed away and I know it to be so because I am experiencing it. I've been told this is only the beginning.

This morning I was having a cup of tea while reading from the works of Swami Vivekananda and "The Tarot" by Paul Foster Case. This ALWAYS precedes my meditation and prayer session. I looked into the cup for some reason and there was a mosquito feeding on the honey in the cup. Without thinking, I killed it, as a proactive defense against it eventually feeding on me. I didn't think about how ODD it was for the mosquito to be doing it in the first place. When I went into the kitchen, I saw that the mosquito was still in there and duh... where was it going to go, now that it was dead? It had already gone, so to speak. I went to wash it out of the cup, as I was going to have another cup of tea and was told to, "Leave it." I drank the tea and now it is gone. I've no idea what that means (grin). I mention it because of it feeding on the honey. I had NEVER seen that before.

I regretted killing the mosquito, given that he was not in the process of feeding on me. I was given not to worry about it. I'd apparently... done the mosquito a favor, without being aware of it. I do a lot of things these days without being aware of them and that seems to run counter to the conventional wisdom concept of relentless focus on one's actions that the spiritual path recommends. After thinking about it, it was revealed to me that my focus on The Divine precluded my need to pay any other attention. THAT is the primary focus of all focus and in the course of doing so, the Ineffable does the focusing and paying attention FOR ME.

The number of ups and downs I have had in this life, served to make me very insecure about life, waiting for any number of shoes to drop, as they always seemed to do. The heights I experienced seemed to justify, in my mind, all of the other torments; to make them worth it. I risked it all and left it all on the table, again and again. My reckless disregard, for my own safety and life, was a common feature of my existence. In reflection now, I see that I was TRULY mad. I wanted God so badly that nothing else mattered. However, I got sidetracked into low-level scenarios over and over again, always wondering how I got there. Now... that's all in the past and furthermore... there is NO PAST. I've been informed to forget it entirely and toss it from my mind, the moment any remembrance of ANY OF IT appears. This is a VERY STRANGE state of mind, let me tell you. NO PAST... period. No future either. The discipline of the moment is to be centered in the moment, PERIOD.

I KNOW, we've all been advised and admonished to 'be in the moment', to BE HERE NOW, as Ram Das used to say BUT... once again, there is the INTELLECTUAL plane of awareness that is not furthering and there is the VISCERAL that gets it at the Solar Plexus. The uncanny thing about all of what is happening now is that it is ALL happening by itself. I have ONLY to be present for it. Nothing else is required of me. The effortlessness... the sheer ease of being and doing, is a marvel beyond my ability to communicate it. In former times, this would have left me in a state of shock and apprehension about when it was going to end. There is no such mindset now. It is, if anything, ORDINARY. I am really getting that 'chop wood, carry water' thing now. It is as if my whole life, previous to this moment, has been nothing at all really, just bouncing off of one bumper after another, until I was so exhausted there was nothing left but to GIVE UP.

And GIVE UP I did. I don't know where or when it happened, only that it did happen. I have been told that all these examples of remarkable, positive coincidence and serendipity, are the result of coming into a sustained resonance with The Divine. It is as if I have become a sympathetic string on an Eastern musical instrument. I have only to resonate with the cosmic tone that has been present in me from the beginning, but which I kept frustrating the connection to... until it was INSTALLED in me. It had been there ALL THE TIME and I have been told that it wouldn't have mattered what I did, whether I had been more on the mark in my life, or even more profligate. It doesn't happen until it is supposed to happen, everything else is just taking the hits and tossing the sandbags out of the balloon basket.

I hope I am not making too much of all this. It has been going on for a while and only recently has it taken an exponential leap. Then I am told... there isn't anything I can do to mess it up. I surrendered that aspect of myself and that was the Pass Key through the door that you don't enter otherwise, no way, no how. I'm making a hash of all of this, I can see that, but this is the best, by way of an explanation, of which I am capable at the moment. Why am I telling you about this today? Like everything else these days, I have no choice in the matter. I NEVER did. It only seemed like it. The same way it does to everyone else who imagines they have free will. Yes... there is such an animal but it IS NOT what we think it is. Doesn't matter anyway, until The Will of the Divine is YOUR WILL, it is only a conspiracy of suffering, engaged in by our divided self against ourselves, without letting ourselves know.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is; ♫It Must be Love♫

Forget Parler. That was a mistake in judgment on my part but I didn't know what would happen until it did happen. I'll inform you of the next port of call soon. In the meantime? Go to Pocketnet. It's a lot more interesting AND THANK YOU FOR VOTING !!! You are really helping me out as it so happens.




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